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H.O Racing Today

H.O Racing Today

By Chase Ellis & Adam Moneypenny

Talking about all things H.O Slot Car Racing.
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E24: HOPRA National Championships Preview w/ Nick Kanan

H.O Racing TodayJun 20, 2021

E24: HOPRA National Championships Preview w/ Nick Kanan

E24: HOPRA National Championships Preview w/ Nick Kanan

Hello everyone! We are back from our extended hiatus with a very special preview episode for the upcoming 46th Annual HOPRA National Championships in Aurora, Ohio from June 21st to the 26th! In this episode, me and guest co host Nick Kanan cover the basic overview of what HOPRA is, what the national championships are and notable story-lines coming into this year. We also make our predictions on who is going to win each of the National Championship and Support classes. Lastly we give our goals for the Nationals this year! This episode is dedicated to the memory of Tom Shepherd, Sam Heller, Mike Sidwell and James Kennedy. The Nationals will be dedicated to them as well, and they will be dearly missed by the H.O and HOPRA community.  The National Championships will be held at the Bertram Hotel in Aurora, Ohio at 600 N Aurora Rd. Feel free to come by if you are in the area June 21st-26th and watch the races! If you can't attend, the races will be livestreamed on the RPMs and Eddie Delfin's YouTube channels here (click each of the links then go to the Videos tab on the channel pages to see upcoming livestreams):


46th HOPRA Nationals race schedule:

I'd like to thank Nick Kanan for being a great co host and best luck to him in his races at the Nats! We'd also like to thank all of the sponsors that support HOPRA - your support is greatly appreciated! Check out a list of sponsors on the HOPRA home page by toggling the Nationals tab then clicking 2021 & scrolling to the bottom of the page. You can access each of the sponsor's websites / Facebooks by clicking their logos. 

Jun 20, 202101:48:00
E23: The 24 Hours of Katz Spa Ring & Bowman Tracks w/ Brad Bowman

E23: The 24 Hours of Katz Spa Ring & Bowman Tracks w/ Brad Bowman

Hello everyone! I apologize for the late episode as family and work have gotten very busy during this time. This week we welcomed Brad Bowman of Bowman Tracks onto the podcast to discuss his business and the story of the Katz Spa Ring in which he hosts the annual 24 Hours of Katz Spa Ring. I then reflect on the year of 2020 around the hobby and offer a sneak peek into the COHORA Winter into Spring schedule for 2021 and the events set to take place around the hobby. 

We want to dedicate this episode to John Cukras and Oscar Koveleski. John passed on the morning of November 30th 2020, and Oscar on December 29th. Both were big figures in our tiny hobby, and contributed a large part to the golden age of hobby in the 1960s. John is also responsible for designing the Tyco 440x2 chassis which became a force in HOPRA racing from the mid 80's to the early 90's, and someone a lot of us racers looked up to. Oscar was a Sports Car Club of America Hall of Famer who founded AutoWorld, a mail order catalog specializing in slot cars, RC cars and models which was an essential pathway for many racers to get parts in the 1960's, and continued to promote and support the hobby up until his unfortunate passing. We all here at H.O Racing Today would like to send our sympathies to their friends and family, and their legacies will live on.

Jan 14, 202151:37
E22: The TJetClub, HOSERS and Future of the Hobby w/ Doug Napier

E22: The TJetClub, HOSERS and Future of the Hobby w/ Doug Napier

Hello everyone! We are very sorry for the belated upload so we decided to gift you all an hour long episode! This week we welcomed Doug Napier of the TJetClub on for a very special episode highlighting his company TJetClub, racing with the HOSERS racing club and the future of H.O racing among the younger generation and what needs to be done to keep this awesome hobby alive. A recap of COHORA's current Fall into Winter 2020 season is given and the rise of the WizJet chassis in the COHORA Mod T-Jet class. A technical analysis is also given of the difference between the COHORA Stock T-Jets and Skinny Cup classes, as well as a LifeLike body clip sold by Harden Creek COHORA is set to use in the future. Check Doug's website, Facebook and YouTube channel below as new content is constantly uploaded every week:

This episode is dedicated to Joe Laskowski, who passed away early this morning. Joe was a big part of the Great Lakes Slot Car club and attended the Ohio Cup on multiple occasions. He will always be remembered for his sense of humor and always had a smile on his face at the track. We send condolences to his friends and family during this immensely difficult time. 



Facebook:    (Live Auction every Monday night!! 6:30 pm CST / 8:30 pm EST) 


Harden Creek LifeLike body clip (Terry also sells Tyco / AFX / Tomy body clips as well):

Dec 01, 202001:05:60
E21: The 1962 Ford-Aurora Grand Nationals & Vibrator Chassis w/ Henry Harnish
Sep 12, 202052:52
E20: Technical Analysis of Life Like & Tooling w/ Terry Flynn

E20: Technical Analysis of Life Like & Tooling w/ Terry Flynn

Hello everyone! We'd like to welcome you all back for a very special 20th episode of the H.O Racing Today podcast. This week me and special guest co host Nick Kanan welcomed Terry Flynn of Harden Creek Slots Cars, LLC back on the podcast for a more technical themed episode around Terry's various projects and updates surrounding the Life Like brand. Terry also gives a breakdown of the tooling acquired and missing during his purchase of Life Like from Walthers, and a sneak peek into the continued development of the Super 7 chassis. We also talk about the new media direction and marketing the hobby needs to expand the audience and the rise of 3-D printing in the prototyping process. Nick and Chase also give updates surrounding the hobby of HO racing and Chase gives a recap of last week's COHORA race at Ron's. Check out Harden Creek below as they offer a great selection of aftermarket parts along with informative technical videos and set reviews. 

Hey all - I hope to get back on a consistent uploading schedule soon, school and work has been busy for me, Adam and Nick and we hate not making content for you all. We have alot of exciting ideas and cannot wait to share them with you all. Stay safe, healthy and happy racing!


Harden Creek Slot Cars 




Aug 16, 202001:19:05
E19: The 1972 Twinn K Nationals and Early HOPRA Racing w/ Herb Henson Sr. & Mark Rosenwinkel
Jun 29, 202001:09:10
E18: Harden Creek, Life Like and Future Marketing w/ Terry Flynn
Jun 14, 202001:27:39
E17: The Coronavirus Challenge, iRacing and Catching Up

E17: The Coronavirus Challenge, iRacing and Catching Up

Hello everyone! We are finally back after a two month hiatus due to school and other obligations. We are super excited to be back and this episode we go into detail on how the H.O hobby has been since the start of the pandemic and what events have been affected including an announcement about the 2020 HOPRA National Championships we talked about in Episode 2. We also go into depth on the Coronavirus Challenge held by Rusty Jackson, the H.O Invitational iRacing Series set up by Roger Porcelli, and the meeting held by COHORA and a sneak peek at our 2020 Summer Schedule. We also talk after about the Skinny Cup class and how they will drive on the track and the subject of armature winding. We hope to resume a consistent uploading schedule but school comes first for both of us. Thank you all for getting us to ONE THOUSAND total views as me and Adam really appreciate it. 

Central Ohio HO Racing Association:

Watch the iRacing Invitational Series here, Thursday nights at 8 pm EST( Also can watch previous races):

Here are all of the sponsors to check out, and again thank you so much for all of the things they do for the hobby: 

Hurricane Electric Motorsports Products:

Viper Scale Racing:

Wizzard High Performance:

Harden Creek Slot Cars:




DG Designs:

H.O.S.T Racing Bodies:

Marty Leslie (Great body painter!):


Jun 07, 202031:52
E16: The 1972 Parma Nationals and MaDD Products w/ Steve Medanic
Apr 01, 202052:51
E15: The 2020 Fray Recap, Stock T-Jet Challenge Preview and COHORA Catchup
Mar 16, 202027:13
E14: Late 70's HOPRA w/ Mark Rosenwinkel
Feb 23, 202051:54
E13: Disenchanted: The Aurora Super II
Feb 10, 202016:16
E12: The Basics (And Types!) of T-Jet & AFX Pancake Magnets
Feb 03, 202017:11
E11: The Rise of CNC Routed Tracks
Jan 28, 202024:22
E10: Early 70's HOPRA w/ Pat McGee

E10: Early 70's HOPRA w/ Pat McGee

Hello everyone! This week Chase and Adam welcome special guest Pat McGee onto the podcast to talk about the 70's HOPRA scene and the creation of the HOPRA Gravity Unlimited class, and the discovery of magnetic downforce, as well as the art of scratch building and the idea of a 50th anniversary of HOPRA showcase. After Chase and Adam cover the season opener of the 2020 Winter into Spring schedule held on Steve Roehll's 77 foot Tomy track “S&J Raceway” that has been up and running since 1992.  COHORA Facebook: HOPRA Facebook: Podcast Facebook: 
Jan 19, 202049:48
E9: 2020 Plans and TSS HOPRA Recap

E9: 2020 Plans and TSS HOPRA Recap

Hello everyone! This week Chase goes over the 2020 plans for H.O Racing Today including a new logo and event plans, as well as a recap of the Tri-State Southern HOPRA group race that took place yesterday at John McCain's, where they raced 12 Volts and HOPRA Spec Racers.  

Note from Chase: I also forgot to mention that Steve's Mod T-Jet COHORA race on the 18th has been cancelled.  

Podcast Facebook: 

Tri State Southern HOPRA Facebook: 

COHORA Facebook:

Jan 12, 202014:38
E8: The History of Johnny Lightning / AutoWorld Slot Cars
Jan 05, 202029:11
E7: RPMS and Second Generation Racers w/ Roger Porcelli
Dec 29, 201925:23
E6: The Tyco Pro and Designing Chassis w/ Pat Dennis
Dec 15, 201901:01:47
E5: The Basics (And Types!) of Pancake Armatures
Dec 08, 201921:20
E4: The Local Racing Scene
Dec 03, 201932:32
E3: The History of HOPRA and the Rise, Fall and Rebirth of Aurora & AFX w/ Joel Pennington

E3: The History of HOPRA and the Rise, Fall and Rebirth of Aurora & AFX w/ Joel Pennington

Hello everyone! This week Chase welcomes special guest Joel Pennington onto the podcast to discuss his beginnings in slot car racing and the beginnings of HOPRA and the formations of classes such as Neo-Modified and Gravity, along with the first National Championships events held in the mid 1970s. They also discuss the rise of Aurora and the Thunderjet chassis with the help of the Baby Boomers, Aurora's continued innovations with their AFX line, and the cause of their fall, along with their recent rebirth with the customer base they previously connected with. We also look into the subject of the fourth episode, the rise of home CNC routed tracks, and the subject of how the Gen Z and millennial generations are lacking mechanical skills that their previous generations had.

We are now available on major podcast platforms Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Play Podcasts! Just search H.O Racing or H.O Racing Today.

Nov 24, 201901:10:34
E2: The 2020 HOPRA Nationals w/ Shawn Molter & Chris Rondo

E2: The 2020 HOPRA Nationals w/ Shawn Molter & Chris Rondo

Hello all! This week we are talking about the 2020 HOPRA Nationals that are to be held June 22nd-27th 2020 in Aurora, Ohio! We welcome special guests Shawn Molter and Chris Rondo to discuss the event and and answer questions we have for them. We also recap the weekly COHORA club race that took place at Howard's Hockey Highway and talk with our special guests about their other hobbies and what it feels like to to get hit by a slot car while marshaling. 

You can register for the Nats and get information on classes, rules and hotel information here:

Like us and follow us on Facebook here:

 There was an audio issue for the first few minutes due to the headphones I was using. I unplugged them after realizing my audio wasn't being heard during the Facebook Live video that was being recorded at the same time. I lost Shawn's response to the first question which was "How did you get into slot cars?" He replied that he discovered a hobby shop in his local mall at 13 years old, and he noticed a slot car race going on in the hobby shop. He and his mom soon got into a conversation with those that were racing, and got invited to a club race that was being hosted at one of the racer's houses. He went to the race with his dad, and he has been racing in club races and HOPRA races since. 

Thank you so much for listening and Episode Three will be uploaded by next Monday! We apologize for the inconvenience the audio issue may have caused. 


Nov 19, 201901:13:11
E1: How We Got Into Slot Car Racing

E1: How We Got Into Slot Car Racing

Hello everyone! Today we talk about how we got into slot car racing, give a recap of the COHORA race that occurred on November 9th, status on our current projects, tips on how to maintain and restore slot cars,  a look into the future episode where we will talk on the subject of the HOPRA Nationals taking place in Aurora, Ohio from June 22-27 2020. We also talk about how the Magna-Tractions are an underrated chassis, as well as the ISRA Le Mans event that Team USA won, and the idea of expanding the Ohio Cup into an international T-Jet event.

Nov 11, 201901:23:27