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Human Design in Real Life

Human Design in Real Life

By Holistic Human Design

Want to learn how to optimize your life through living your Human Design? Join Wynd every week as she speaks about thought provoking topics designed to expand your mind into new realms of possibilities. If you’re a spiritual self-development seeker on your path of awakening, and you’re looking for down-to-earth & inspirational stories designed to guide you into higher levels of consciousness utilizing your Human Design, this podcast is for you.
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EP 9 - How to Use Human Design Oracle Cards

Human Design in Real LifeAug 06, 2023

EP 9 - How to Use Human Design Oracle Cards

EP 9 - How to Use Human Design Oracle Cards

How to Use Human Design Oracle Cards

Aug 06, 202348:08
EP 8 - You’re Doing TOO MUCH Shadow Work

EP 8 - You’re Doing TOO MUCH Shadow Work

EP 8 - You’re Doing TOO MUCH Shadow Work

Jul 30, 202301:12:32
EP 7 - The Magic of Understanding the Human Design Gates

EP 7 - The Magic of Understanding the Human Design Gates

Embracing the Gates

Get your Human Design Oracle Deck Here: ⁠⁠ Get the Comprehensive Human Design Poster: ⁠⁠

In this episode, Wynd and Karen showcase the fruits of living in alignment with your human design, strategy and authority. Wynd reveals how for six years, even before conscious knowledge of human design, life unfolded successfully as she intuitively followed her strategy and authority. This journey stoked her curiosity about the gates layer within Human Design.

The human design gates are significant in enhancing your self-understanding and promoting realignment. The gates in human design represent distinct flavors, forms, sensations, and feelings, refining self-perception and paving a new path when you feel lost or confused. Human design is less about stringent rules and more about decoding your unique blueprint.

Be cautious about confining yourself within the concepts of strategy and authority, especially if your gates lean towards experimentation and risk-taking. Human design is a tool for deeper self-discovery and personality pattern recognition.

Generational Influences on Human Design

Societal shifts towards consciousness and intuition have led younger generations to naturally live in alignment with their design. You may be expressing your design intuitively, even without conscious awareness.

Unlocking the G Center and Embracing Surrender

In Human Design, the G-Center represents love and direction. Having certain activation in this center in your human design chart can guide your personal growth.

Surrender has transformative power. Being receptive to life's experiences rather than attempting to control or predict them can usher you into alignment and flow. This surrender fosters the growth of inner intuition, allowing life to unfurl naturally.

Your Practical Guide to Life

Human Design serves as a practical guide to life, influencing decision-making processes and charting life trajectories. Even amidst uncertainty, by using tools like an oracle deck or body graph poster, while remaining open and receptive, can help you better understand your energy and patterns.

Embrace Your Unique Design

Understanding the human design gates deepens your self-awareness, aligns you with your true self, and facilitates a life brimming with synchronicity and magic. Human Design isn't a limiting system, but rather a guide to understand your unique blueprint, enhance your intuitive prowess, and ultimately embrace your unique individuality.

Jul 18, 202354:60
EP6 - Why the Easiest way to master Human Design is with an Oracle Deck and Shadow Work

EP6 - Why the Easiest way to master Human Design is with an Oracle Deck and Shadow Work

Immerse yourself in the profound realm of shadow work and divination in this episode of the "Human Design in Real Life".

Introducing the Human Design Gates Oracle Deck:

Join hosts Wynd and Karen Kartika as they familiarize you with the innovative Human Design Oracle Deck, a resource crafted to guide you in unearthing the archetypes and gates of human design gates. We venture into the intersection of artistic expression and human design energy dynamics - addressing the challenge of perfectionism while celebrating the beauty of imperfection.

Discover ways to influence your inner realm by harnessing the wisdom within the Human Design Oracle Deck. Learn to effectively navigate through turbulence and establish a sense of stability in your energy. Focus on turning your gaze inward, honing your intuition as your guide, rather than searching for solutions in the external world.

Overcome personal blockages, with reminders of the liberating power and freedom that resides in embracing your unique self.

Get your Human Design Gates Oracle Deck:

May 26, 202301:13:14
EP5 - Learn the Language of Human Design & Unlock Your Potential!
May 12, 202354:54
EP4 - My Human Design Sucks - (Why I love the Gates and You Should Too!) with Karen Kartika
Apr 29, 202347:52
EP 3 - Wyndstorm!? How'd you get that name?
Mar 10, 202301:18:47
EP 2 - Expanding Human Design Knowledge and the Dogma of Human Design
Feb 24, 202339:06
EP 1 - Extraterrestrial (aka Extra-Dimensional) Origins of Human Design
May 22, 202145:15
EP 0 - Human Design in Real Life
May 13, 202110:09