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Age Me Gracefully

Age Me Gracefully

By Holly Haynes

AGE ME GRACEFULLY is all about aging in a graceful, grateful, respectful and dignified way. It focuses on mind, body and soul and about being whole and healthy. It is also about what we go through mentally and physically after 40 in the aging process and how we can support each other through education, acceptance, laughter and embracing where we are in the present moment versus hanging on to things that really do not serve us any more. AMG is about doing things we love and enjoying things in a healthy way including clean crafted wines and our own supplement line for our aging needs.
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Melyssa Scott Independent Wine Consultant for Scout & Cellar

Age Me Gracefully Mar 27, 2020

Melyssa Scott Independent Wine Consultant for Scout & Cellar

Melyssa Scott Independent Wine Consultant for Scout & Cellar

Ever wonder what CLEAN CRAFTED wine is? What it taste like? What it would be like to work as a wine consultant on your own time and schedule from the comfort of your own home? 

Meet Melyssa Scott, who like me, is an independent wine consultant for an incredible company called Scout & Cellar. 

She is a wife and mother of two young daughters. Melyssa immigrated to the U.S. from Canada and knew no one and sure did not know anything about the wine industry. Melyssa's entrepreneurial abilities took hold and she helped found and build Scout & Cellar to a  multi-million dollar company. 

Scout & Cellar is on a mission to disrupt the wine industry so we can do better for you and better for our planet. She works with passion and purpose, living in authenticity and spreading the Clean-Crafted movement everywhere she goes. I might add she is doing it very well and having a blast while doing it. She is making a difference in the wine industry and her families income.

As a company, Scout & Cellar is dedicated to supporting small farms and winemakers who are growing grapes and making wine as nature intended, without any yucky stuff added in. 

We are sharing a better wine experience with everyone we know and changing the definition of what it means to do better. For our bodies. For our loved ones. For our planet.

Mar 27, 202027:27
#3 Age Me Gracefully featuring Linda Beach Freedom Lifestyle Coach

#3 Age Me Gracefully featuring Linda Beach Freedom Lifestyle Coach

 Linda Beach is the adventurous founder of A Passionate Dream Life, a multi-faceted company that offers retreats and courses and coaching. She teaches women how to create a life they don’t need a vacation from.

In early 2016, Linda sold her schools, became a certified life coach, gave away nearly everything she owned and moved to the sparkling shores of Ambergris Caye, Belize with her rescue pup, Bailey.

Since then she’s traveled and lived all around the world, working from her laptop, hosting retreats, teaching others how to design retreats and having the time of her life.

Linda can be found at and her link we promised you for her Road Map is linked here:


 Thanks for listening and joining us on this episode and may you continue to dream and AGE GRACEFULLY. Visit us at and our Facebook page agemegracefullyhh. 

Mar 16, 202026:42
About Holly Haynes & Her "WHY" on Podcasting

About Holly Haynes & Her "WHY" on Podcasting

Darn those sleepless nights when your eyes apparently are not through seeing all they want for the day. Combined with those all too familiar hot flashes that are the gift that keeps on giving, and giving. Thanks for joining me for another Age Me Gracefully podcast and ALL that entails. Go with me on this journey as I navigate this internet life, and offer a warm place to land and share our stories. My hope is that we all grow older gracefully together. I am excited for the launch of our new AMG  online awesome store offering top products for our few "teensy -weensy" ailments that tend to happen all at once and we have no idea how, why, what to do.  From natural sleep aids, to loosing weight during the night, to a charged up happy libido, less anxiety, AND fabulous skin care are all things that have literally saved my life and sanity, trust me. I am super excited for the great information and guest speakers coming up. I would love for you to shout out to me on our private facebook group agemegracefullyhh and tell me what you are struggling with and need help on and/or your success story. See you next week! #blessed

Mar 07, 202023:54
Living In Your Vision Not Your Memory

Living In Your Vision Not Your Memory

This first podcast episode for Age Me Gracefully is very special as Holly has a guest very dear to her heart. He is a published author and was very instrumental in setting up all the services for the victims families of 911. He developed cancer from 911 and has been dealing with that over the years but very grateful and at 77 after just completing his 8th round of chemotherapy and radiation he is aging gracefully and telling us all about his new book coming out called Living In Your Vision Not Your Memory.  Join us for the beginning of a beautiful podcast that will be filled with so much value and tips for aging well and living a joyful, peaceful and fun filled second half.

Feb 25, 202028:45