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By Honey Parlani

Hi, I'm Honey. I'm a Finance enthusiast turned Marketer turned Fashion Designer, currently Design Consultant. I preach sustainable living and I am on a mission to help 100,000 people live a sustainable lifestyle. The purpose of this podcast is to have a deep talk with you on the solution to all problems i.e. sustainable lifestyle that most people won't speak out on. My prime motive is to instill habits to live a life of peace and abundance, so you achieve everything without losing inner peace. Thanks for being here. Let's stay connected
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The 5 Elements of Indigenous Fashion & A Story behind One

SUSTAINABLE Living May 18, 2020

The 5 Elements of Indigenous Fashion & A Story behind One

The 5 Elements of Indigenous Fashion & A Story behind One

There are various types of fashion prevalent today like Fast Fashion, Ethical Fashion, Sustainable Fashion, Slow Fashion, Indigenous Fashion, etc. But there are 5 rules to classifying them as Indigenous in nature. In this podcast, I go deep in explaining the 5 core elements of an Indigenous fashion and present the same with an anecdote behind one of them. 

Extra bonus that you would find is 2 Golden rules to follow diligently to adapt Indigenous Fashion. To learn more about it go to and join me live in my next live session. 

May 18, 202049:11
Indigenous Fashion in Fast Life

Indigenous Fashion in Fast Life

With everyone indulged in fast-moving life, here's what I feel we can do to accommodate Indigenous fashion into our fast life. Tune in to the podcast as I share the 5 elements to embracing and adopting Indigenous lifestyle. 

May 12, 202006:27
What's the value of Slow?

What's the value of Slow?

Fast - a word that describes every action of our life. We want everything to be fast, whether its food or fashion or living. So, being slow is dumb or bad.

But do you feel that being fast all the time would get you everything you desire? Or you must reflect being slow at times.

In this podcast, I would discuss the value of slow with a tale that can help you bring out the inner diamond that unknown to us.

May 12, 202010:18
Indigenous Fashion Buying Logic

Indigenous Fashion Buying Logic

Everything has a story behind it. How many times do we care to know the story or the reality behind it? How many times do we have the curiosity to know the truth? 

Do you feel, you have less time? So you buy fast fashion...

In this podcast, I will dive deep into 5 key elements that can help you make the most out of you and prefer Indigenous Fashion.

May 11, 202011:26