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Hope After Grief

Hope After Grief

By Sydney Ford

Listen to stories of pain to purpose with host, Sydney Ford. You will hear from those who turned their worst moments into their biggest motivator, and how they advocate for resources and awareness for their respective causes, now.
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Hope After a Sister Goes Missing

Hope After GriefAug 04, 2022

Hope After the White Rose
Apr 19, 202336:48
Hope After the Cocoon
Mar 27, 202326:07
Hope After Widowhood
Mar 22, 202327:43
Hope After Healing From Within
Mar 08, 202331:36
Hope After Losing Libby

Hope After Losing Libby

In a span of four months, Brooke lost her father to an unexpected heart attack, her stepmother to suicide, and her beloved 10 year-old daughter, Libby, in a horrific car accident. A 20-year teacher and freelance writer, her daughter's death led Brooke to relentlessly study the fields of grief, loss, trauma, and resilience in order to survive her own experiences. A Certified Grief Educator, Brooke is the founder of, a nonprofit organization that provides dance scholarships in her daughter's honor, as well as the creator of, where she blogs about her experiences as a grieving mother and coaches others through their grief. Listen to Brooke share her story, Libby's story, and how she turned to blogging to writing to release her emotions and help others!

Feb 22, 202330:26
Hope After Lollie
Feb 08, 202331:27
Hope After Pregnancy Loss

Hope After Pregnancy Loss

TW: miscarriage, post-partum depression, suicide

Since the loss of her first pregnancy in April 2020, and then surviving Post-Partum Depression after her daughter was born, Kyla has made it her mission to partner with and bring attention to organizations and associations who offer resources and comfort to women who have shared similar experiences. She often works with her local medical community to provide therapy options and resources to women who’ve experienced Pregnancy Loss and Post-Partum Depression, as well as appear as a Key Note Speaker and Guest Speaker at events centered around women empowerment. 

In this episode, we discuss the loss of Kyla's first pregnancy, the grief associated with this loss, the birth of her daughter, and the pain associated with post-partum depression. Tune in to see how Kyla uses her story to help other women going through the same emotions.

Jan 09, 202354:38
Hope After Feeling Hopeless
Oct 10, 202228:49
Hope After Halfway Healing
Oct 03, 202229:16
Hope After the Music Pauses

Hope After the Music Pauses

Dr. Kirk Randazzo is a public speaker, a scholar, a professor, a leader, a musician, and a father. In this episode, he talks about two of those roles and the way they changed after the death of his son, Sam Randazzo. We discuss grief during the pandemic shutdown, how everyone copes with grief differently, and the emotions that come with being a parent who unexpectedly loses a child. We dive into Dr. Randazzo's bond with his son through music, and whether his love for music faltered after his son's death. These days, Dr. Randazzo has started a scholarship to honor his son's memory, and it is given to a band student at Sam's high school so that they can further their education, and live out his legacy of love and music. 

Sep 19, 202244:34
Hope After Losing A Daughter
Sep 12, 202250:09
Hope After the Accident

Hope After the Accident

After a car accident when she was 19 years old, Dana was thrust into a life filled with physical pain and chronic illness. Unfortunately, she was prescribed a cocktail of pain medication to deal with this pain, which led to an eventual realization that she was struggling with addiction. Dana fought to overcome that addiction, and fights every day to overcome the physical and mental side effects of her car accident. She is an athlete and weightlifter who shares her story of fighting against physical pain, and a teacher who discusses addiction with her students so that they never face what she did. Her advocacy is her life, and she's here to share that with you today.
You can find Dana on Instagram at @therealdanabrown and TikTok @therealdanabrown
Sep 05, 202234:43
Hope After Breast Cancer
Aug 19, 202234:30
Hope After a Sister Goes Missing

Hope After a Sister Goes Missing

In December of 2013, Heather Elvis went missing. You may have heard her story on Dateline, Nancy Grace, 20/20, and more. This is not that story. This is the story of her sister, Morgan Elvis, the person who advocated for her in the courtroom and beyond, after she was taken.

These days, Morgan is still advocating on behalf of victims and their families. She is a nationally accredited victim advocate with over 28 certifications in the fields of missing persons, human trafficking, trauma education, crisis response, and more. She also spearheads a movement of inclusion for victim advocate task forces in South Carolina and designates her time as a volunteer for over 32 organizations benefitting public trauma education and missing persons advocacy. 

Morgan has truly turned her pain into a purpose to advocate for those like her and her family.

You can keep up with Morgan on Instagram at @morganrhiana 

Aug 04, 202238:38
Hope After Grief

Hope After Grief

Welcome to "Hope After Grief." Hear Sydney's story of why she created this podcast, where it's heading, and how you can join as we spread a message of pain into purpose. 

Follow along at @hopeaftergrief and @sydneyford__ on Instagram.

Contact us at

Learn more about Sydney's nonprofit, Hope After Grief, Inc. at and find Sydney's book "Grief Came to Visit Today" on Amazon. 

Jul 24, 202208:29