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Horror Ramblings Podcast

Horror Ramblings Podcast

By Pencil & Paper Podcast Network

Join Les Blosser and Stephen White as they discuss, analyze, and revel in their love of all things horror.
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Crimson Peak

Horror Ramblings PodcastMay 26, 2023

Crimson Peak
May 26, 202301:18:59
Mothers of Horror
May 19, 202301:30:02
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
May 12, 202301:44:20
American Horror Story (w/ Samantha Blosser)
May 05, 202325:01
Sleepy Hollow (w/ Katrina White)
Apr 28, 202301:29:47
Apr 21, 202301:23:09
Freaks (w/ John Brennan)
Apr 14, 202301:16:03
The Evil Dead
Apr 07, 202301:26:31
Puppet Master (w/ Katrina White)
Mar 31, 202301:43:28
Mar 24, 202301:41:35
Joining the Crimson Cult (w/ Jay Crimson)
Mar 16, 202301:19:20
Universal Classic Monsters
Mar 10, 202301:38:21
M3GAN [Unrated] (w/ Katrina White)
Mar 03, 202301:42:47
Mr. H presents Hatchet Man and the Witches Pyramid
Feb 24, 202310:14
Surviving the Ringer
Feb 17, 202301:13:51
Streaming Horror
Feb 11, 202301:41:22
A Sympathetic Villain
Feb 03, 202301:42:27
Greetings From Tromaville (w/ Lloyd Kaufman)
Jan 27, 202301:12:02
The Best of Horror in 2022 (w/ E.L. King)
Dec 23, 202201:20:27
Christmas Bloody Christmas
Dec 16, 202201:28:51
Christmas Carnage
Dec 09, 202201:22:17
The Importance of Gore (w/ Samantha Blosser)
Dec 02, 202247:39
A Horrific Thanksgiving
Nov 25, 202201:22:49
The State of Modern Horror pt. 2
Nov 18, 202253:28
The State of Modern Horror pt. 1
Nov 11, 202258:46
Halloween-Themed Horror
Nov 04, 202201:29:18
John Carpenter's Halloween Trilogy (w/ Erik Slader)
Oct 28, 202201:12:29
Blumhouse's Halloween Trilogy (w/ Katrina White)
Oct 21, 202201:57:52
The Zombie Craze (w/ Leah Coghlan)
Oct 14, 202201:56:21
The Unique Nature of Friday the 13th
Oct 07, 202201:48:30
WTF Moments in Horror
Sep 30, 202201:24:37
Scream Queens & the Final Girl
Sep 23, 202201:22:51
The Mount Rushmore of Horror
Sep 16, 202201:07:17
Jammin' with John Brennan
Sep 09, 202201:55:18
What's So Funny About Horror?
Sep 02, 202201:15:07
Looking Forward to Horror
Aug 26, 202201:05:51
The Rule of Four
Aug 19, 202201:40:55
Child's Play (w/ Katrina White)
Aug 12, 202201:32:04
Ravenous Devils (w/ Laceya Finley)
Aug 05, 202201:03:15
Chatting With Chaney Morrow

Chatting With Chaney Morrow

This week, we're chatting with actor Chaney Morrow (Wrong Turn [2021]/Terror Trips), discussing his journey as an actor, working with veteran performers, upcoming projects, and dream roles he would love to tackle.

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Excerpt from “Suspicion” performed by the Bows

Jul 29, 202201:12:35
HorrorHound is Where the Heart Is (w/ Samantha Blosser)
Jul 22, 202229:07
Dive In to the Drive-In
Jul 15, 202201:05:42
What If... We Controlled a Franchise? pt. 2
Jul 08, 202238:29
What If... We Controlled a Franchise? pt. 1
Jul 01, 202201:33:15
Love in the Time of Horror
Jun 24, 202201:00:18
In the Eye of the Beholder
Jun 17, 202201:12:17
Well-Rounded Remakes
Jun 10, 202201:47:03
Uvalde: A Real Horror Story
Jun 03, 202201:09:32
Remakes From Hell
May 27, 202201:06:24
The Subject of Subgenres
May 20, 202201:23:42
An Introduction to Horror
May 13, 202201:12:55
Horror Ramblings trailer

Horror Ramblings trailer

Everything you need to know in under a minute.

May 05, 202200:52