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Houston Dyna Pod (Houston Dynamo Podcast)

Houston Dyna Pod (Houston Dynamo Podcast)

By Finnister

A Houston Dynamo FC podcast. Banter, shithousery and dirty jokes.


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15 with Finn "Sorry Ellie"

Houston Dyna Pod (Houston Dynamo Podcast)Oct 25, 2023

15 with Finn "Sorry Ellie"

15 with Finn "Sorry Ellie"

We beat Portland, claimed 4th place, every story has three sides and I'm still in love. Let's talk about it.

Oct 25, 202317:10
15 with Finn "Slapids"

15 with Finn "Slapids"

We dropped 5 on Colorado. Big Ben's Army continues to vanquish their enemies. Let's talk about it.

Catch some of H-Town's best comics on October 13th at Galveston Bay Brewing in Clear Lake. Show starts at 9pm, come in costume and your first beer is on me!

Oct 08, 202316:25
S3E24 "She's like Millwall in the 80s"

S3E24 "She's like Millwall in the 80s"

Matt from Holding the High Line accompanies me on a conversation that meandered like the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Don't worry, we talk plenty of soccer.

Get out to Galveston Bay Brewing on 10/13 at 9pm for free beer and laughs.

Check out the merch
Oct 06, 202352:49
15 with Finn Montreal

15 with Finn Montreal

Lost the win in the dying embers. The listeners weighed in heavily on this one. Let's talk about it.

Get on out to Galveston Bay Brewing in Clear Lake at 9pm on Friday October 13th for our "Killer Comedy Show" Customers that come in costume get a free beer and everyone gets free laughs.

Oct 05, 202316:17
15 with Finn FC Dallas
Oct 02, 202316:19
15 with Finn & Joey Championship Edition

15 with Finn & Joey Championship Edition

We did it! We won the cup and Jesus does it feel good. Let's talk about it.

Sep 28, 202316:23
15 with Finn SKC
Sep 27, 202316:34
Previewing the US Open Cup Final
Sep 27, 202301:00:05
Pinche Preview SKC
Sep 23, 202317:53
15 with Finn Caps Slapped

15 with Finn Caps Slapped

I knew it! I knew we were this good all along. Let's talk about it.

Feed my kids

Sep 21, 202316:26
S3E23 "Pitching or Catching"

S3E23 "Pitching or Catching"

We're good, we know this. Colin from Keeping Tabs joins Joey and I to talk about just how good we can be.

Buy at least $25 worth of merchandise from our store and you get 2 tickets to the Vancouver match absolutely free!

First person to buy, wins. It's that simple.

Sep 20, 202357:59
15 with Finn St Louis
Sep 18, 202316:25
S3E22 Tim Parker Returns

S3E22 Tim Parker Returns

I'm joined by Justin from "Ball Watching" to discuss the upcoming match against Western Conference leaders St. Louis.

Check out our WEBSITE and enter code Bairdy23 for 11% off at checkout.

Come on out to Rudyard's in Montrose on September 14th at 9pm for the "Funniest Person in Houston" competition. I'm in it, tickets are $10 and you can get them HERE
Sep 13, 202340:36
15 with Finn International Break

15 with Finn International Break

The Dynamo are on a break but Finn is not. Fun updates and some footy talk as well.

Visit our online store at to check out our merch and help feed our kids. Enter promo code Bairdy23 to receive 11% off your order. Discount expires 9/19/23

Come out to the Riot comedy room upstairs at Rudyard's in Montrose this Thursday 9/14/2023 at 9pm for "The Funniest Person in Houston" competition. Follow this link for tickets.

Sep 12, 202316:21
S3E21 A DynaPod Sandwich

S3E21 A DynaPod Sandwich

We got a lot to catch up on. Buckle boys and girls, we're back. Wanna come say hey in person? Get on out to Rock Neutney's Sports Bar in Clear Lake on Tuesday at 8pm where I'll be a featured comic. OR Big Axe Bar & Grill in Alvin on Wednesday at 8pm where I'll be hosting a star studded comedy showcase.
Aug 29, 202350:29
15 with Finn State of the Dynamo
Jul 19, 202316:27
S3E20 "Behave Yourselves"
Jul 12, 202345:43
S3E19 "Agree to Disagree"
Jul 06, 202359:37
S3E18 "2 out of 3"
Jun 26, 202357:54
15 with Finn LAFC/SJ
Jun 24, 202316:25
S3E17 "Depression Rocks"
Jun 11, 202301:03:56
15 with Finn LAFC
Jun 11, 202316:25
The Only Rivalry in Texas
May 19, 202301:13:39
S3E16 "Losing Our Cool"
May 16, 202301:04:43
15 with Finn Seattle Sounders
May 15, 202316:25
Seattle Sounders Preview
May 12, 202339:10
S3 E15 "Red Flags"
May 12, 202344:13
15 with Finn Sporting KC
May 11, 202316:21
15 with Finn RSL
May 09, 202316:23
Real Salt Lake Preview
May 03, 202301:10:48
S3E13 "Kids are Funny"
May 01, 202301:02:36
15 with Finn Tampa Bay
Apr 27, 202316:27
Tampa Bay Rowdies Preview
Apr 25, 202345:36
S3E12 "How Do I Stop Recording?"
Apr 25, 202359:05
15 with Finn Inter Miami CF
Apr 23, 202315:50
Inter Miami Preview
Apr 19, 202301:06:22
S3E11 "Longer is Better"
Apr 18, 202354:33
15 with Finn NY Red Bulls
Apr 16, 202316:24
NY Red Bulls Preview
Apr 13, 202301:12:10
S3 E10 "Benny Ball is Beautiful"
Apr 10, 202301:03:21
15 with Finn LA Galaxy
Apr 09, 202316:28
LA Galaxy Preview with NAG
Apr 07, 202357:15
S3E9 "Penalty Merchants?"
Apr 04, 202301:05:48
15 with Finn San Jose
Apr 02, 202316:19
SJ Preview
Mar 29, 202301:04:17
S3 E8 "Wherefore art thou Sebastian Ferreira"
Mar 28, 202301:08:49
15 with Finn NYCFC
Mar 27, 202316:21
NYCFC Preview
Mar 22, 202301:25:09
S3E7 "Austin Thrashed"
Mar 20, 202301:05:25
15 with Finn Austin FC
Mar 19, 202316:20