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How to Code: Web Development

How to Code: Web Development

By Robert Guss

A podcast for aspiring web developers. Host Robert Guss is a self-taught senior software engineer with over eight years of experience. On this show, I discuss learning how to code, strategies for getting your first job, web technology news, and more on this show. Website: Twitter: @howtocode_io
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Get used to feeling uncomfortable

How to Code: Web DevelopmentApr 29, 2023

Get used to feeling uncomfortable
Apr 29, 202311:28
Be an interesting person
Mar 06, 202322:53
Interviewing & dealing with Rejection
Feb 22, 202318:38
Getting paid to learn

Getting paid to learn

In this episode, I discuss the mindset you need to have after getting your first developer job. What should you do now that you have been hired? How can you learn from your teammates? How can you show initiative? How can you get "junior" out of your job title? I discuss all of these questions and more.


How to Code
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Astro book
Feb 14, 202322:57
Tech layoffs & escaping the rat race
Feb 06, 202327:10
You need to stand out
Jan 23, 202322:04
There are no shortcuts
Jan 20, 202308:51
Everyone's bad at programming
Dec 27, 202220:12
AI and the future of software development
Dec 08, 202220:38
You're learning too much
Nov 30, 202215:41
Learn the fundamentals
Nov 11, 202214:16
Podcast & life update
Nov 11, 202205:51
The truth about hustle culture
Sep 23, 202220:47
The importance of testing
Sep 08, 202230:28
Dead tech fallacies
Aug 19, 202224:03
CS degree vs bootcamp vs self-taught
Aug 04, 202237:11
Why teaching is the best way to learn
Jul 21, 202240:03
Why are you here?
Jul 07, 202232:10
How I taught myself how to code
Jun 23, 202228:41
Why this podcast?
Jun 23, 202213:31