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How Gay Thou Art

How Gay Thou Art

By Clint Keller & Jey Austen

Have you ever attended a Hell House or visited The Creation Museum? Did your childhood education involve Abeka and Awana? Do you still harbor a homoerotic crush on Bibleman? Are you wondering wtf we’re even talking about right now? How Gay Thou Art is an LGBTQ comedy podcast about growing up queer, Christian, and hella confused! Join your hosts - Clint and Jey - as they combine personal anecdotes with research deep-dives to explore the weirdest corners of Evangelical culture. Deconstruction is over. Let’s burn this b*tch to the ground.
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Christian Minglin' | Evangelical Dating Apps

How Gay Thou ArtNov 06, 2023

Christian Minglin' | Evangelical Dating Apps

Christian Minglin' | Evangelical Dating Apps

⁠⁠Who's ready to get laid...down in green pastures? #HeRestorethMySoul That's right - on this episode, we're taking on Christian dating apps and websites like Christian Mingle, Salt and CrossPaths. Clint & Jey joined up on a bunch of services to see if they could find their one true Christian courtship.

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