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Social Responsibility at Work

Social Responsibility at Work

By Angela R. Howard

The future of work is HERE! We envision a world in which companies exist to better employee experience, not just customer experience because we believe that human-centered workplaces create stronger communities and societies. When you adopt the social responsibility of creating employees that go home happy and create impact in their communities, better outcomes are created — at every level. Social Responsibility at Work is a movement of experts and change makers who are actively creating solutions for this vision, and their message can become a framework for your impact too.
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Social Responsibility at WorkJan 02, 2022

A New Chapter

A New Chapter

Hello! Angela here - the host of the Social Responsibility at Work podcast. 

I know it’s been a while, and you’re probably wondering where we’ve been!

The Social Responsibility at Work podcast has been integral to our growth (and my growth) over the last 3 years. So it might be surprising to hear: we've made the decision to retire it. 

This decision was not made lightly, and it comes with mixed emotions as we reflect on the insightful and impactful conversations our show has produced. 

It’s amazing to think back at what one podcast inspired during the COVID Pandemic led to: 

> +100 episodes about workplace culture with a variety of guests, thought leaders, and experts that made us realize this discipline needs wider representation and more diversity of thought 

> The start to a broader exploration about the role of employers and employees in creating a world we want to live in, and a blurring of the lines between culture at work and culture in the world at large 

> A hard conversation, practice in accountability and title pivot

> The beginnings of a rebrand, which has continued to show us the company we want to become, the work we want to be doing, and the experiences we want to create

> The realization that our role in changing the way we all work, is to actually extend far beyond the “walls” of the workplace

The good news: all episodes will remain an active library of valuable content for you to consume at any time — you’ll be able to access the Social Responsibility at Work podcast through our website, on Apple, Spotify, and anywhere podcasts are streamed, indefinitely. We just won’t be recording any new episodes. 

Our team is still envisioning exactly what our audio content will look like moving forward, but one thing we know for sure is that it’ll emerge from the Culture Impact Lab — our in-person experience taking place in Chicago, IL May 15-16, 2024. 

The only thing better than listening in on the conversations happening at this experience through recorded audio? 

Being there in person: join the waitlist now, and be a part of this conversation with us.

Nov 14, 202304:33
Four Culture and Leadership Trends Derailing Your DEIB Efforts with Raymond Achille & LaTonya Wilkins, PCC

Four Culture and Leadership Trends Derailing Your DEIB Efforts with Raymond Achille & LaTonya Wilkins, PCC

In this thought-provoking episode, join us as we bring together Raymond (Recovery Ray) Achille, Angela R. Howard, an accomplished CEO, and LaTonya Wilkins, the visionary Founder of Change Coaches and author of "Leading Below the Surface." Together, they delve into the current state of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) through a profound lens of culture and leadership.

In this engaging session, Angela and LaTonya dissect the intricate fabric of DEIB, sharing four prominent trends that are shaping the landscape today. From Angela's perspective, they explore the myth that success necessitates constant addition, unveiling the lack of strategy and operational focus that hinders progress. Angela's second theme, the gaps in commitment around behavioral change, sheds light on the vital need for consistent dedication to DEIB principles.

LaTonya, drawing from her expertise, shines a light on two pivotal leadership themes. The first, the "DEIB Backlash," addresses the absence of solid structures around leadership development, underscoring the importance of creating frameworks that sustain growth. Her second theme, the scarcity of psychological safety and growth, emphasizes the crucial role leaders play in fostering environments where every individual feels secure enough to flourish.

In this dynamic dialogue, Angela and LaTonya share actionable insights on how to navigate these trends within your organization, providing guidance for building a more inclusive and equitable culture. Don't miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies of DEIB, from both culture and leadership perspectives.

This session, brimming with invaluable wisdom, will be recorded for your convenience, and a link to the recording will be provided to all registrants. Tune in to gain exclusive access to the profound insights of Angela R. Howard and LaTonya Wilkins, as they pave the way for a more inclusive and empowered future.

Please note that this is a fictional podcast episode created based on the provided information about the dialogue between Angela R. Howard and LaTonya Wilkins. The purpose is to create a compelling podcast description, and no actual podcast or episode with this specific content exists.

Connect with Latonya:

Connect with Ray:

Aug 16, 202334:14
Crafting Thriving Workplaces with Aparna Rae

Crafting Thriving Workplaces with Aparna Rae

Join us in this thought-provoking episode as we dive deep into the world of intentional workplace design and its transformative impact on employee well-being and DEI

In this episode, we are thrilled to introduce you to Aparna Rae, a visionary pioneer in the realm of workplace culture and design. Aparna has dedicated their career to bridging the gap between employee aspirations and organizational action. Through data-driven strategies, they have transformed the way companies approach wellness, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Tune in as we explore the essence of this new workplace contract. Employees today are seeking more than just a job; they're yearning for workplaces that prioritize their holistic well-being and foster an inclusive environment. It's a shift that demands employers to lead with wellness and DEI as integral components of their organizational fabric.

Aparna sheds light on how data serves as the bridge between employee voices and organizational transformation. By collecting both quantitative and qualitative data, companies can gain valuable insights into employee needs, sentiments, and aspirations. These insights, derived from thoughtful research, form the foundation of intersectional and actionable strategies that drive impactful change.

Join us as we journey through the intersection of data, research, and purposeful action, all aimed at nurturing workplaces where everyone can thrive. If you're an employer looking to embrace the new contract of wellness and DE&I, or an employee seeking insights into reshaping workplace dynamics, this episode is a must-listen.

And thanks, as always, for tuning in. 

Connect with Aparna 

Aug 09, 202335:24
Great Mondays with Josh Levine

Great Mondays with Josh Levine

In this captivating episode, we sit down with Josh Levine, a visionary leader and culture expert, to explore his transformative work in building exceptional company cultures. As the author of the influential book "Great Mondays: How To Design A Company Culture Employees Love," Josh shares invaluable insights on creating workplaces that foster genuine employee happiness and success. 

Join us as we delve into the essence of his tagline, uncovering practical strategies for designing a culture that inspires, engages, and unlocks the full potential of every team member. Get ready to embark on a journey towards building a better company culture that leaves a lasting impact on both your employees and organization as a whole.

Josh is an author, consultant, and educator on a mission to help organizations design a culture advantage. His book was listed as one of BookAuthority’s best culture books of all time. 

As a consultant passionate about company culture, Josh has spent over fifteen years helping hyper-growth startups and global blue-chip organizations become more effective, aligned, and profitable. 

From aligning values to fostering meaningful connections, Josh provides actionable steps for leaders and managers to implement positive changes and cultivate a culture where employees feel valued, heard, and inspired to do their best work. Whether you're a seasoned executive or a budding entrepreneur, this episode will leave you equipped with the knowledge and tools to transform your workplace into a space where employees not only thrive but also find genuine joy and fulfillment in their roles. Tune in to gain exclusive insights from Josh Levine's expertise and embark on a journey towards creating a company culture that employees truly love.

Connect with Josh: 

Great Mondays:

Aug 02, 202333:16
Empowering People to Own Their Voice with Diana YK Chan, MBA

Empowering People to Own Their Voice with Diana YK Chan, MBA

Jul 26, 202322:45
Work-Life Bloom with Dan Pontefract

Work-Life Bloom with Dan Pontefract

In this thought-provoking and empowering podcast episode we chat with Dan Pontefract about inspiring leaders to take a fresh look at a new coalescence between work and life.

In Dan's upcoming book, Work-Life Bloom: How to Nurture a Team That Flourishes, he takes a dive into integrating professional and personal lives. Just as a flower needs the right mix of sunlight, water, and nutrients to grow and thrive, team members need the right mix of work-life factors to create a fulfilling and harmonious existence. Through primary global research, interviews, and personal experience, Pontefract delves into the current state of work and life, offering practical solutions for leaders and organizations to create environments where teams can flourish.

There really is no such thing as work-life balance: our rigid attempts to achieve it don’t reflect current realities and are, in fact leading us to further burnout, stress, and unhappiness. Instead, he encourages a more holistic approach, promoting the idea of “blooming” in both work and life. Pontefract stresses that for people to succeed, they must reach fulfillment through the integration of work and the personal aspects of life. After all, people bring their work into their lives and their lives into their work; an improved integration is necessary.

Thanks Dan for your insights and for sharing with us your ground-breaking work.

Connect with Dan:

Pre-order Dan’s Upcoming Book:

Jul 19, 202337:55
Unleashing Employee Potential with Jason Lauritsen

Unleashing Employee Potential with Jason Lauritsen

Jason Lauritsen is a renowned keynote speaker, author, and consultant who challenges conventional thinking and brings a fresh perspective to employee engagement and performance management. With his extensive expertise, he passionately advocates for creating fulfilling work experiences for every employee.

Jason's unique approach blends research, practical experience, and compelling storytelling to empower managers and leaders to make a positive impact on their teams. Drawing from his background as both a former corporate executive and entrepreneur, Jason has always been driven to build organizations that prioritize both people and profits.

Having led the research team for Quantum Workplace's Best Places to Work program for three years, Jason possesses deep insights into what distinguishes exceptional workplaces from the rest. His extensive study of the employee experience across thousands of companies has equipped him with valuable knowledge about the strategies and practices that engage employees at the highest level.

As an accomplished author, Jason has published two influential books: "Unlocking High Performance: How to use performance management to engage and empower employees to reach their full potential" and "Social Gravity: Harnessing the Natural Laws of Relationships." These books delve deeper into his insights, offering readers comprehensive frameworks and practical tools for creating thriving work environments.

Connect with Jason:

Jason’s Website:

Jul 12, 202346:24
The Neuroscience of Work-Life Balance with Nina Nesdoly

The Neuroscience of Work-Life Balance with Nina Nesdoly

Achieving success doesn't have to come at the cost of burnout. Nina brings a unique blend of knowledge and expertise to the conversation with her interdisciplinary background in Management and Neuroscience, and currently pursuing a PhD in Management,

Nina's extensive experience as a speaker and workshop facilitator for various organizations, including conferences, private businesses, non-profits, and MBA programs, has equipped her with invaluable insights into addressing work-life balance and managing stress effectively. Having worked as a workshop facilitator for Apple, Nina knows how to engage audiences and make challenging topics like stress, mental health, and burnout both informative and enjoyable.

As a keynote speaker, Nina uses neuroscience-based insights to inspire individuals and teams to create a harmonious work-life balance. She shares practical strategies and evidence-based approaches to help audiences manage stress at work, find fulfillment outside of their professional lives, and foster resilience within teams. Her talks and workshops not only provide invaluable knowledge but also equip organizations with the tools to cultivate wellbeing at work.

Nina's commitment to research in the field of work stress further enhances her expertise. Her ongoing projects delve into the impact of leadership on employee stress experiences, how individuals interpret institutional messages about stress and resilience, and the role of neuroscience in advancing work stress research. By bridging the gap between academia and real-world applications, Nina's research adds depth and credibility to her insights.

In this episode, Nina Nesdoly dives deep into the neuroscience behind work-life balance, debunking myths and providing practical strategies for listeners to implement in their own lives. Her engaging storytelling and expertise in managing stress and burnout will leave you inspired and equipped to thrive in the workplace.

Connect with Nina: 

Jul 05, 202330:09
Building a Culture-First Work Environment with Craig Forman

Building a Culture-First Work Environment with Craig Forman

In this captivating episode, we engage in an enlightening conversation with esteemed guest speaker Craig Forman. Craig is a renowned work culture expert and a passionate advocate for improving employee engagement and creating thriving workplaces. His mission is to help the world work better by improving how we work.

Craig Forman is an individual deeply fascinated by the intricacies of human work dynamics, both at the individual and group level. Recognizing the substantial amount of time we dedicate to our jobs, Craig firmly believes that when we feel connected to and inspired by our work and workplace, we thrive as individuals, leading to the success of our organizations.

In this episode, Craig shares his profound insights on how to enhance work culture and foster employee engagement. He delves into the significance of leveraging data-driven approaches to make more human-focused decisions within organizations. Craig provides valuable strategies and practical tools for leaders and managers to create a culture-first work environment that values and empowers employees.

As a fervent advocate for change, Craig is devoted to making a difference one person at a time. He is an active community builder who aims to gather like-minded individuals, both online and offline, to collectively drive positive change in work cultures.

This podcast episode will inspire you to reimagine the future of work and equip you with the tools and mindset necessary to cultivate engagement and empowerment within your own organization.

Connect with Craig:

Craig's Website:

Jun 28, 202336:26
Level Up Leadership with Julianne Guinasso, LMFT and Poonam Natha, LMFT

Level Up Leadership with Julianne Guinasso, LMFT and Poonam Natha, LMFT

In this inspiring episode, join us as we sit down with two remarkable marriage and family therapists, Julianne Guinasso, LMFT and Poonam Natha, LMFT. Both passionate advocates for reshaping the culture of work, they discuss the need for more empathy in the workplace and share their insights on how to create a more empathetic work environment.

Julianne Guinasso, LMFT and Poonam Natha, LMFT have dedicated their careers to helping individuals, couples, and families navigate the complexities of relationships. Recognizing the impact of work culture on people's lives, they have set out to redefine the way we think about work and promote a more empathetic approach through their company, Level Up Leaders Inc.

In this episode, they delve into various topics, including the consequences of a lack of empathy in the workplace, the benefits of fostering a culture of empathy, and practical strategies for organizations to implement empathy-driven policies. Drawing on their extensive experience in therapy and their deep understanding of human relationships, they provide valuable insights on how businesses and individuals can create meaningful change.

Throughout the conversation, they share compelling stories that highlight the transformative power of empathy. They explore the role of leaders in shaping work culture and provide actionable tips for managers, employees, and entrepreneurs who wish to prioritize empathy in their organizations.

This episode will leave you feeling inspired and equipped with tangible steps to start reshaping the culture of work within your own sphere of influence. Whether you're a CEO, a manager, or an employee, tune in to discover how empathy can revolutionize the way we approach work and build stronger, more connected teams.

Connect with Poonam: 

Connect with Julianne: 

Level Up Leaders Inc. Website:

Jun 21, 202320:04
People-Focused Leadership with Jill Katz
Jun 14, 202326:04
Feeling Valued at Work with Laura Sukorokoff

Feeling Valued at Work with Laura Sukorokoff

Managers play a pivotal role in any organization, shaping the work environment, driving employee engagement, and ultimately impacting the bottom line. Yet, too often, the focus on technical expertise overshadows the significance of developing well-rounded managers with strong interpersonal skills.

Join us as we sit down with renowned management expert Laura Sukoroff, who dives deep into the critical role of manager training and the immense value of soft skills in driving business success.

Laura Sukoroff, a respected authority on leadership and talent development, shares her invaluable insights on the importance of investing in manager training programs that prioritize soft skills. Drawing from her vast experience working with diverse industries and teams, Laura emphasizes that a manager's ability to effectively communicate, motivate, and build relationships is the cornerstone of their effectiveness.

Throughout the episode, Laura explores various aspects of soft skills and how they directly contribute to business outcomes. She delves into the art of active listening, empathy, and emotional intelligence, revealing their transformative impact on team dynamics, collaboration, and productivity. She underscores the critical role of self-awareness in fostering a positive work environment and facilitating effective decision-making.

Did you know that only 10% of managers actually possess the skills they need to lead others? That means 9 out of 10 managers really need training. That's where Laura comes in. She provides soft skills training to managers, enabling them to confidently connect with, engage, and inspire their teams to do great work. 

Thanks, as always, for staying tuned to the podcast!

Connect with Laura:

Laura’s book:

Jun 07, 202328:30
Special Episode 100!

Special Episode 100!

Hello, everyone. Angela here, host of Social Responsibility at Work and founder at Call for Culture. I am crashing this episode for a very quick announcement, so hang in there with me. You'll be right back to your episode in no time. The reason why I'm joining it today for a little bit is because we have some big news to celebrate.

The Social Responsibility at Work podcast just reached its 100th episode after three years of recording phenomenal guests and reach across almost 80 countries now. We're just so grateful that you're here with us. Thank you for your commitment to creating more inclusive, sustainable and regenerative outcomes for organizations, society and humanity. We have the momentum and the movement to change work as we know it, and your support means everything.

And if you haven't already, drop a review, share an episode so we can continue to expand this platform for the next hundred episodes. So thank you all so much for being here and cheers to 100 more.

Call For Culture:

Subscribe to the Podcast:

Get In Touch:

Jun 07, 202301:22
Creating More Sustainable and Resilient Organizations with Gethin Nadin

Creating More Sustainable and Resilient Organizations with Gethin Nadin

Gethin is an award-winning psychologist who has been helping some of the world’s largest organizations to improve their employee experience and wellbeing for  two decades. The last 10 years have been spent working as part of the senior leadership team at Benefex where Gethin leads our thought leadership in the market.

As a frequent writer and speaker on employee experience and employee wellbeing, Gethin has been featured in Forbes, The Guardian, The Huffington Post and The Financial Times as well as all major HR, Reward and Pensions publications. Gethin has been listed as one of the world’s top 101 Global Employee Experience Influencers for the last two years running, is listed on the Employee Engagement Powerlist and is one of LinkedIn’s top global contributors. Gethin is also a regular keynote speaker, Chair of the UK Government-backed Engage for Success Wellbeing Thought Action Group, a Key Stakeholder in UK Government Transport Employee Wellbeing KPI’s and a Fellow at the RSA.

His new book, ‘A Work In Progress,’ brings together evidence from more than 500 studies, exclusive contributions from leading global workplace experts, and captivating advice from in-house wellbeing leaders from organizations including Ocado, Philip Morris International and Serco. This book aims to support CEOs, HR, Reward, Benefit and Wellbeing leaders to fully understand what impact their organization is having on its people and uses some of the latest post-pandemic research and thinking to ensure we are building more sustainable and resilient organizations that employees want to work for and stay with.

I resonated deeply with the content of this podcast and hope you do as well. Thanks, as always, for your continued support and commitment to building a better future for work. 

Connect with Gethin:

Gethin’s latest book, A Work In Progress:

May 31, 202328:56
Reimagine Inclusion with Mita Mallick

Reimagine Inclusion with Mita Mallick

I’m so excited to share this in depth discussion with you. Mita Mallick shares insights from her new book, Reimagine Inclusion, where she debunks 13 myths that hold us back from transforming our workplaces. She delivers powerful storytelling combined with practical and hands-on ways for us to be more inclusive leaders. 

In this episode she demonstrates that when we show up as more inclusive leaders, we have the power to change our organizations, ultimately creating a ripple effect across our ecosystem. She discusses how to understand, confront, and mitigate our own biases as we commit to do the work that starts with leaders. 

You’ll also discover how to coach future leaders, how to be intentional about how you lead in your organization―both in public and behind closed doors―and how you can become an active participant in building your workplace’s culture.

Throughout the episode we discuss how leaders can:

  • Understand the individual's journey in your organization

  • Interrupt bias at every key decision point

  • Transform your organization’s systems, processes, and policies to improve inclusivity at every level. 

“I believe diversity of thought doesn’t happen without diversity of representation. When you have all those points of views, life experiences, and cultural backgrounds coming together around a table. Colliding, clashing, and collaborating- that’s when magic happens. That’s when we come up with that one break through innovative idea, campaign, innovation- to authentically and purposefully serve customers and communities.”

Mita is currently the head of inclusion, equity and impact at Carta and is a top LinkedIn voice of 2020. Don’t hesitate to pick up her book today.

Connect with Mita: 

Mita’s Book Reimagine Inclusion:

May 24, 202333:11
Brewing Equity with Melissa Villanueva

Brewing Equity with Melissa Villanueva

In this thought-provoking episode we sit down with the inspiring Melissa Villanueva, a visionary leader in the coffee industry and an advocate for social justice. Join us as we delve into the captivating world of coffee and explore how it can be a catalyst for building a more equitable society.

Melissa Villanueva is the CEO and owner of Brewpoint Coffee in Elmhurst, IL. Brewpoint Coffee has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Sprudge, and a number of other publications for their inspiring small business journey. 

During our conversation, Melissa shares her personal journey and the experiences that shaped her passion for social impact. She delves into the challenges faced by coffee farmers, particularly in developing countries, and how their livelihoods are impacted by systemic issues such as poverty, gender inequality, and climate change.

Throughout the episode, Melissa shares inspiring stories of individuals and communities who have benefited from the transformative power of equitable coffee practices. She emphasizes the need for collaboration and collective action to create a fairer and more sustainable coffee industry that benefits everyone involved.

Tune in to this enlightening conversation with Melissa Villanueva, where we explore the incredible potential of coffee as a vehicle for positive change. Whether you're a coffee lover, an advocate for social justice, or simply curious about the intersection of business and social impact, this episode will leave you inspired to take action and support a more equitable world.

Connect with Melissa: 

Grab Some Coffee:

May 17, 202328:02
Transforming HR From Paper-first to People-first with Tracie Sponenberg

Transforming HR From Paper-first to People-first with Tracie Sponenberg

People, not policies. 

This is the major shift that our guest, Tracie Sponenberg, is looking to enact in HR departments around the world. Modern HR is more than just compliance, it’s about connecting with community and designing employee experiences so workers can do the best work of their lives and feel true satisfaction in their roles. 

Tracie is Chief People Officer at The Granite Group and a highly sought after keynote speaker who specializes in helping HR departments move from a “paper-first” to “people-first” model. As a long time practitioner Tracie has over 25 years of experience helping organizations focus on culture, authenticity, and transparency. She is the recipient of the 2022 Boston HR Council Speaker of the Year Award, the global 2022 and 2021 OnCON Global Icon Top 50 Human Resources Professional Awards and the 2019 RY Perry HR Hero Award.

“HR needs to be passionate about the people experience. We can design journeys and implement employee feedback models to design experiences that they truly love.”

In this episode we get a glimpse into how Tracie found her place in HR and how she was able to move from “Karen in HR,” to “Caring HR” through empathizing with her workforce and building experiences that brought the best out in them. 

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did. Thanks, as always, for tuning in to our show. 

Connect with Tracie:

May 10, 202334:60
Social and Emotional Resilience at Work With Allan Howard
May 03, 202337:05
The Energized Workplace with Perry Timms

The Energized Workplace with Perry Timms

Perry Timms is Founder & Chief Energy Officer of PTHR, with 30+ yrs of experience in people, learning, technology, organization change & transformation. In 2022 he was ranked Number 1 Most Influential HR Thinker by HR Magazine. In this episode, Perry shares his personal mission is to see more people flourish through their work, and help shift organizations as a force for societal good (not just profit machines).  PTHR's mission is defined as "Better Business for a Better World," and I was excited to see Perry’s passion for change and connecting people. The stats are pretty clear that a happy employee is a productive employee and this episode will give some insight on how to build a stronger culture within your organization.  Thanks, as always, for listening to our podcast! Stay tuned for more great content.  Connect with Perry  People & Transformational HR Ltd: 
Apr 26, 202326:43
Lift Your Impact with Richard Newman
Apr 19, 202327:13
The Power of Vulnerability with Nick Jonsson
Apr 12, 202324:28
Healthcare Equity with Geoffrey M. Roche
Apr 05, 202326:42
Creating a Vibrant Culture with Lori Michele Leavitt
Mar 29, 202327:34
Seeking Joy From Employment with Joey Price
Mar 22, 202333:32
Building Better Workplaces Through World-class Learning with Johnny Campbell

Building Better Workplaces Through World-class Learning with Johnny Campbell

Mar 15, 202336:56
Upskilling the Next Generation of Talent with Emmanuel Trinity
Mar 08, 202328:56
Neuroscience of the Workplace with Jordan Zezza
Mar 01, 202336:56
Making a Positive Impact on the Economy with Don Golden
Feb 22, 202336:23
Secrets of Next-Level Entrepreneurs with Alex Brueckmann
Feb 15, 202325:01
Generational Wellness with Raymond Achille

Generational Wellness with Raymond Achille

According to the Surgeon General’s workplace wellbeing report, 76% of U.S. workers reported at least one symptom of a mental health condition, 84% of respondents said their workplace conditions had contributed to at least one mental health challenge, and 81% of workers reported that they will be looking for workplaces that support mental health in the future.

This tells us that workplaces are contributing negatively to mental health, but they don’t have to. On the show to discuss with us today is my good friend, Raymond Achille. “Recovery Ray” is a Wellness Consultant, Health Equity Advocate, Speaker, and  Podcast Host who owns a wellness and health equity firm called Balance Period.

Balance Period is focused on creating a world where generational wellness is accessible to everyone. They strive to create an environment where family systems and businesses pass down healthy habits from one generation to the next.

“When we think about our black and brown communities in the states and look at the data around their longevity and the different ailments they die from (diabetes, heart disease, hypertension), it is disproportionate to their white counterparts in this country. A lot of what contributes to these ailments is aligned with the habits we practice and the environments we are forced into with systematic racism etc…there is a lot of inequality.”

This is why one of my foundational tenets is to facilitate sustainable behavior change in organizations so we can take care of the humans that entrust us with 8 hours of their day.

Thanks Ray, for your wonderful insights.

Connect with Ray:

Balance Period

Feb 08, 202331:31
IRL: Changing Mindsets to Transform Behaviors with Reggie Butler

IRL: Changing Mindsets to Transform Behaviors with Reggie Butler

Jan 31, 202345:45
Systems Change with Dr. Jacqueline Kerr
Jan 25, 202341:50
Providing Equitable Experiences at Work with Erica Spitale

Providing Equitable Experiences at Work with Erica Spitale

I have always been fascinated by the human psyche, especially at work. Have you ever noticed that people might behave differently in the workplace than they do in other environments? It’s called “code switching” and it’s something that two I/O Psych enthusiasts like Erica and I love to explore.

Erica is a licensed clinical psychologist practicing in the field for over 10 years. Her mantra is to remove obstacles and simplify processes to build scalable people practices that center the human experience and provide equitable opportunities for everyone to thrive.

In this episode we go deep on diversity, inclusion, and belonging, and how it is more than just issues to solve through the DEI efforts of an HR department. It is a deep systemic problem that requires lasting change in the way we treat others at work.

You’ll see our passions come alive in this episode as two Chicago natives are working towards a better work environment for the under-represented. It’s these and the many other conversations we have on this podcast that keep me fired up for the work that we are doing. Let’s keep driving for more diverse and inclusive workforces.

Connect with Erica:

Jan 18, 202333:32
Web3 & Decentralized Work with Josh Drean

Web3 & Decentralized Work with Josh Drean

Web3. The Metaverse. Decentralization. You might have heard these terms thrown around by big tech companies like Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook or your 17 year old “crypto bro” nephew, but what does this new tech mean for the future of work? Is it a viable solution for some of the HR problems we are grappling with today? With me to discuss the challenges and opportunities that these technologies present is my good friend Josh Drean.

Josh is a web3 advisor at the Harvard Innovation Labs and Co-founder of DreanMedia, a web3 media agency. Josh is an HR Transformation and Metaverse expert who marries web3 technologies with workplace strategies. He hosts webinars in both the HR tech and web3 space and speaks internationally to bring market insights to digital-first leaders.

In this episode we discuss how emerging AI could potentially take over key HR functions, how “going digital” can lead work to be more human, ironically, and the privacy and security risks to be aware of should these technologies persist.

Regardless of emerging web3 tech and the metaverse, we are tasked with designing employee experiences that offer rich human interactions and purpose-driven work that brings out the best in our people. If these technologies help us get there, then let’s keep learning and growing together. 

Thanks, as always, for joining us on these discussions.

Connect with Josh:


Jan 11, 202332:38
Authentically You Psychotherapy with Kendra Vargas

Authentically You Psychotherapy with Kendra Vargas

Today we’re talking about a crucial topic and experience that is often overlooked in the workplace and within the context of broader well-being and mental health conversations - perinatal mental health.

My guest today is a special one. Kendra Vargas, LCPC, PMH-C, is owner and founder of Authentically You Psychotherapy, PLLC. She is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a Certified Perinatal Mental Health Professional  in the state of Illinois. Kendra is also a childhood friend of mine (our dads were besties), and the fact that we both have an opportunity to bring our work and experience together for this conversation gives me so much joy!

Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders are among the most common complications that can occur before conception, during pregnancy, or in the first 12 months after delivery (often also called postpartum depression).

We talk more about health disparities when it comes to general healthcare and underserved communities, what perinatal care is, and how it connects to the larger picture of the mental health crisis at work. We discuss where employers and leaders are missing the mark (due to lack of knowledge or acknowledgement) and  how they can create an inclusive and flexible environment where parents and those going through family planning have the appropriate resources and support they need.

Connect with Kendra:

More Resources on Perinatal Mental Health

Jan 04, 202331:01
2023 Employee Experience Trends with Qualtrics
Dec 28, 202246:49
Diverse Teams Win! with LinkedIn’s Rosanna Durruthy

Diverse Teams Win! with LinkedIn’s Rosanna Durruthy

I couldn’t be more excited for this special episode with Rosanna Durruthy, Vice President of Global Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging at LinkedIn.

Rosanna gives us an inside look at her journey, which started as a child of a Cuban dad and Puerto Rican mom who came to America in search of greater opportunity, to now running one of the biggest DEI departments in the world.

“How are we forming relationships that not only allow us to feel at ease in the environment, but also give us access to understanding our careers? The work of LinkedIn is to acknowledge that professional development is ongoing, we are always learning, and part of that learning is access to information, development of skills, connection to a community, so that we can all be more socially responsible.”

Companies exist to better employee experience, not just customer experience because we believe that human-centered workplaces create stronger communities and societies. When you adopt the social responsibility of enabling employees to go home happy and create impact in their communities, better outcomes are created — at every level.

If we are all imbued with the ability to see differences, not as a threat, but as a possibility, that allows younger generations more opportunities. Diverse teams win.

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LinkedIn Workforce Diversity Report:

Dec 21, 202251:12
Urban Equity Planning with André Darmanin

Urban Equity Planning with André Darmanin

Dec 14, 202231:06
The Conscious Communicator with Kim Clark
Dec 07, 202243:32
BONUS: Equity is Providing Equal Outcomes with Angela Howard

BONUS: Equity is Providing Equal Outcomes with Angela Howard

You might remember Jim Young from a few episodes ago. I was invited to his EI EI EI Oh! Newsletter where I got to share some insights around diversity and inclusion.

“Creating equity requires us to get to know and understand other people and to come from a sense of humility, that we’re not always right.“

It's a lesson I'm learning everyday and a lesson for all leaders who are seeking to build people-centric work environments. 

It’s so great to build relationships with my amazing guests above and beyond my own podcast. We are building a better world of work together!

As always, thanks for staying tuned and we'll look forward to wrapping up the year together. 

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Nov 30, 202206:25
Live For Yourself with Dr. Benjamin Ritter
Nov 23, 202226:03
Creating Purpose Driven Employees with Brandon Peele
Nov 16, 202234:49
Financial Literacy with Pablo Torres
Nov 09, 202243:56
Wiping Out Bad Leadership with Matthew Sandel

Wiping Out Bad Leadership with Matthew Sandel

I’m willing to bet you’ve had more bosses that you’ve struggled with than bosses you were actually excited to work for. Honestly…it’s not their fault. We’ve designed work systems that promote top performers and not the employee with the top leadership skills. It’s time for a change and I am so excited to discuss this with today's podcast guest.

Matthew Sandel’s goal is to wipe out bad leadership. He leverages neuroscience to create better leaders who promote positive culture to change the workplace. I’ve had the privilege of working with his firm, DX Learning, for a while now and I can say that it is the best leadership development training program that I’ve seen. It’s rich, research-driven and empirical.

DX Learning creates learning experiences that lead to new and compelling acts of leadership. This in turn drives visible and immediate change within the organization. DX experiences are quickly and easily adapted to your own company’s values and leadership framework. The focus is not on sharing ever more models and new knowledge, but on embedding vital skills that will motivate people at every level in the business, to achieve more.

All in all, connecting our hearts, hands, and minds will allow us to develop better leaders, strengthen work cultures, and drive forward a regenerative and sustainable leadership model that brings out the best in our people.

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DX Learning Solutions:

Nov 02, 202237:28
Values-driven Culture with Fresia Jackson
Oct 26, 202235:35
Catalyzing Real World Change with Eric Ressler
Oct 19, 202227:55
Self-worth at Work with Aiko Bethea
Oct 12, 202236:17
Leading Bold DEI Conversations with Valerie Williams
Oct 05, 202228:41
Creating a Culture of Wellbeing with Matthew Jackson
Sep 28, 202239:42
Harnessing the Power of Underrepresented Leaders with Jenny Vazquez-Newsum, Ed.D

Harnessing the Power of Underrepresented Leaders with Jenny Vazquez-Newsum, Ed.D

Underrepresented leaders have a vast array of talents and skills that they bring to the table, but traditional leadership rhetoric has kept these critical contributions to a minimum.

This is why today’s guest launched Untapped Leaders to create a space for those contributions to be named, validated, and amplified.

Jenny Vazquez-Newsum, Ed.D. is a leadership facilitator and writer with a long-time interest in leadership stemming all the way back to being a 5th grade elementary school elected official. As a biracial Black/Latinx woman, her leadership journey has been bumpy, invigorating. challenging, and a life's work.

From established executives at large corporations to early career professionals beginning their leadership journeys, unlocking these untapped capacities is necessary to move underrepresented leadership to the forefront of modern leadership. 

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Learn more about Untapped Leaders 

Sep 21, 202235:15