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The Irresistible Estate Agency Show

The Irresistible Estate Agency Show


How to become the favourite estate agent in your neighbourhood, with HUSBAND.DIGITAL.

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The Irresistible Estate Agency ShowApr 29, 2021



Do you think there really is a downward pressure on fees, or are estate agents unnecessarily getting into a perceived race to the bottom? Just because some estate agents are finding ways to earn less and less, is that the only thing - or even the main thing - that homeowners care about? Or do they buy into high-quality marketing, exceptional customer care, expert guidance and even your branding? . I was talking about fees with a potential client this week and his view on agents who say they lost an instruction on fees was: "It's not the fee, its you." . We both hold the view that most homeowners are driven far more by the feeling they get from an agent than by how cheap they are. . From the relationship you create when booking a valuation, to the way you behave in someone's home, to the proposition of your agency and whether you offer the best chance of a successful move - those are the factors that win the business. It's only when those are in doubt that fees become an issue. . So in this episode, Jayne & I chat about all the things we did as agents to demonstrate that we were the very best bet (and that sellers were happy to pay 50% more for), and all the things you can do as well. . More than that: you'll see that you don't need to play the same game as the cheapest agents in town, even if it feels like you do.
Jul 01, 202134:24


Everybody needs good neighbours, and finding ways to celebrate and be a part of your community is a guaranteed route to resonate with local homeowners. It helps you create goodwill towards your estate agency and get yourself to the top of the list when people need to sell or let their property.

In this week's show, Paul & Jayne talk about various initiatives, including:

- local publications that showcase local lifestyle and property

- utilising social media to support and engage with local businesses

- turning your office into a hub for events

- creating videos about local streets and buildings

- using your team photos to show off your connection to the neighbourhood.

Join us for plenty of inspiration, examples and stories from experience.

Jun 17, 202129:22


How would you feel if you had an automated lead generation system in place that required no effort from you and that worked 24/7 to grab the attention of every local homeowner? Believe it or not that's totally possible, and this week Paul & Patrik tell you what you need to know about putting one together.
Jun 10, 202140:20


"If only we had their stock". A friend of mine used to work in a competing agency to me, and his colleagues would often say this to him when they looked at our website.

Why do some agents work so hard but struggle to break through, while others seem to get all the best homes with ease?

Paul & Jayne talk about when they were agents together and why the hardest-working competitor could never really get a hold. They also talk about the steps an agent can take to put themselves at the front of the queue.

Jun 10, 202132:07


What makes great customer service? And how can you elevate the experience of all your clients?

In this episode, Paul & Jayne talk about the three phases of care that  they used in their time together as agents and that all your clients go through:

Booking a valuation

Meeting you at their home

Having you as their agent

How can you get each of those to work to make people excited about your visit, win them as a client, and then keep them captivated until they move?

Discover Paul & Jayne's simple system for leaving everyone feeling loved, valued and delighted.

May 27, 202120:16


This week's IRRESISTIBLE ESTATE AGENCY podcast is all about charisma.

Every business needs a personality, but what does charisma mean when it comes to branding, marketing and people?

Is it a natural trait? Or can it be learnt with authenticity?

Join Jayne & Paul for a fun-filled chat about their time working together as estate agents on London's South Bank, and how a charismatic team and brand resonated with local homeowners.

May 20, 202129:51


A client reminded me this week of something I said when hosting a webinar for ARLA Propertymark last year. It was about specialising.

There’s a feeling in estate agency that specialising is limited to a few select areas of property: things like boats, modernist homes, loft apartments, country estates. But you can specialise in anything you want, regardless of where you work.

Maybe that’s a particular group of streets within your neighbourhood, or it could simply be 1930s semis. There is almost no limit to finding a specialty, and being a recognised specialist immediately adds value, cache and popularity to your estate agency.

I’ve worked in a few specialist agents, from the suburbs to the city fringe, and it made it easier to win the instructions we wanted every single time. So this week’s podcast is all about helping you find your specialty to grow your estate agency.

May 13, 202125:20


Are you a perfectionist? Would you say you suffer from it, or that you're proud of it?

I'm a total perfectionist, which can have incredible upsides around quality and imagination in the work I produce, but it can also have massive downsides in terms of delays and mindset.

To be a perfectionist is to be a minority, so is it a trait worth keeping, or a simple waste of time?

Should we give up our perfectionism and save ourselves time and energy, or can we find a way to harness it, stay in control of it and use it to drive or business beyond our competitors?

Join me for a dive into my own perfectionism, the triumphs and challenges it brings and how you can use your own perfectionism to your own advantage to attract the clients and team you want.

May 06, 202117:20


Have you fallen behind with your social media?

Perhaps you ran out of ideas, or you got really busy, or you gave up through a lack of response.

Well, it happened to us too! As we started expanding, taking more people on and developing new services, our social media fell by the wayside.

The good news is that it's never too late to start again and this week's episode is all about how you can pick yourself up with with a fresh start.

We'll share the ways we've got things back on track, so you can do the same for your estate agency.

Join us for tips and get back in the swing!

Apr 29, 202124:34


Quizzing the great Christopher Watkin around how he'd go about things if he were opening his own estate agency today.

I always enjoy a chat with Chris and we went into a lot of detail here, so lots of useful stuff for whether you're looking to open a new estate agency, or improve your existing one.

Among the many subjects we covered are:

the type of agency to open (sales, lettings, or both);
publicising your agency before opening;
the fastest way to win your first instructions;
how to use content marketing properly;
going it alone, or choosing the new self-employed 'umbrella' model;
whether being on the high street is important or still viable;
the sort of people to employ in your team;
what sort of tasks you can outsource.

You are thus cordially invited to grab yourself a beverage, find your favourite seat and enjoy!

Jun 04, 202046:48


I spoke with James Cocker of Social Property about Facebook advertising for estate agents. 

If you were born human you probably find the whole area of facebook ads scary, strange and mysterious, so I spoke to James to shed some much needed light on the subject. He's a man who seriously knows his stuff and among the questions you'll get the answers to are: 

Do you actually need facebook ads?

Do you need them right now?

Are they a replacement for a good facebook page?

How do you target the right audience?

What sort of ads work the best?

How much do you need to spend? 

Loads of really great stuff and a whole lot of clarity.

May 12, 202029:35


I spoke to the irrepressibly positive Katie Griffin of Sawdye & Harris about running her estate agency from home during lockdown.

Katie's company has three offices close to Dartmoor in Devon and we talked about everything from working at home with the family around; to what she misses the most about the office; what she's realised about her own business in the midst of it all, AND the future of the high street agency.

Loads of great stuff from a leading and inspiring independent estate agent.

May 12, 202025:34


How should estate agents behave while everyone is stuck at home? Should they encourage people to put their home up for sale, or is now the time to relate and connect? Can they support their local business community and lay the foundations of future goodwill and success?

Apr 22, 202007:35


Your email list is your biggest asset. No other medium allows you to inspire and stay in touch with your past, present and potential clients in one click. But what do you fill your newsletter with to get the best result for your business?
Mar 18, 202013:36


With an industry-average response rate of 1 or 2 per 10,000, flyers are one of the least effective estate agency marketing tools, yet estate agents are totally addicted to them. So this episode looks at how to engage with the other 9,998 people you're dropping leaflets to, by putting something altogether more interesting through their letterboxes.
Mar 08, 202015:11


The five essential to elements to increasing your conversion rate and being the favourite choice of estate agent BEFORE you ring the bell.
Mar 02, 202015:37


What's the all-round offering of your estate agency? This week's episode deals with six factors that make up your proposition to potential clients: 1. big or small agency? 2. high street or digital? 3. specialist or generalist? 4. customer experience. 5. property marketing. 6. public image & presentation.
Mar 01, 202038:15


For the first episode of The Irresistible Lister, let's explore what it takes - and means - to turn local homeowners into raving fans and become your neighbourhood's favourite estate agent.
Jan 28, 202020:60
An introduction to The Irresistible Lister podcast.

An introduction to The Irresistible Lister podcast.

This channel is dedicated to helping you become the number one estate agent in your neighbourhood. The casts will cover every aspect of running an estate agency so you can become your local favourite and will include valuation techniques, specialisms, social media, canvassing, blogging, viewings, sales progression, conversational sellng and more along with occasional guests from the estate agents I already work with and other industry professionals. Thanks for tuning in and I hope you enjoy the casts!
Jan 27, 202000:28