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IABSE in Conversation

IABSE in Conversation


IABSE in Conversation is a podcast that talks to interesting and eminent structural engineers and designers about their life and career, and what has influenced or inspired them.
Hosted by David Knight from the International Association of Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE) British Group.
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IABSE in Conversation...with Catherine Ramsden

IABSE in ConversationAug 12, 2021

IABSE in Conversation...with Catherine Ramsden

IABSE in Conversation...with Catherine Ramsden

In our latest ‘IABSE in Conversation’ we talk to Catherine Ramsden, a founding Director at Useful Studio which is a London based Social Enterprise of architects, designers, and practitioners. We start by exploring her transition from the US to the UK and then from work in a large practice to setting up on your own. Alongside her educational, residential and bridge projects we look at how Useful Simple Trust has been created as a ‘B-Corp’, a new type of sustainable design practice, and how that can work in a commercially savvy world. Repurposing, diversity, sustainability, and great design all come together in one ‘big pie’.

Interviewer: John Roberts, CSDI 

Aug 12, 202149:30
IABSE in Conversation...with Avery Bang and Nico Turrini

IABSE in Conversation...with Avery Bang and Nico Turrini

In the latest ‘IABSE in Conversation’ we try something different – two guests, connected by the work they do at Bridges to Prosperity. Avery Bang is a Director, and Nicola Turrini is the Partnership Manager based in Rwanda. We discuss the great work B2P does around the world constructing hundreds of footbridges that safely connect isolated rural communities with health providers, schools and new sources of income. Avery and Nico describe how sites are identified, designs developed and construction organised in these remote areas. Along the way we compare the American and Italian education systems and decide that everything is our parents’ fault. 

Aug 05, 202101:04:42
IABSE In Conversation...with Steve Webb

IABSE In Conversation...with Steve Webb

Steve Webb is a founding Director of Webb Yates Engineers, and has led many award-winning projects and pioneered the practice’s approach to sustainability. We discuss mega projects and staircases, innovation with stone and timber, the reasons he started his own practice, and the world’s largest gazelle.

Jul 28, 202101:01:29
IABSE in Conversation...with Finn Graham

IABSE in Conversation...with Finn Graham

Finn Graham is a bridge engineer and project manager with COWI, and winner of the IABSE Nethercot Prize 2020. He discusses subjects ranging from high-speed rail viaducts, demolishing occupied stadia and fibre reinforced composites through to finding a job in a recession, whilst geographically wandering from rural Ireland to the wilds of Canada, the streets of London and lockdown in Munich. 

Jul 21, 202101:00:55
IABSE in Conversation...with Helena Russell
Jul 10, 202140:16
IABSE in Conversation...with Ian Firth
Jul 31, 202050:23
IABSE in Conversation...with Laura Langridge
Jul 24, 202022:57
IABSE in Conversation...with Bill Harvey
Jul 17, 202001:02:15
IABSE in Conversation...with John Roberts
Jul 04, 202054:31
Introduction to IABSE in Conversation Series 1

Introduction to IABSE in Conversation Series 1

An introduction to IABSE in Conversation: Series 1. 

Head to for more information about the IABSE British Group. If you prefer to watch these conversations on youtube, our channel is available here: 

Jul 04, 202001:50