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The Identity Crisis

The Identity Crisis

By Dimitri Pieries

On the show, I discuss some of my personal struggles that kept me in conflict. I mainly share the concepts that helped me discover my true Identity & life purpose. But also discuss life lessons and insights gained from my work as a Life Coach. The guests on the show range from psychologists, apologists, digital analysts, cultural researchers, fitness experts, scientists, spiritual leaders, theologians, and more. Join us as they unpack concepts that can help us thrive in life! Click Below for Episode Notes
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9. Media Corrupts Values ft Brad Huddleston

The Identity CrisisJun 07, 2023

9. Media Corrupts Values ft Brad Huddleston

9. Media Corrupts Values ft Brad Huddleston

It's a fact that watching movies, tv shows and playing video games effects how you think and feel and even how you behave! Media is effecting how the social values are forming the global youth. Young people's values a changing dramatically.

Brad Huddleston returns to the show to discuss the regression of social values of America. As researcher in Neuroscience and Culture as he shares his findings on how his country's social values have changed within one generation due to social media and entertainment.

His findings are relevant for all nations, in regards to how the media impacts ones values & identity.

Download the PDF Episode guide to follow along.

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Jun 07, 202334:33
8. Counter Culture Movements ft George Carstens

8. Counter Culture Movements ft George Carstens

We all engage with culture every day, but it’s one of those elusive elements that are hard to understand. On the episode we speak to George Carstens  a Culture Consultant from Capetown South Africa who successfully launches movements within corporations and communities. 

He has understood the secret of managing people of diverse backgrounds and helping them to thrive towards a common goal. Check out the episode to hear his insights about understanding people and having a positive change in the community.

#twnaf #thevergence #socialmovements #aspiresouthafrica

Jan 27, 202351:03
7. The Inner Critic ft Pritiva Attiken

7. The Inner Critic ft Pritiva Attiken

It’s been said we can be our own worst critics. Sometimes we are so used to that condemning voice we don't notice it. This voice is the INNER CRITIC.
In this episode, Dimitri talks about this with an old friend from the United Kingdom. She’s a psychotherapeutic counsellor with over 14 years of field experience, especially in this area of the Inner Critic.
She talks about how she struggled with depression and how understanding the Inner Critic helped her overcome it. Now she does the same for her clients.

On the show she explains how to identify the issue, and shares some very helpful tips on how to overcome self-criticism.

#selftalk #mentalhealth #innercritic #depression #anxiety #selfjudgement
Dec 21, 202248:34
6. Social Group Identity

6. Social Group Identity

We belong to many groups in society. Some we are born into, others we choose to be part of. Each of these groups reveals an aspect of our Identity. But what happens when these groups create conflict in our lives? In this episode, Dimitri shares how Social Identity Theory helps us to identify and navigate the groups we belong to.

#socialidentitytheory #groupidentity #unconciousbias #thevergence 

Oct 28, 202235:58
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Aug 20, 202242:51
4. Role Confusion & Identity
Jul 26, 202236:02
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Jul 05, 202248:37
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Jun 16, 202245:42
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May 24, 202202:48
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May 07, 202229:43