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Ideas and More

By Akash G

Ideas & More is a podcast dedicated to provide individuals with a platform to share ideas, stories and experiences. As humans, we grow by engaging with one another and learning about each other's experiences. Ideas & More seeks to welcome individuals of all ages and backgrounds to discuss topics that help inspire, realise and resonate. Tune in, and gather some insight into what I think of the world. It’s about time, isn’t it
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Understanding Psychedelics and Integration

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Ritesh Shaiwal: Sustainable Living: What the health & fitness industry doesn't tell you

Ritesh Shaiwal: Sustainable Living: What the health & fitness industry doesn't tell you

Sustainability is one of the buzzwords of the 21st century. It is often used in conjunction with environmental phenomenon such as global warming and climate change. With episode 3, we've taken a different approach, one on the individual level. Our approach lies within the idea that sustainability is a choice, not a privilege. We believe that sustainability is interdependent with longevity. 

Points we cover: 

  • The Importance of movement in today's lifestyle
  • Organic vs. non-organic food consumption 
  • A few myths surrounding food groups and saturated fat 
  • Fostering inclusivity and a better understanding of food 
  • The two driving forces that alter physiological change 

Prefer reading? Check out this episode's blog post here.

Ideas & More is a blog and podcast channel dedicated to share ideas, stories and experiences.

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I offer my sincere gratitude to today's guest- Ritesh Shaiwal,  founder of Easy Human cafe. 

Check out:

Sources used for information: 13 Reasons Why Sitting Too Much Is Bad for Your › Fitness & Exercise › Slideshows

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