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Involuntary Dismount

Involuntary Dismount

By Involuntary Dismount

Dedicated to the love of riding. The Involuntary Dismount Podcast is a weekly conversation with subject-matter experts in the bike community. Covering tips and tricks for better riding, gear maintenance, the science behind the sport and the lifestyle behind the coaches and riders. The Involuntary Dismount Podcast is for anyone who loves to ride bikes at any level, at any time.
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#009 - SEAT TIME

Involuntary DismountFeb 23, 2021



Norm Nielsen is back this week. Norm shares his preparation, struggles and personal victories found in the Bear Claw 100. The 100 mile trek raised nearly $13,000 to support the local trails of Southern Utah. 

Hear Norm's incredible story and find out what his next big adventure will be in episode #013 of the Involuntary Dismount Podcast.


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Jun 08, 202139:27


Norm Nielsen has decided to push himself beyond his limits in order to raise funding and awareness for the growth and maintenance of the mountain bike trails in Southern Utah. 

Partnering with companies like Fezzari Bicycles, VelociRAX, Cascade Armory, Afton Shoes, Trail Manos, SCC Tech and others, Norm is aiming high with both his expectations of himself and the project he's put together. 

Listen for all the details on how his project will help the trail systems of Utah while rewarding you for supporting him. 

Follow Norm on Instagram @normt3:

Apr 20, 202153:17


Transitioning from collegiate golf to mountain biking gives Aaron Tuttle a unique perspective on the mountain biking community and his drive to help care for and upkeep the trails of Southern Utah. 

We cover his working relationships with Fezarri Bikes and HandUp Gloves, how to prepare to ride alongside death defying, steep cliff faces, and we talk at length about what it's like to shred the euphoric trails of Southern Utah. 

Check out the Southernn Utah MTB shirt at Thread and Spoke here:

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Apr 13, 202143:53


Gene Jung is the brain and braun behind East Cycle Works near Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

East Cycle Works is a boutique bike shop offering custom bike builds, hand built wheels, and an individualized, personalized service that is unparalleled. 

Gene doesn't assemble bikes. He builds custom rigs and brings the future owner along for the ride as each part is hand-picked to meet the exact needs of the rider based on the riding style and future ambitions of the rider. Like to ride flow but want to learn jumps? Gene will build that bike for you! 

In Episode #010, Gene shares his passion for biking and for passing on the knowledge that makes each bike unique and how to make sure your bike is meeting your needs as best as it can. 

Learn more about Gene and his shop at

Mar 02, 202101:19:41
#009 - SEAT TIME

#009 - SEAT TIME

If you're not following Seat Time and its mission to find out "Why I Ride", you will be soon.

A conversation with Seat Time's purveyor of awesome, Brian Pierce, highlights the fact that he's the type of person that immediately makes you hope you get to be friends with him. 

From the first moment of conversation, there's an air of enchantment with Brian. His stories are generously complimented by his quick whit and willingness to share every detail with you - each of which makes you feel like you're suddenly in on the secret. 

Focused on spreading the joy, love and every other reason why riders ride, Seat Time is a multimedia behemoth that captures all that's good about riding and spreads the news to anyone who may not already be aware. 

Check out Graham Jarvis and The Wall here:

Learn more about Seat Time here:

And share your answer to "Why I Ride: here:

Follow Seat Time on IG:

Feb 23, 202101:05:59
#008 - MTB OVER 40

#008 - MTB OVER 40

Bobby started MTB Over 40 not so long ago as a way to get in better shape, find community and spread his new-found love of mountain biking with anyone willing to listen.

And listen we will.

This week's IDMTB Podcast dives a little deeper into what MTB Over 40 is all about, how to get into the sport as a new rider and whether or not enduro racing is for the MTB newbie or not. 

Check out MTB Over 40 on YouTube:

And on IG:

Find ALL IDMTB Podcast episodes here:

Feb 16, 202101:03:41


It's rare to find an instructor who possesses the gift to teach and a passion for the subject matter. 

Shanna Powell is that rare exception. 

As the proprietor and leader of Endless Bike Company, Shanna knows a good bit about how to make your bike run better. But she also knows a lot about how to make YOU better on your bike. And she has a very special gift for showing you how to get there.

Shanna joined the Involuntary Dismount Podcast at Gateway Park in Travelers Rest, SC for a day of private instruction. 

Refusing to charge for the lesson, Shanna said she had come to help us progress our riding simply for the sake of sharing the love of riding with others.

What kind of person does that? Shanna does. 

Find out more about Shanna's line of bike components at

Get more information about instruction from Shanna here:

PS: It snowed on us while we recorded. Which was poetic justice for all of Kris' whining about the cold in Episode #005 with Cognative MTB. 

Feb 02, 202139:57


Sean (Shorty) McGroarty is a radio personality, entrepreneur and mountain bike shredder from Greenville, SC. 

He's been a friend of mine for twenty years, so this week's conversation tends to veer off-course and out of control more than most....but it certainly is fun.

Sean rides DuPont, Paris Mtn and Holston Creek more often than others. 

Hear his recount of his trips with me to DuPont, how I once tried to push him off a mountain and how we once traded bikes on a long climb out of DuPont. 

Jan 26, 202101:13:24


This week Kris talks with Austin Bankert, the founder of Cognative MTB. Cognitive MTB designs and delivers premiere mountain bike gear and apparel. From flannels, jerseys and water bottles to stickers, hoodies, jackets and hats. It's perfect timing to discuss how to ride when it's cold outside.

Austin shares the secrets of strategic layering and how to gauge whether or not you're dressed for success at the beginning of a cold ride, so you don't find yourself in a bind once you're miles into your ride.

Read the full blog from Cognative on Winter Season Layering here:

And SAVE 20% OFF your next purchase from Cognative with Coupon Code "ID20" at checkout.

Cognitive MTB is dedicated solely to reminding you to GO RIDE YOUR BIKE. And...when you choose to buy gear and goods through Cognative MTB, you choose to do good for the trail systems of Western NC and beyond as a portion of all sales through Cognative MTB benefit the volunteer organizations that protect, build, and maintain the trails we all love. To date, Cognitive MTB has given more than $15,000 back to trail advocacy organizations.

Jan 19, 202159:56


This week, Kris is joined by Rich Moore, better known on the interwebs as Semi Sendy. 

Semi Sendy exists "share the stoke on all things mountain biking" according to its own description on YouTube, and Rich's interwoven narratives combined with his eye for getting the perfect shot do exactly that. 

Semi Sendy perfectly combines Rich's love of filmmaking with his love of mountain biking - allowing the rest of us to come along for the ride. 

Find Semi Sendy on Instagram here:

And YouTube here:

Jan 12, 202129:30


This week I welcome my son to the show to talk about his favorite trails, his first ride through DuPont, what he loves most about riding his bike, what he hopes to learn next and all about how talented he is for his age. (His words, not mine.) Dad hasn't neglected the confidence lessons, apparently. 

See his new bike surprise video here:

Enjoy the episode!

Jan 05, 202125:20


This week Kris talks with Geoff Fryer of Fryer Performance.

The conversation covers favorite memories on a bike, Geoff's recent gravel riding road trip and tips for becoming a better rider every time you ride.

Fryer Performance provides sport specific coaching, consulting, and performance analysis. No matter your age, sport, or ability level, we are here to provide the road map for your success.

Learn more about Fryer Performance on their website:

And check out the entire Involuntary Dismount Podcast Archive here:

Dec 29, 202045:32
#001 - HELLO

#001 - HELLO

Kris introduces himself and the purpose behind the Involuntary Dismount Podcast. A podcast dedicated to the love of riding and all things involving mountain biking including rides, gear and community. 

With industry and subject matter experts as well as average and avid riders alike, the Involuntary Dismount Podcast is the mountain bike community's hub for knowledge and conversation. 

New episodes of the Involuntary Dismount Podcast will be available every Tuesday morning wherever you like to get your podcasts. 

Hope you enjoy!

Dec 20, 202003:52