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The Coastal Current

The Coastal Current

By Ieva Juska

The Coastal Current interviews scientists, researchers, and students doing work at the Virginia Coast Reserve Long-Term Ecological Research (VCR LTER) site. We talk about local research on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, what it's like being a scientist, and about global implications for our coasts. If you are interested in research on the Eastern Shore or want to learn more about coastal ecosystems, this is the podcast for you! Tune in to hear the most current science on the coast.
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Episode 3 - Coastal Heatwaves

The Coastal CurrentApr 09, 2021

Episode 5 - Long Term Data
Aug 30, 202130:58
Episode 4 - Salt Marsh Plants: Adapting to Changing Coastlines
May 30, 202138:38
Episode 3 - Coastal Heatwaves
Apr 09, 202126:29
Episode 2 - Ghost Forests: The Sentinels of Rising Water
Mar 12, 202132:34
Episode 1 - Oyster Reefs and Coastal Protection

Episode 1 - Oyster Reefs and Coastal Protection

In this episode, we learn about oyster reefs and their role in protecting coastlines from retreat. Have you ever wondered how oyster reef restoration works? Or how reefs interact with nearby salt marshes? We talked to Sara Hogan, a graduate student at the University of Virginia, who uses innovative remote sensing techniques to map reefs and inform restoration efforts. Learn about the connections between salt marshes, oysters, lasers, and legos (!?) in our interview with Sara!

Feb 26, 202133:18