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Ignite Ur Wellness Business

Ignite Ur Wellness Business

By Alison McLean

The podcast is for the wellness entrepreneur to build a profitable wellness business, while enjoying life in the process with host Alison McLean, physical therapist, business coach, massage therapist, yoga teacher and owner of Ignite Ur Wellness Business.

This podcast is the alchemy of strategy and mindset to:
-Get fully booked
-Hit your first 6 figure year
-Reduce stress and heal burnout
-Create abundant money mindset
-Make informed business decisions on data
-Craft an aligned marketing plan
-Get more yes's on consultations
-Improve client renewals
-Fix your schedule

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87. Learn how EFT can help to reduce stress with Lauren Fonvielle

Ignite Ur Wellness BusinessMay 04, 2021

217. Celebrating a 100K Year Helping Runners with Physical Therapist Lynne Virant

217. Celebrating a 100K Year Helping Runners with Physical Therapist Lynne Virant

Today, we're joined by Lynne Virant, a dynamic physical therapist and running movement specialist who's not only a client but also a success story in her own right.Lynne shares her journey, unveiling the pivotal shifts that skyrocketed her wellness business into six figures. The secret? A strategic approach and the courage to seek support.Discover the power of transitioning from one-off sessions to selling packages. Lynne reveals how this not only enhances client results but ensures commitment to long-term goals. Learn why getting crystal clear on the end result builds trust and realistic expectations, a game-changer for any wellness entrepreneur.Unlock the wisdom of tailoring messaging to diverse client avatars. Lynne's experience highlights the impact of resonating with runners through customized consultations, addressing their unique needs and aspirations. Numbers talk, and Lynne emphasizes the significance of tracking and analyzing them. Stay on course with your business goals by identifying areas for improvement through consistent evaluation.As a wellness entrepreneur, overcoming fears and doubts is part of the journey. Lynne attests to the transformative power of seeking help, finding the right mentor or coach, and taking action. Tune in to gain invaluable insights, make simple yet profound shifts in your business, and witness remarkable growth.Don't miss this episode—it's time to get you fully booked and then on to achieving your 100k year!

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Dec 05, 202337:38
199. Your 100k in ONE Year Formula
Dec 05, 202347:17
216. Sign More Clients off Social Media with Compelling Messages

216. Sign More Clients off Social Media with Compelling Messages

If  your emails and social media posts aren’t converting followers into paying clients, then this episode is for you.  Following this episode you will know exactly why your audience is not converting into paying clients, as well as what to do instead. Episode Highlights:

  • Content Overload Mistake: Many wellness entrepreneurs find themselves trapped in the content creation cycle without actually getting paying clients.
  • The Power of Specificity: Generalized emails and vague social media posts won't cut it. Learn the art of being specific and tangible in your messaging to captivate your audience's attention.
  • Results That Resonate: Instead of generic claims like stress reduction or healing health issues, find out how to focus on specific outcomes that your clients can achieve. We'll explore the importance of measurable results that speak directly to your audience's desires and needs.
  • Precision Matters: Move away from generalized content and embrace specificity to make your messages stand out.
  • Tangible Outcomes: Highlight measurable results to showcase the real impact of your wellness programs.
  • Life-Transforming Narratives: Connect the dots for your audience by explaining how these outcomes will positively influence their day-to-day lives.

Key Takeaways:Tune in to discover the secrets of writing emails and social media posts that not only grab attention but also drive conversions. Elevate your client acquisition game and unlock the potential for transformative connections with your audience.

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Nov 28, 202322:59
215. How Schedule In Vacations

215. How Schedule In Vacations

You have to know how to schedule vacation in your business, even if you are a solopreneur without a team. 

Having time off to replenish is one of the most important things you can do to create a sustainable business. It’s the key to hitting 6 figures and into the multiple 6 figures. 

In this episode I’m going to share with you what I have done and set up within my own business to create buffer space for the unexpected, learn to be okay with being in the messy middle of running a business, and figuring out how to maintain a work-life balance that feels good.

It is so important to remember to prioritize your own well-being and self-care and know that at the end of the day, it is so important to learn to be okay with the discomfort of imperfection and understand that with the proper preparation, your business can still thrive during challenging times.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Schedule vacations and plan ahead to ensure your business continues to progress.

  2. Create a buffer space to handle emotions and failures in your business.

  3. Success scheduling involves time blocking and setting boundaries for your working hours.

  4. Virtual assistants can help with specific tasks in your business without needing full-time staff.

  5. Embrace the messy middle and understand that imperfection is a part of the entrepreneurial journey.

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Nov 21, 202344:54
214. Following Your Heart: Building a Thriving Brick-and-Mortar Practice with Physical Therapist Emily Mason

214. Following Your Heart: Building a Thriving Brick-and-Mortar Practice with Physical Therapist Emily Mason

In this inspiring episode, I sit down with guest Emily Mason, a physical therapist, yoga teacher, and health coach, as she shares her remarkable journey of following her heart and making the bold decision to move to a new town and start a new brick-and-mortar physical therapy practice alongside an online health coaching program. 

Emily's story is a testament to the possibilities that arise when we embrace our dreams and take courageous steps towards creating the business we've always desired. Get ready to be inspired as we delve into Emily's journey and discover the incredible success she has achieved.

Key Takeaways:

1. A Leap of Faith: Emily shares the pivotal moment when she decided to make a big move from California to Tucson and pursue her dream of opening her own practice.

2. A Hybrid Success: Learn how Emily seamlessly combines her brick-and-mortar practice with an online health coaching program, allowing her to reach a wider audience and serve more clients.

3. Building Momentum: Discover the strategies and actions that propelled Emily to have a consistent 15 patient/client week just two months after starting her new practice.

4. Unleash Your Potential: Be inspired by Emily's journey and realize that you too have the talent, skills, and potential to create the business of your dreams.


Emily's story is a true testament to the power of following your heart and taking bold steps towards building the business you've always desired. Her success serves as a reminder that with passion, dedication, and the right guidance, you too can cre