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Imani State of Mind

Imani State of Mind

By Imani State of Mind

Imani State of Mind is a weekly podcast hosted by psychiatrist and TV personality Dr. Imani Walker and co-host comedian MegScoop Thomas, sharing their personal and professional experiences to help navigate and normalize conversations about mental health. Each week they’ll talk about what’s happening in news, pop culture, and our daily lives as we work to get our minds right.
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Coming Soon: new Imani State of Mind

Imani State of MindJun 24, 2022

Coming Soon: new Imani State of Mind

Coming Soon: new Imani State of Mind

Get into an Imani State of Mind with psychiatrist Dr. Imai Walker and Co host MegScoop Thomas. Every week the ladies are breaking down mental illness and mental health through pop culture, news and their own experiences. It’s time to normalize what getting your mind right really looks like.

Jun 24, 202202:50
Taking A Pause

Taking A Pause

Imani State Of Mind is taking a short break. While you wait for new episodes, send your mental health questions to and check out some of our past episodes (Protect Ya Neck about Wu Tang and my interview with Jemele Hill are two of my favorites.) More updates about the show will drop here and on my instagram: @doctor.imani.

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Apr 15, 202100:49
Two Bitches On Prozac Are Back
Apr 08, 202147:45
Anxiety? I Got It From My Mama w/ Nichole Perkins
Apr 01, 202155:58
They Did WHAT to Meghan Markle??

They Did WHAT to Meghan Markle??

Dr. Imani and Kam Law break down Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's interview with Oprah and debunk myths around suicide and toxic relationships. Plus, Pop Culture Diagnosis: Lovecraft Country. Send your mental health questions to or call 424-235-0064‬. Content warning: This episode contains discussion of suicide and suicidal thoughts. If you need help, please call the National Suicide Hotline 800-273-8255.

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Mar 25, 202148:55
Take Me As I Am
Mar 18, 202148:46
The Kids Are Not Okay
Mar 11, 202149:51
Crying Over A Celebrity? You're Not Crazy
Mar 04, 202148:11
Fake It Till You Make It
Feb 25, 202101:03:40
Pandemic Fatigue
Feb 18, 202148:55
Family Secrets
Feb 11, 202147:39
Protect Ya Neck
Feb 04, 202148:59
Analyze This, Part 2: Madame Vice President
Jan 28, 202150:44
Analyze This, Part 1: Moving On After Trump
Jan 21, 202101:03:51
So You Have A Chronic Condition
Jan 14, 202159:37
A Guide To Psychopaths And Sociopaths
Jan 07, 202156:18
Mental Health Hazards On the Job
Dec 17, 202058:38
Dec 10, 202001:09:18
You Need Therapy! And So Do I
Dec 03, 202052:28
The Next Thing You'll Hear Is The Sound Of Me Hanging Up
Nov 19, 202001:08:43
Are You TOO Online? How To Deal With Too Much Social Media
Nov 12, 202058:11
Winter Is Coming
Nov 05, 202053:54
Even Numbers Are To Be Trusted, Odd Numbers Are Not
Oct 29, 202001:02:49
How To Cope With Your Parents' Baggage with Jemele Hill
Oct 22, 202001:05:36
Why Do We Love Conspiracy Theories?
Oct 15, 202057:52
What Work-Life Balance?? Let's Talk Burnout
Oct 08, 202001:06:08
Grieving The Old Normal
Sep 10, 202058:03
Safe At Home...Except When You're Not
Sep 03, 202057:22
What Does It Mean To Have An Eating Disorder?
Aug 27, 202001:01:45
The Funny Thing About Depression
Aug 20, 202056:36
Getting Real About My Divorce
Aug 13, 202001:02:55
The Real Deal About Anxiety
Aug 06, 202001:00:50
Okay, But How Are You REALLY Doing?
Jul 30, 202054:32
Let's Talk About What It Means To Be Bipolar
Jul 23, 202053:51
Protect Black Women And Girls
Jul 16, 202056:37
You're Not Extra, You're Depressed
Jul 09, 202053:39
Is This A Problem?
Jul 02, 202053:23
Don't Panic!
Jun 25, 202056:08
Introducing Imani State of Mind Coming June 25th!
Jun 02, 202002:25