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By Imperfectious Andi

I'm back and better than ever listeners. Explore the human condition, and the insanity of creativity here with your host Angie. We all strive to be the best version of ourselves, but it can be difficult to accept that your best self won't be "perfect". To be such a thing someone must be free of flaws and to the world seen as flawless example of purity. Bad news, you're not perfect. Not one is and no one ever will be, but you are you are perfectly imperfect. Your imperfections make you rare and interesting. Accept and love that about yourself and others. Be Imperfectious.
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Building Yourself: Own Your BS!

ImperfectiousNov 26, 2022

Building Yourself: Own Your BS!
Nov 26, 202249:06
Flaws & All: Ft Crystal Cabrae

Flaws & All: Ft Crystal Cabrae

Hello my lovely Imperfections! 

Long time no speak, My fault, no joke!

I meant to drop this episode back in June, but life seriously got complicated. 

Anyway, I had a great conversation with Crystal Cabrae on celebrating your flaws and making sure that put respect on your on name value yourself. As usual, you we keep raunchy, but honest. I always ask that we respect my guests and their opinions because we're all human and none of us are perfect.

Nov 15, 202229:47
Does Love Conquer All? Ft. Barbara Insfran

Does Love Conquer All? Ft. Barbara Insfran

Hey Imperfectious Fam!

Tonight we tackle the old cliche about love and devotion with my guest Barbara Insfran, author of the popular series Simply His and her most recent work The Human Luna. We hold nothing back as we debate true love, finding the one, and writing real humanity into fictional characters. Join us as we unwind and enjoy each other's company. Nothing is off the table as we dive in.

Please take a look at my Merch on Redbubble and get yourself a "Creative Insanity" T-shirt

Follow Barbara Insfran on her socials:

Jun 26, 202237:16
Honesty & Bravery Ft. Meg Carlyle

Honesty & Bravery Ft. Meg Carlyle

Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.

YOCO Imperfectious Fam!

BTW YOCO means "You Only Create ONCE!" 

Tonight I am joined by the Candid and loveable Meg Carlyle. She is the international author of "To Pine For Pink Opals" the Fantasy Love story of two male vampires. 

Yes, gay, guy vampires is right up my alley!

We tackle the topic of honesty and bravery within oneself, one's work, and within the secretive character trope.

There are tons of interesting language, confessions, and heartfelt truths on tonight's show. Everyone has a home here to be themselves and love all their imperfections.

Get to know Meg and learn to love her as we converse and call out author bashers and creative attackers.

*I do NOT tolerate any disrespect or ANy-Phobic comments, questions, etc on my show. 

This show is a safe place for creative and like-minded people.*

My "Creative Insanity" Merch is still available on Redbubble, so pop by and pick it up.

Also, Don't forget to follow Meg on her socials. Show her some love.

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May 23, 202201:08:40
Midnight Dreams

Midnight Dreams

Gotta Love being Imperfectious.

It's an honest conversation about what it's like to be ambitious, brave, and still scared. 

Following your dreams is the most challenging choice that any person can make. 

I do my best to lead by example. I am imperfect and the world is full of imperfect people doing their best to live THEIR version of perfect.

Let's vibe and allow each other room to be afraid and unsure.

May 14, 202225:26
The Reality of Love: The Human Character Ft. Angel Shine

The Reality of Love: The Human Character Ft. Angel Shine

Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.

Hey, My Lovely Imperfections!

I am back on the Mic tonight with Guest Angel Shine author of Struck By the Billionaire's Love. 

It's available on the Webnovel app and website.

Tonight, we discuss, the realities of love, the ups and downs of relationships, and the struggle of being a vulnerable woman.

We laugh and chat about some of our favorite anime and male character types.

Come join the conversation as I get to know Angel and share another imperfectious soul with the world.

Don't forget to Follow Angel on her social media:

TikTok & Instagram @thisangelshine's-love_23040300205758405

You can also share Angel's book promo video by following @Lydianovella

Love you guys!

Stay Imperfectious!!!

May 13, 202232:20
Love & Stability: The Human Character

Love & Stability: The Human Character

The only thing promised in life is change. Not all of life's changes are under our control and with a short time to experience life we have to choose carefully. As humans, we have the choice to secure a comfortable life for ourselves or live for love and die in the moment. Authors are notorious for writing about this very human condition. Fiction authors especially love to pull our heartstrings with the suspense of reading about a character who has to choose between love and stability. Let's talk about it.

Apr 17, 202227:49
The Word NO and Admitting Your Fears
Sep 06, 201953:28