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Homeschooling in Australia? We’re creating a sense of unity among homeschool mums as they nurture their child's heart. A Mum Heart Australia Podcast.
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Lacey, Corinna and Barb: Episode 33: Season 5

In CahootsMar 01, 2021

Lacey, Corinna and Barb: Episode 33: Season 5

Lacey, Corinna and Barb: Episode 33: Season 5

The MumHeart Australia podcast team, Lacey, Corinna and Barb, bring some encouragement for you in this episode.  The beginning of the year is a great time to evaluate what is important to prioritise in your family and the team brings their own perspectives on the importance of creating space in your life for something that fills your soul. 

We would love for you to let us know what you like about 'In Cahoots' and what you would like to hear from us this coming year. Be in touch if you or someone you know has something heart focused to share with our listeners - wholehearted, homeschooling Mum's. Email us on or contact us via Instagram or Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you, our listeners.

Mar 01, 202127:08
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Choosing Joy with Lacey and Barb: Episode 25: Season 3.

Choosing Joy with Lacey and Barb: Episode 25: Season 3.

Lacey and Barb are discussing making deliberate choices to align ourselves with gratefulness, acceptance, appreciation and receiving grace.
Lacey referenced some Bible passages. They were Psalm 16:11 // 2 Cor 7:4 // 1 Pet 1.
Barb mentioned how much she loves music by Rend Collective and Lacey gives a big thumbs up to their latest kids offering, Sparkle Pop Rampage.
Lastly, we talked a bunch (ha!) about fruit today, so here’s a blog post that Lacey wrote about fruitfulness last year.
Apr 29, 202038:27
Cultivating Friendships with Corinna, Ainsley & Belinda: Episode 24: Season 3
Apr 20, 202032:05
Onward: with Jen and Lacey: Episode 23: Season 3.

Onward: with Jen and Lacey: Episode 23: Season 3.

Our Mumheart team are discussing the concept of “moving onward” today, as the dust begins to settle on the crisis of COVID19 and we are all looking to rebuild a new normal. How can we help ourselves find a good rhythm and mindset to move forward, and what can we do to help ourselves do this chapter as well as we can?
Show Notes:
Jen and Lacey both discussed two apps that help them stay virtually connected with friends and family: Marco Polo and Voxer. Check them out!
Apr 15, 202030:16
Cultivating Home Corinna, Ainsley and Barb: Episode 22: Season 3.

Cultivating Home Corinna, Ainsley and Barb: Episode 22: Season 3.

Welcome Home!
Cultivating an environment of a comforting haven is more important than ever at this time. In this week’s special podcast conversation, Corinna, Barb and Ainsley discuss what home means. How do we create a nurturing sanctuary for our families and ourselves as we hunker down together?
It’s important to create a safe space for beauty, growth and love to flourish.
What makes a house a lifegiving home?
“It takes effort to create memories” is one of Corinna’s family mottos.
Barb talks about the importance of interests and hobbies to anchor us and nourish contentment. Ainsley brings up the importance of balancing creative mess with a sense of order and being together, yet separate, with our own space for individual projects.
We talk about gardening and having some structure to find rhythm for our days. Many of you may be growing veggies for the first time in your own backyard.
Busy hands make happy hearts. Let us know what you’ve turned your hands to this week in your family.
We’d love to hear what makes home homely for you all.
Apr 06, 202035:09
Corinna and Lacey - Crisis Homeschooling: Episode 21: Season 3.

Corinna and Lacey - Crisis Homeschooling: Episode 21: Season 3.

With so many families finding themselves unexpectedly thrown into homeschooling, Lacey and Corinna share a whole bunch of resources, ideas and encouragement for you at this time. We talk about what our priorities would be for different ages, how growing the relationships within your family is more important than book work, why you should work to your strengths as a family and the importance of being gentle on yourself (and your family) in this time. 

Lacey has been sharing a bunch of links and resources on her Instagram Stories over the past week, generally aimed at the lower primary years. They’re all being collected in the Highlights on her profile. 

Teachers Pay Teachers has more printable worksheets than you could ever need. Many are free; some are pay as you need. 

Artventure is a fantastic Australian art curriculum with levelled tutorials for every ability level and is linked to the National Curriculum. It’s a great subscription service that gives you some time out as teacher.

For music, try using a free Spotify playlist and explore a composer, musical artist, style or album. Listen to an Aussie classic every day for a week or two and print out the lyrics for your children to sing along. Clap out the beat, choreograph a dance routine or have a go singing without the music.

Nature Study Australia has some amazing resources for Science in your own backyard. These guides are put together with Australian seasons in mind, and allow you to look at the fauna and flora changes that occur with the calendar season. 

Looking for more picture books and your library is closed? There are oodles and oodles of picture books read for free on YouTube. Try looking up some classics that you haven’t had a chance to read yet or pick an author that you’ve enjoyed and try to find more books by them. Lacey’s top recommendations are Julia Donaldson (who’s written 100+ titles), Lynley Dodd, Aaron Blabey, Jan Brett, Mo Willems, Russell Hoban and Rebecca Cobb.

Lastly, join a Facebook group for homeschoolers in your local area. They will be so glad to answer your questions, share resources, point you in the right direction. They have a wealth of knowledge they can share with you.

Corinna recommends Brave Writer for many great literacy resources for all ages. Julie Bogart, the founder of Brave Writer, speaks on a variety of topics is a great encouragement for homeschooling parents. Find her on her youtube and blog.

Other websites worth a visit are: Khan Academy - great for high school Science and Math help; Simply Charlotte Mason has a page full of links and free downloads collated especially to be helpful at this time; Blueprint has many great courses for creatives and they are free until 9/4/20; Ambleside Online has a free curriculum especially put together for emergency situations. 

Especially for Mums: Check our Mum Heart Australia blog articles for encouragement.  You might join together with someone else you know who has also found themselves homeschooling and share these articles & discussion questions.

Mar 30, 202049:17
Peta Goddard: Episode 20: Season 3.
Mar 23, 202032:52
Amy Linneman: Episode 19: Season 3.
Mar 10, 202032:11
Renee White: Episode 18: Season 3
Feb 23, 202030:31
Ferne Hood: Episode 17: Season 3
Feb 10, 202032:20
Lacey and Corinna: Episode 16: Season 3
Jan 27, 202034:06
Mum Heart Victoria Round Table Discussion: Episode 15: Season 2

Mum Heart Victoria Round Table Discussion: Episode 15: Season 2

Show Description
In August, we recorded a round table discussion at our Victoria conference. Listen in as the ladies talk about their highlights from the time away, mother culture, the difficulty in recognising our own strengths and the importance of encouragement. You will love eavesdropping on this conversation. This is our final In Cahoots episode for 2019.
Show Notes
We mention Barb’s instagram @CountryGardenSnippets
Barb recommends the beautiful watercolour book, Beholding and Becoming
Jo exposed the ladies to A Fine Romance by Susan Branch
We also talked about Simply Charlotte Mason as a great resource to start with all things CM.
You can find the Victoria MumHeart conference audio bundle available on our shop.
Nov 29, 201926:52
Marie Vilijoen: Episode 14: Season 2

Marie Vilijoen: Episode 14: Season 2

Marie Viljeon is the brain behind Nature Study Australia and she joins us in this episode to help encourage homeschool families to get outside more. We talked about how she began homeschooling, her family’s favourite resources and what nature study does for kids.

Show Notes

Find Marie on Instagram and her nature guides on her website

The Facebook group she mentioned can be found here.

Both Corinna and Marie recommend a visit to Sovereign Hill.

Marie listed off a bunch of curirculum that they use, including Apologia Science , Saxon Math , Life of Fred,  North Star Geography , Mystery of History.

Simply Charlotte Mason was the website she mentioned that she uses for things like picture study, poetry and hymns.

Marie’s recommendations for nature resources included Steve Parish books and The Wonderland of Nature by Nuri Mass. 

Nov 15, 201936:22
Jo Lloyd: Episode 13: Season 2
Nov 08, 201932:02
Belinda Letchford: Episode 12: Season 2
Nov 02, 201937:57
Mel Moody: Episode 11, Season 2
Oct 26, 201936:04
Alice Burke: Episode 10: Season 2

Alice Burke: Episode 10: Season 2

Chatting to Alice Burke about her arc of homeschooling from little years up to graduation was like a great big hug. She had so much wisdom to share about how to sustain the lifestyle, and the provision of God for her children. Oh, and there’s some stuff about kids clothes, washing windows and throwing parties too! Housekeeping note: there were a few dropouts of the audio in this episode. We think you’ll manage okay.
You can find Alice’s website here. The Kingscliff 2016 conference audio sessions are available from the Mum heart Shop. Alice spoke twice over that weekend.
Oct 18, 201931:30
Lacey and Corinna: Episode 9: Season 2
Oct 11, 201932:51
Homeschool Mum's Support Group - Round Table Discussion: Episode 8: Season 1

Homeschool Mum's Support Group - Round Table Discussion: Episode 8: Season 1

Where do you find support and encouragement for you as a homeschooling Mum? This week we join a Mum Heart support group and chat about why these types of gatherings are beneficial. We discuss why it's important to prioritise your own personal growth and build your support network throughout the intense & busy homeschooling years. These ladies also share discussion topics, ideas and resources they have used in the past.  "It's a safe place to share our honest struggles ... to cheer each other on & share the victories." "I always leave here encouraged ... and with a  reminder of what I am doing and why." " It nurtures friendships ... there's always laughter and joy." "We are always better for these evenings, I always go home a nicer person." Show Notes: Mumheart blog Teaching from Rest (occasionally available in Australia through the MumHeart website - keep an eye out or follow us on social media for restock announcements) Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson
Sep 09, 201926:18
Ann Tattersall: Episode 7: Season 1

Ann Tattersall: Episode 7: Season 1

Ann Tattersall has a wealth of experience to offer after 20+ years of homeschooling her eight children. We asked her about keeping fresh, how she doesn’t enjoy reading aloud & some of her favourite family traditions.  Ann recommended a parenting book, Loving Our Kids on Purpose by Danny Silk. She also recommended The Power of a Praying Parent. 
Sep 09, 201937:07
Rebecca Anderson: Episode 6 Season 1
Aug 02, 201935:24
Ainsley Smith: Episode 5: Season 1

Ainsley Smith: Episode 5: Season 1

Ainsley Smith is a farmer’s wife and mum to three growing boys. She told us all about their rural lifestyle, how mentoring has shaped her family’s decision to homeschool and how she is currently reminding herself of all the things that she does achieve, even when it feels like nothing is happening.
Show Notes:
You can find Ainsley on Instagram and her mentor, Belinda as well. Belinda has a blog that makes for great reading that you should check out. She also blogs regularly on the MumHeart website.
Five in a Row is a picture book-driven curriculum that Ainsley began her homeschooling years with.
Ainsley referenced Teaching From Rest, which you can buy in Australia from our MumHeart shop (currently out of stock, so keep an eye out). She also recommended Educating the Wholehearted Child by Sally and Clay Clarkson.
Jul 26, 201932:20
Vanessa Curtis: Episode 4 Season 1.

Vanessa Curtis: Episode 4 Season 1.

You are going to love listening to Vanessa Curtis, who has so much wisdom to share with us about mothering lots of little people, individualising for learning styles and why we need to scrub the word “should” from our vocab. 

Jul 18, 201931:45
Brooke Pipes: Episode 3 Season 1.
Jul 11, 201931:25
Barb Somervaille: Episode 2 Season 1.
Jul 04, 201932:10
Meet Your Hosts - Lacey and Corinna: Episode 1 Season 1.
Jul 04, 201928:59