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The Import Export Podcast

The Import Export Podcast


The Import Export Podcast discusses industry topics with experts in the import/export industry. We chat with industry experts to discuss the current challenges of global trade and give insight into how the industry is evolving to create digitally connected supply chains. The podcasts also gives listeners tips on how to improve their supply chains for the future of global trade.

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Rising Shipping Rates and Container Loading Software for Exporters

The Import Export PodcastDec 14, 2021

Rising Shipping Rates and Container Loading Software for Exporters

Rising Shipping Rates and Container Loading Software for Exporters

Since 2020, International shipping rates have been consistently rising in trade lanes all over the world.  This has forced exporters to look at ways to maximize efficiency and reduce shipping costs. In this episode, Lukas from EasyCargo3D gives insight into the rise of shipping rates and how container loading software is used by exporters to maximize loading space, ensure safe load distribution, and reduce shipping costs to remain competitive in today's changing market.  Read more here:

Topics Covered:
  • What factors have contributed to record high freight rates
  • How container loading software eliminates manual processes, increases efficiency and reduces shipping costs
  • How to save SKU details to insert packages into a 3D visual loading planner, for multiple container types
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