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Indie Book Talk

Indie Book Talk

By Emma and Shelley

Navigate self-publishing from crafting an idea to the final book with Emma G. Rose and Shelley Shearer.

Emma G. Rose is the owner of Imperative Press Books, a publishing house that amplifies niche voices. She is also the author of contemporary fantasy novels, including Nothing's Ever Lost, Near-Life Experience, and Assembling Ella.

Shelley Shearer is a writer of cozy mysteries and urban fantasy. Her first novel, Menace at Meeple Manor, the first of the Board Game Mystery Series is coming soon.

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Can Podcasting Help Build Your Author Platform with Matty Dalrymple

Indie Book TalkApr 29, 2021

An Important Announcement from the hosts of Indie Book Talk

An Important Announcement from the hosts of Indie Book Talk

Friends, readers, writers and listening fans, we have an important announcement for you. Please listen!

May 25, 202303:47
Book Review: Alice the Cat by Tim Cummings
May 18, 202312:58
From Webcomic to Hardcover Collection with Jimmy Craig

From Webcomic to Hardcover Collection with Jimmy Craig

You’ve probably seen them in your social media feed, hilarious comics revealing the inner thoughts of cats, dogs, and other animals by comic artist Jimmy Craig. We talk to Craig about his process for deciding which of his They Can Talk comics made it into the book and why making a “gift book” just makes sense for him.

May 11, 202315:24
How to Organize a Writer’s Life When You’re a Hot Mess with Genalea Barker
May 04, 202319:47
The Thrilling Case of the Coverless Book with Alex Kenna
Apr 27, 202320:45
Disability Representation in Fantasy Stories with L.J. Stanton
Apr 20, 202319:20
Sneezing Out a Story and Perfecting Illustrations With Help From Children’s Author Sheryl Bass

Sneezing Out a Story and Perfecting Illustrations With Help From Children’s Author Sheryl Bass

Where do authors get their ideas? For children’s picture book author Sheryl Bass, it started with a sneeze. Her book Baby Dragon's Big Sneeze came from a silly thought caused by a tickle in her nose. In short, the idea was the easy part. She partnered with a book coach to get illustrations made and her book published. Hear how it all came together.

Apr 13, 202317:51
How to Build A Street Team and Thoughts on Bibliotherapy with Kacey Rayburn

How to Build A Street Team and Thoughts on Bibliotherapy with Kacey Rayburn

Psychologist Kacey Rayburn comes from Appalachia and a family she describes as “granny witches and gravediggers.” She tells us how she mixed this all together to create her gothic fantasy, Sing Our Bones Eternal, and then built a street team to help with book promotion and pre-launch. Plus, we discuss the benefits of bibliotherapy.

Apr 06, 202323:42
Book Marketing Through Relationship Building with Michelle Shores
Mar 30, 202319:22
Rewarding Rejection to Sell 88 Short Stories to Magazines with Marie Vibbert
Mar 23, 202322:12
Google Ads for Indie Authors with Nicholas Poe
Mar 16, 202319:49
What If I Just… An Unusual Path to Comic Book Publishing and Other Strange Adventures with L.A. Cunningham
Mar 09, 202321:41
Why You Should Live in 1968 With Hugo Award Finalist and Sci-Fi Author Gideon Marcus
Mar 02, 202323:20
Can You Teach Me to Publish A Picture Book with Harleigh Clark
Feb 23, 202313:12
A One Word Story and Other Amazing Feats of Fiction with Briane Pagel
Feb 16, 202324:37
How to Pitch a Podcast If You Want To Be A Guest
Feb 09, 202318:35
Using Fiction to Embrace Identity As a Middle Eastern Girl in America with Anisa Ashabi
Feb 02, 202321:25
Representation Matters, LGBTQ Characters in Mystery with Audrey Hanagan
Jan 26, 202320:23
Following The Call Of Your Creative Heart with Dallas Woodburn
Jan 19, 202319:10
Keep Your Medieval Potatoes (or Testing Types of Publishing) with Karen Heenan
Jan 12, 202323:28
Trying It All In Publishing with Editor, Author and Writing Coach Alison McBain
Jan 05, 202318:20
How to Start a Writing Group Based On Our Real Experience
Dec 29, 202220:30
Building An Audience As A Kindle Vella Early Adopter with K.J. Gillenwater
Dec 22, 202222:01
Climbing Out of the Querying Trenches to Choose Indie Publishing with Erin Reilly
Dec 15, 202220:53
Writing Middle Grade in Middle School with A.Y. Johlin
Dec 08, 202216:17
Writing Fiction Rooted in a Real Place with Stacy Lee
Dec 01, 202220:37
Why We Hate the "Lose Her Power" Trope with Myah Bawadi
Nov 24, 202220:05
Storytelling at the Prep School for Serial Killers with Tara Platt
Nov 17, 202221:17
Mistakes On the Path to Publishing Success with Jared Morrison
Nov 10, 202223:56
What A Small Traditional Press Can Do For You with Geoff Habiger
Nov 03, 202221:31
Keeping LGBTQ+ History Alive with Owen Keehnen, Co-Founder of The Legacy Project Chicago
Oct 27, 202220:12
Writing Your Real Life Medical Drama in Fiction with E.D. Hackett
Oct 20, 202222:04
Writing Blind and Standing Up to the Studios with Jim Stovall
Oct 13, 202220:26
Photographing Music's Biggest Stars with Paul Natkin
Oct 06, 202219:44
Creativity In All Directions with L.L. Smith of Lachdown Productions
Sep 29, 202224:48
What is a Developmental Editor? With Jennifer Milius
Sep 22, 202221:22
Build Better Fictional Worlds Through Anthropology with Kyra Wellstrom and Michael Kilman
Sep 15, 202224:22
Speculative Fiction and the Space Cowboy with Jean-Paul L. Garnier
Sep 08, 202224:51
Managing Multiple Pen Names with Corinne O'Flynn
Sep 01, 202222:19
Battling Imposter Syndrome and Writing About Mental Health with Sarah McKnight
Aug 25, 202222:01
Writing Your Values Into Fiction with Iris March
Aug 18, 202220:06
Business Essentials for Writers with James P. Nettles
Aug 11, 202223:50
Being an Expat Writer Living in Spain with Jesse Salvo
Aug 04, 202222:49
International Book Marketing on Amazon and Beyond with Nenny May
Jul 28, 202218:43
Author Names and the MFA Thesis (Novel) with Ian M. Rogers
Jul 21, 202220:39
When's the Right Time to Hire an Author's Assistant? with Jenna Lee
Jul 14, 202223:18
Publishing as Fundraising (for Animals!) with Amit Verma
Jul 07, 202220:03
Book Review of Scribes' Descent by Dylan West
Jun 30, 202216:47
Crowdfunding to Kickstart a Charity Anthology with Elyse Russell
Jun 23, 202219:49
Special Guest Interview: Why Suicide Awareness is Part of Emma G Rose's Author Platform
Jun 16, 202223:26