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A show that mixes knowledge and nonsense design to entertain, educate and provide an escape.
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173. NOPE review (featuring megasheen podcast's viktor & nick)

the indoob! podcastAug 04, 2022

198. teethbrushes

198. teethbrushes

T. Sterling shares with Kortney his growing frustration with the increasing number of ladybugs in his new home. They also talked about the violation of personal space and hygiene with Sterling's child using his electric toothbrush, and the progress of preparing for Sterling's baby's arrival.

The conversation then shifted to their love for discovering new music and movie scores and composers. They discussed the importance of movie scores in storytelling and how they help to convey emotions and enhance the viewing experience. They also talked about the lack of spooky storytelling for the current season and how they are trying to stay in the Halloween spirit.

Sterling recommended a Japanese music band called Sakonaction and a song from Folder 5. They also briefly discussed Halloween plans and Trunk or Treat. Sterling kinda recommended the show "The Fall of the House of Usher" to those who aren't squeamish, like they both are.

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Oct 29, 202301:01:17
197. fandom fatigue
Oct 12, 202353:02
196. super blue moon

196. super blue moon

Kortney and T. Sterling begin discussing the back-to-school season and the start times of schools in different regions. They also talked about the challenges of parenting and the ongoing writers' strike in the entertainment industry. T. Sterling introduced the concept of Black August and shared news about India's successful landing on the moon.

T. Sterling recommended two TV shows, "Moving" and "Strange Planet", and expressed his love for Hozier's music. He also recommended the book "Movies (and Other Things)" by Shea Sorrano, which asks unique questions about movies and features guest writers discussing their most painful movie deaths.

The conversation also touched on the disappointment that can come with sequels and the tendency for franchises to recycle the same plot and characters. Kortney expressed her disappointment with the lack of original content in superhero movies, but T. Sterling defended the upcoming Superman movie.

Sterling and Kortney discuss their appreciation for Doctor Who and their favorite Doctors, the importance of finding joy in the little things in life, and the significance of self-care and valuing loved ones. They also reflect on progress and gratitude, emphasizing the value of gratitude and simplicity in finding happiness and balance in life. The conversation ends on a friendly and supportive note, with T. Sterling Watson inviting Kortney Hinton to join him on Discord.

You can join the indoobPod Discord at this link for the next month:

Follow Kortney on Twitter @iamkhinton, and Sterling on Twitter @indoob. We won't be calling it by that other name.

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Aug 30, 202301:20:28
195. alabama slammer
Aug 19, 202301:26:01
194. dirty wings

194. dirty wings

This episode was recorded on July 4th before the boom booms started, and it has Kortney and T. Sterling discussing housekeeping matters related to the podcast, including T. Sterling's upcoming move and the possibility of a brief hiatus for the show. They also encouraged listeners to send in questions and suggestions for future episodes and mentioned the possibility of a live show for their upcoming 200th episode.

The conversation then shifted to various topics, including making homemade ginger shots and tea to boost immunity, making crispy chicken wings, and discussing a customized Starbucks drink. They also discussed the ongoing writer's strike and pop culture topics such as the latest season of Black Mirror and the upcoming Hunger Games prequel movie and T. Sterling recommending the series High Score on Netflix and the TV series Snowfall.

Kortney and T. Sterling engaged in a lively discussion about their perfect film series, sharing their favorite movies and debating which ones should be included. They also discussed the importance of watching certain movies in theaters and how it can enhance the viewing experience. The meeting ended with T. Sterling expressing his gratitude for having sharp knives for cooking and how it has helped him in deboning chicken breasts. T. Sterling also shows more appreciation for AJ (and Hecklefish) over at The Why Files, and good friend Jason Fitz.

Jul 12, 202301:19:27
193. 40 years and counting
Jun 21, 202301:11:06
192. live long and prosper in the force

192. live long and prosper in the force

During this episode, T. Sterling Watson and Kortney Hinton discussed a range of topics, including the air quality alert due to wildfires in Canada, the Omega block weather event, recent shoutouts from the Why Files YouTube team, and recent movies watched. They also paid tribute to Brenda Tent, a librarian who recently passed away, and Jessie Maple Patton, a trailblazing Black woman who made significant contributions to the entertainment industry. The conversation also delved into the ongoing writers strike and negotiations between the Actors Guild and Hollywood.

Thanks to a listener letter, learn the benefits of Paramount Plus and the best way for someone new to the Star Trek universe to approach the franchise. The conversation also touched on sci-fi and fantasy books, with Kortney recommending short stories by Isaac Asimov and novels by Octavia Butler, while T. Sterling recommended "Snow Crash" and "Next". They also discussed their fandoms for Star Trek and Star Wars, with T. Sterling sharing his extensive knowledge of the Star Trek TV series available on Paramount Plus. They also recommended a range of movies, TV shows, and docu-series, including "Three Thousand Years of Longing", "Primo", and "Shiny Happy People" -- a documentary on the Duggar family and their harmful and abusive belief system. They delved into the cult aspect of the family and how it is similar to Scientology, cautioning viewers that the documentary can be triggering and recommending not watching it if it is harmful.

Follow Kortney on Twitter @iamkhinton, and Sterling on Twitter @indoob. 

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Jun 07, 202301:49:09
191. rested laurels
May 24, 202301:20:45
190. not the GOAT but the GET
May 10, 202301:26:41
189. cry me a river
Apr 26, 202301:29:36
188. lambrusco!

188. lambrusco!

T. Sterling Watson and Kortney discussed Kortney's recent trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, where they stayed in an Airbnb and enjoyed the downtown area. They discussed the benefits of not having to interact with anyone and the convenience of being able to walk to places. They also discussed Sterling's recent illness and his recovery.

Kortney discussed her experience with a delicious salmon dish with a buttery, creamy sauce. They also discussed how to pronounce Mario's name, with Kortney saying that she would disconnect from someone who pronounced it incorrectly. They also discussed the movie "Mario Brothers" and how it has been breaking records.

Kortney and Sterling discussed the importance of two Black history figures, Dr. Charles Drew and Granville T. Woods, and the cancellation of Sheboygan Brat Days in 2023. They also discussed similar events in their hometowns, such as River Fest and the Daffodil Festival.

Kortney and T. Sterling discussed the importance of budgeting and saving for retirement, as well as the scam of towing and releasing cars. They also discussed the possibility of doing a segment on adulting and finances. Finally, they discussed apps such as Digit (now Oportun) and Stash that can help with budgeting and saving.

Kortney recommended Schitt's Creek and Boy Meets World, and t. sterling watson recommended Unstable, starring Rob Lowe and his real life son, and Lambrusco, a red fizzy wine. They then discussed the difference between a neat drink and other drinks.

Kortney expressed her gratitude for her husband and their ability to communicate and work through difficult topics. They also discussed the importance of communication in relationships.

Follow Kortney on Twitter @iamkhinton, and Sterling on Twitter @indoob. 

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Apr 12, 202301:21:09
187. the colden times
Mar 29, 202301:04:13
186. a high F

186. a high F

This episode is mostly a review of the Oscars and the low prediction score from Sterling due to lack of research as he explains how he usually makes his predictions and how he made his guesses this year. Lots of wins for Everything, Everywhere All At Once, and why he's not as upset about Angela Bassett not winning as everyone else seems to be. Later, Kortney's bread obsession rises. 

Mar 16, 202301:25:16
185. snow day, date nights, and me-shades
Mar 01, 202301:30:54
184. EEAAOATT (everything everywhere all at once all the time)
Feb 01, 202301:24:01
183. the tightrope of life
Jan 26, 202301:17:24
182. in preview: MCU phase 5
Jan 04, 202354:01
181. in review: MCU phase 4
Dec 21, 202201:26:19
180. max
Dec 08, 202201:15:55
179. welcome back, mrs kotter
Nov 23, 202201:16:60
178. how I spent my hiatus
Nov 16, 202201:09:42
177. big news in little rock
Oct 19, 202229:14
176. long take hot takes
Sep 29, 202201:12:42
175. space court
Sep 01, 202201:15:41
174. treat yo self
Aug 17, 202201:19:18
173. NOPE review (featuring megasheen podcast's viktor & nick)
Aug 04, 202201:19:34
172. joust! (JWST)

172. joust! (JWST)

Sterling and Kortney nerd out about the James Webb Space Telescope which has been affectionally dubbed "Joust" after Sterling gives an update about his new job and things he got during Amazon Prime Day. Regular segments return such as Word Watch, Sheboygan News, BHF and a little bit of Spookums with the obvious SPACE news. And yeah, we are now on Anchor! So if you listen on Anchor or Spotify, you can check for extra features like questions to answer and ways to support (other than where you can find even more content).

Jul 22, 202201:08:47
171. blacklisted
Jul 07, 202201:23:39
170. cookieology
Jun 08, 202201:27:26
169. sippin’ stress tea
May 25, 202201:33:56
168. dr. strange in the multiverse of (white woman) madness
May 12, 202201:17:42
167. coddiwomplin’

167. coddiwomplin’

Sterling and Kortney continue their journey through the stars, Supremes, and Sheboygan. Seriously, shout out to future Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson! And Imperfect Foods, who's not a sponsor... yet...

Apr 14, 202251:35
166. we don’t talk about pluto

166. we don’t talk about pluto

Sterling and Kortney review the Oscars and NASA's big Hubble announcement, however, Sterling finds a better space announcement. Berto submits a spookums update.

Apr 03, 202201:25:52
2022 oscar predictions

2022 oscar predictions

Sterling does his best to predict this year's Academy Award winners.

Mar 26, 202216:44
165. legs on mars
Mar 16, 202201:51:57
164. lovingly judgemental

164. lovingly judgemental

Settle in, Sterling tells Kortney a number of stories about work and says "no", a kid with stitches and a Black history fact. Kortney finally experiences something she's dreamed about for the past few years.

Mar 03, 202256:10
163. strange scary sauce

163. strange scary sauce

Sterling has beef with McDonalds. Nerdgasms about Doctor Strange and Spider-Man No Way Home. Oscars updates (bot no predictions yet). And all your favorite segments like Word Watch, Black History Fact, SPACE (JaWScope update), and Sheboygan News. Brought to you by the feel-good, go get em energies of green tea. 

Feb 17, 202201:29:29
162. 99 flavors of space tips

162. 99 flavors of space tips

Sterling celebrates his birthday at various locations including 99 Restaurant (and looks for sponsorship as well as recipe secrets). It's Black History Month so we highlight Curtis Mayfield and introduce a new segment of song breakdown. Another rousing game of Florida or Floridon't. Is Earth being chased by an asteroid? And more on the James Webb Space Telescope!

Feb 02, 202201:42:01
161. citizens of saturn
Jan 23, 202201:10:28
160. 2021 & done

160. 2021 & done

Sterling and Kortney are back with the first episode of 2022 all about 2021. And syzygy. 

Jan 10, 202201:32:13
the harder they fall: review

the harder they fall: review

Sterling and Kortney take a look at the hit Netflix film The Harder They Fall. To hear the entire clip, listen on

Dec 19, 202138:27
159. loveblerds: it‘s penis time!

159. loveblerds: it‘s penis time!

Take a listen to Sterling's other podcast, LoveBlerds, where Sterling and his wife discuss parenting, nerdy things, their relationship, and more. 

Dec 08, 202101:29:09
158. raisins without consent
Nov 24, 202101:28:37
157. getting ready to get ready

157. getting ready to get ready

When is the right time to start decorating for Christmas? Sterling and Kortney debate. Also, how smart devices can help you program the holidays (and useful tips to get them to work at all)! Sterling gives spoiler-free reviews for Eternals, The Harder They Fall, and a discussion about Dune.

Nov 10, 202101:20:60
156. dream bigger
Oct 27, 202101:08:56
155. indiana is on the floor

155. indiana is on the floor

Sterling has some things to get off his chest but also wants to talk about food. But what else is new? What's new is what's old, and that's a number of films being rebooted which annoys Kortney to no end. Sterling tells another real-life Spookums story and later a riveting story from Sheboygan. Despite claims Sterling ISN'T drinking, he still struggles with certain words. Specifically malevolent. 

Oct 13, 202101:19:39
154. naked women in a storm drain

154. naked women in a storm drain

Sterling and Kortney are excited for Netflix's upcoming The Harder They Fall and try not to talk too much about it... instead, Kortney talks about her experience with FIYACON 2021 and Sterling plays another round of Florida or Floridon't. Also, every wonder why the planets seem to be on the same plane? And do you ever wonder how old Sterling and Kortney are and how long they've known each other? Find out all this and more on this episode!

Oct 02, 202101:05:27
153. matrix makeover
Sep 15, 202101:34:49
152. does candyman have candy?

152. does candyman have candy?

Sterling reflects on Kanye West's new album Donda, director Nia DaCosta makes it in the record books, Kortney builds a pergola, Sheboygan makes the top 3, and Seinfeld is coming... 

Sep 03, 202101:11:10
151. a whole wife
Aug 19, 202101:03:17