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In Her Own Wright

In Her Own Wright

By Harry Haskell

In Her Own Wright is a three-part podcast that tells the story of Katharine Wright, the little-known “Wright Sister” who was every bit as remarkable as her world-famous brothers, Wilbur and Orville.
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Part 3: “The Hazards of Love”

In Her Own WrightFeb 20, 2022

Part 3: “The Hazards of Love”
Feb 20, 202246:11
Part 2: Katie and “The Boys”
Feb 13, 202240:30
Part 1: Introducing the Wright Sister
Feb 06, 202240:51
Coming Soon: In Her Own Wright

Coming Soon: In Her Own Wright

Until a few years ago, most biographers and historians treated Katharine Wright as a minor character in the Wright Brothers saga, but dig a little deeper and a very different picture of the Wright sister emerges.

She embodied the worldly, independent, and self-fulfilled New Woman who turned traditional gender roles on their heads at the turn of the twentieth century.

Hosted by Harry Haskell, Katharine's step-grandson, In Her Own Wright shines a light on the extraordinary woman who has long stood in the shadow of the world-renowned fathers of powered flight.

Part 1 coming February 6th.

Jan 27, 202202:34