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The InPursuit Podcast: A Spherical Look at Today's Workplace

The InPursuit Podcast: A Spherical Look at Today's Workplace

By The InPursuit Podcast

Welcome to The InPursuit Podcast, where we explore the human side of today's workplace. From onboarding to succession planning; Vocational dharma to quiet quitting. No topic is off the table.

I am your host Dr. Melanie Hicks. If you enjoyed the show, you can support us by hitting subscribe or providing a rating/review.

(Formerly Dissecting Education) Keywords: Workplace, Education, Career, Work, Entreprenuership, Human Resources
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Ep. 18 InPursuit of DEI & Belonging with Crystal Whiteaker

The InPursuit Podcast: A Spherical Look at Today's WorkplaceMay 25, 2022

Ep. 33 InPursuit of Career Excellence with Claudia Miller

Ep. 33 InPursuit of Career Excellence with Claudia Miller

Claudia Miller is a sought-after Career Coach and she's helped her clients land fulfilling jobs in less than 90-days all while getting on average a 54% in salary increases ($30k-$140k). She also partners with companies and organizations in identifying rising stars within their organizations and providing strategic insights and support in developing a leadership and talent pipeline with a focus on Women and Women of Color. Due to her efforts, she's worked with Top Fortune 500 Clients and has been featured multiple times in Forbes, MSNBC, Thrive Global, and Business Insider put her in their top global list of Top Innovative Career Coaches. Social Media: Instagram: LinkedIn: TikTok: Product & Services: Proven-Winning Resume 90-Day Job Offer Career Coaching Program Free Giveaway: $10k Salary Negotiation Script:
Feb 08, 202326:03
Ep. 32 InPursuit of Self with Ruben Covarrubias
Jan 25, 202323:54
Ep. 31 InPursuit of our inner leader with Candace Mae

Ep. 31 InPursuit of our inner leader with Candace Mae

International best-selling author of the book Heaven Within Restoring Wholeness for Better Leadership, Candace Mae, knows that to achieve and exceed goals, we must communicate and collaborate at a world-class level. An MSIT graduate with decades of corporate experience and inexhaustible love for life and the Lord, Candace Mae spends her time now asa consultant, mentor, executive coach, workshop facilitator, and keynote speaker. Her passion for guiding people to discover, maximize and lead with their strengths is palpable, and her experience and education only outmatch her energy. After 20+ years as a Senior Project Manager for corporate and higher educational institutions, she has developed expert cross-functional leadership, administrative, and teaching skills in a broad base of business industries. Candace Mae is the founder of Candace Mae Leadership Development Training and Services and has also pursued a prestigious certification as a Maxwell Leadership Executive Program Certified Team Member, adding proven Leadership strategies for her client's needs. Candace Mae uses her personal and professional life experiences to relate to her clients and audiences in heartwarming, humorous, and human ways. A mother, grandmother, trainer, author, and professional 'liver-of-life,' Candace Mae has the experience, education, and energy to help individuals and teams better their best. She lives on a working ranch in North San Diego County near her two daughters and three grandchildren, and in her free time, you can find her singing, dancing, and always sporting her favorite color, purple. Find her book on Amazon
Jan 18, 202332:42
Ep. 30 InPursuit of Our Why with Steffi August

Ep. 30 InPursuit of Our Why with Steffi August

Steffi August is the founder of Your Mindset Challenge – The Action Blueprint dedicated to supporting women over 40 to fulfil their potential and achieve extraordinary results, both professionally and personally.

Using 12 years coaching experience and 57 years life experience, cutting-edge tools, The Three Principles, and powerful Action Blueprint strategies, her clients start focusing on building new habits while challenging their Mindset. Creating winning strategies, her clients gain clarity, confidence and consistency to achieve self-mastery in their lives. They learn a new way how they think about themselves, how they think about their circumstances and change the way how they respond to challenges in life. Transforming challenges into opportunities are the norm, and results are guaranteed.

Steffi is known for being an energetic, determined and highly motivated individual. Known as The German Pocket Rocket and Self-Leadership Coach. Steffi inspires and challenges individuals and teams to dig deep inside themselves to unfold the keys to their real potential and breakthrough solutions to breakout. Passion, Belief & Determination is in her DNA, and her philosophy is, ‘long-term success is achieved by taking consistent small steps,’ and her motto is, ‘Every challenge in life is another opportunity. Never, ever, ever give up on yourself.’

Immigrating from East to West Germany before the wall came down and moving to NZ have been very challenging. Leaving a challenging relationship literally overnight, finding the love of her life, her soulmate was a life safer. Experiencing her husband, man of her dreams as killed in a tragic truck accident. She just survived for the last 3 years, started thriving again and found her spark and purpose in life. Now she’s passionate to help women 40+ to find their spar, their ultimate you again.

Contact her

Jan 04, 202327:07
Ep. 29 InPursuit of Your Inner Genius with Catherine Mattiske

Ep. 29 InPursuit of Your Inner Genius with Catherine Mattiske

You won’t want to miss this week’s episode where we discuss harnessing your passions, strengths, and leaning into your inner genius.

Global business educator and author, Catherine Mattiske, is the founder of TPC — The Performance Company, a leading training and consulting organization that has worked with Fortune100 companies worldwide. Established in 1994, TPC has offices in Sydney, Los Angeles, New York, London, Singapore, and Basel (Switzerland). The author of more than 30 books, her latest is “Unlock Inner Genius: Power Your Path to Extraordinary Success” (September 2021).

Learn more about Inner Genius here:

Nov 29, 202234:05
Ep. 28 InPursuit of Having It All with Melissa Leon

Ep. 28 InPursuit of Having It All with Melissa Leon

In this week's episode, we dive into the choices we have as women and how to bravely and unapologetically embrace those decisions and the beautiful fluidity of life's chapters. 

Melissa is a top-tier finance professional, business owner, podcast host, author, mother, and the creator of Efficiency Bitch - a name she coined during an argument with her mom as a sassy teenager. It has since become a term of endearment, a podcast, and a book.

MELISSA'S MESSAGE: Don't let them tell you can't have your cake and eat it too. You can, you just have to adjust your recipe. Melissa teaches how to efficiently take inventory of tasks, both professional and personal, and one by one begin to automate, delegate and eliminate until you are left with just the ones that you love. Have it all, don't do it all.


Contact her:

IG @efficiencyb

FB @efficiencyb

Sep 07, 202244:01
Ep. 27 InPursuit of Connections through Clown Presence with Don Colliver

Ep. 27 InPursuit of Connections through Clown Presence with Don Colliver

Join me this week as my guest Don Colliver and I explore a life of passions, connectivity, and all the things we can learn from clowns. 

Don Colliver is a teacher, speaker, writer, and comedian with over twenty-five years of experience passionately engaging audiences and helping them engage with one another. Don’s mission is to help every speaker profoundly impact their audience through the power of courageous vulnerability, confident authenticity, and the joy of connection. Thanks to his popular public speaking courses delivered internally at Google and around the world, hundreds of nervous speakers have transformed into more effective and joyful communicators, reaching a deeper level of audience connection than they ever thought possible.

In addition to teaching, Don can be found on the trade show floor, where he writes and delivers presentations for companies including Adobe, Cisco, and Medtronic. On the screen, Don has written and directed hundreds of hours of nonfiction television for shows including House Hunters, $40 a Day with Rachael Ray, and Roker on the Road.

Before teaching others to confidently take the spotlight, Don toured internationally as a theatrical Clown for contemporary circus company Spiegelworld and performed briefly with the Blue Man Group and he is listed in the Cirque du Soleil performer database. He is a founding member of the award-winning sketch and clown groups DJ Faucet and the Innocents. His troupes have received awards, including the Improv Olympic Del Close Award for Best Sketch Comedy Troupe and the Hollywood Fringe Award for Best Physical Theater, and Don won the 2017 Toastmasters International District One Tall Tales Speech Championship.

Don graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Communications from Boston University. He holds certifications in Design Thinking, Applied Improvisation, and Instructional Design. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and when he’s not helping speakers engage with their audiences more deeply, he can be found hiking through the redwoods. You can connect with Don at

Aug 30, 202246:45
Ep. 26 Redefining Normal with Justin Black

Ep. 26 Redefining Normal with Justin Black

I am honored to have a real changemaker on the show today. Justin Black and his wife Alexis have built a powerhouse movement helping youth and adults alike move past their childhood experiences and trauma to build a better future and life they deserve. It is my pleasure to amplify their story in my chat with Justin this week. 

Justin Black created the Rising Over Societal Expectations (ROSE) Empowerment Group with a vision to close the information gap for today’s generation of Black and Brown young adults after his experiences as a Black male in the foster care system. He has also developed policy recommendations while working with the National Black Child Development Institute resulting in a publication titled The State of the Black Child Report Card: Washington State.

Black studied urban and community development as well as a political and economic philosophy in countries such as Rwanda, Uganda, Senegal, and South Korea. In his spare time, Justin loves watching sports and enjoys hot wings.

He aspires to challenge and expand the ideologies of how to build prosperous communities through interdependence and entrepreneurship.

Alexis Black is a proud foster care alumni. She founded The Scholarship Expert where she authored The Scholarship Blueprint book and workbook along with an online course to assist students in graduating from college debt-free. She is also a foster care advocate working for the National Youth and Transition Database Reviewer.

Alexis helps fundraise for programs supporting foster youth such as Hope Pkgs, the Seita Scholars program, and The Nsoro Foundation. She’s studied abroad eight times during her undergraduate career in countries such as Hong Kong, South Korea, and South Africa. She also co-developed two study abroad programs. Alexis aspires to be a positive example for foster youth.

Alexis loves to travel or sleep on her downtime.

Find them, their books, and their merchandise at:

Tik Tok @re.definingnormal

IG @re.definingnormal

FB redefiningnormalmovement

Aug 23, 202232:19
Ep. 20 InPursuit of the Future of Work with M. David Stonger
Aug 23, 202247:16
Ep. 25 InPursuit of Adventures in Travel with Ruksana Hussain

Ep. 25 InPursuit of Adventures in Travel with Ruksana Hussain

In this week's episode, I met my kindred spirit; a woman as in love with travel and writing as I am. Listen in for inspiration on your next adventure. 

Ruksana Hussain is an award-winning journalist with 20+ years of experience working with local, national and international print and digital media for consumer and trade markets.

As a magazine editor and features writer, she has contributed to publications covering diverse beats and topics, including but not limited to lifestyle, travel, cuisine, culture, business, technology, education, construction, and more. Her bylines have appeared in Delta Sky Lines, Cuisine Noir, Detour, USA Today, Stanford Social Innovation Review and several other outlets.

Ruksana is also the publisher of Traveler and Tourist, a monthly subscriber-only digital magazine covering travel and lifestyle, which received funding via a journalism grant this year. She is the recipient of several awards and diversity fellowships for her journalistic and editorial work.

Twitter: @RuksanaWrites

Aug 16, 202240:12
Ep. 24 InPursuit of Marketing Magic with Mark Newsome

Ep. 24 InPursuit of Marketing Magic with Mark Newsome

Ready for a deep dive into marketing your brick-and-mortar business? Join in as Mark Newsome gives us a long list of instant strategies to drive business and cash flow.
Mark Newsome (aka) Mr.Marketing is a cash flow generation specialist. He routinely helps cash-strapped small business owners and service providers discover previously hidden profit centers within their business by strategically maximizing non-traditional assets and or resources.
Aug 10, 202235:17
Ep. 23 InPursuit of Broken Cookie Avoidance; Scaling Revenue with Patty Block

Ep. 23 InPursuit of Broken Cookie Avoidance; Scaling Revenue with Patty Block

Calling all women business owners...are you eating only the broken cookies? In other words, are you holding onto self-limiting beliefs that are keeping you from scaling your revenue? Tune in to hear how Patty helps women overcome these challenges and grow their business income. 

Patty Block teaches women business owners who are experts in their fields how to turn up their power to price, sell and run their business on their own terms.

This means fine-tuning their operations and scaling their revenue for strategic growth.

Patty has approached each step in her career with an entrepreneurial spirit: from successfully operating a business as a lobbyist and political consultant, to serving as the Charitable Foundation Director for First Interstate Bank of Texas, to gaining years of experience as Director of Operations at a leading international school.

Her experience comes full-circle with The Block Group, turning roadblocks into building blocks for women-owned businesses.

Patty raised three fantastic kids, all of whom are business owners and also work in Patty’s company (she essentially raised her own workforce!)


Free Quiz:

Your Hidden Advantage Accelerator Program starting Sept. 2022


Patty Block

The Block Group Inc.


Aug 03, 202241:48
Ep. 22 InPursuit of the Psychology of Clutter with Dr. Regina Lark

Ep. 22 InPursuit of the Psychology of Clutter with Dr. Regina Lark

Ever feel like life is just too cluttered - too many meetings, too many obligations on your time, too many physical possessions? Join Dr. Regina Lark as we forge a clear path to an uncluttered life. 

In 2008, Dr. Regina Lark founded A Clear Path: Professional Organizing and Productivity. Regina is a featured speaker and educator on issues ranging from productivity, hoarding, and women’s leadership. This past October, Regina published her third book, Emotional Labor: Why A Woman’s Work is Never Done and What To Do About It.

As a Certified Professional Organizer CPO®, Regina is a specialist in boomer and senior downsizing, residential organizing, and life transitions. With an additional Certification in Chronic Disorganization, she works with clients who are challenged by ADHD and other brain-based conditions.

Dr. Lark is a current Board member of OPICA Adult Day Care Center. She earned her Ph.D. in history from the University of Southern California, writing a dissertation on interracial marriages between Japanese women and American GIs after World War 2.

Jul 27, 202251:46
Ep. 21 InPursuit of Thirst Quenching Inspiration with Travis Rosbach

Ep. 21 InPursuit of Thirst Quenching Inspiration with Travis Rosbach

Who better to inspire current and future entrepreneurs to continue their journey than world traveler and inventor/founder of the Hydro Flask®? Join us this week as we learn how to stay the course and succeed with grace from this serial entrepreneur.  

Capt. Rosbach has spent the last three decades enhancing his entrepreneurial skills. Throughout the years, Mr. Rosbach has been proud to invent and found Hydro Flask®, work as a business broker, fly as an Airline Pilot, is an active Professional Speaker, and start The Tumalo Group, providing sourcing, advising, and consulting.

His clients include various industries, celebrities, individuals, and even countries.
He not only shares his tradecraft with others but also practices it in the many startups in which he is currently involved.

Besides Entrepreneurship, Mr. Rosbach's Experience Includes:
- SCUBA Dive Master/Instructor (PADI 158190)
- US Merchant Marine Boat Captain (50 Tons)
- Commercial Airline Pilot (ATP)
- Oregon Contractors License
- Hawai'ian REALTORS License
- Yoga Instructor (500 Hour Hatha and Kundalini (NOT 3HO)
- Reiki Master
- Member of The Explorers Club
- Fellow at the Royal Geographical Society

Jul 20, 202246:44
Ep. 19 InPursuit of Career Editing with Leah Stallone
Jul 06, 202252:42
Ep. 18 InPursuit of DEI & Belonging with Crystal Whiteaker

Ep. 18 InPursuit of DEI & Belonging with Crystal Whiteaker

Embracing change, prioritizing healing, and overcoming fear are all themes in this week's episode with Crystal Whiteaker. Join us as Crystal and I explore values, authenticity, and the importance of having a sense of belonging.

Crystal Whiteaker (pronouns: she/her/hers) is a Leadership Development and DEIB* Consultant specializing in inclusive coaching and consulting for brands and leaders that care deeply about diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.  Crystal brings over 15 years of creative, relational, process driven experience across multiple industries.  She is a self-described "corporate trained, creative hippie” who puts a strong focus on core values to help people elevate their community connections to communicate and lead with clarity and confidence. Crystal is an advocate for leaders and organizations that provide resources and support for healing, particularly in relation to trauma and sexual assault survivors, and previously served on the Board of Survivor Lit. When she's not working, Crystal enjoys spending time at the beach, connecting with people, and exploring new places.

Fun fact: Crystal LOVES animals and will stop to show them affection any chance she gets. She is that person who will always ask to pet your fur-baby.

When you choose to work with Crystal Lily Creative, you’re helping to support organizations that provide resources for women and the LGBTQ+ community, as a portion of profits and services are donated annually.

(*DEIB: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging)

May 25, 202237:23
Ep. 17 InPursuit of Education Technology Innovations with Sandro Olivieri

Ep. 17 InPursuit of Education Technology Innovations with Sandro Olivieri

The intersection of technology and education is truly the key to our brightest education future. Join me this week as Sandro Olivieri and I dissect the potentials and aspirations of the sector. 

Sandro is the CEO and Co-Founder of Project FoundED - a nonprofit dedicated to ensuring equitable learning outcomes for all learners by removing the barriers to EdTech innovation and adoption. He comes to this work after 8 years working to support EdTech entrepreneurs in the earliest stages of development. He designed and ran the AT&T Aspire EdTech Accelerator, and worked with several other impact organizations to create impactful investment and awards programs.

Sandro is the son of Chilean political refugees living in Mexico when he was born. He immigrated to the United States at 6 years old and was brought up through the public education system as an English Language Learner. He credits an early interest in technology as the main motivator for learning English and dedicated his studies to technology, receiving a BS in Computer Science and an MBA. His first job was in EdTech 20 years ago - developing online higher education courses, mostly for troops deployed in Iraq - and has developed an undying love for the Education sector and the potential technology has to improve its outcomes.

May 18, 202247:55
Ep. 16 InPursuit of Healing & Hope with Joyce Aubrey
May 10, 202241:13
Ep. 15 InPursuit of Empowerment Through Community with Peri Bolts & Ani Trejo Barrington

Ep. 15 InPursuit of Empowerment Through Community with Peri Bolts & Ani Trejo Barrington

Peri Bolts founded Eclectic CO. in 2018 after a decade of feeling unfulfilled in corporate America. She saw a need for a collaborative retail concept that would support artisanal and creative small business, with a specific focus on women-owned businesses. Since then, the Eclectic brand has grown, with the help of now co-owner Ani Barrington, to two stores and an online store supporting over 100 artists local to the Front Range of Colorado. In 2021, Eclectic CO. was awarded the Social Impact Startup of the Year by the National Institute for Social Impact which is something that we are very proud of! Peri is passionate about small business, social and environmental justice, and helping every person she meets become the truest version of themselves.
Ani Trejo Barrington started at Eclectic CO as a vendor with her vintage business, transitioned to a managerial position and found her fit with Peri Bolts and they joined forces in a partnership together. Coming from a background of ministry in large church settings, she found herself with an array of skills, but feeling burnt out from the grind, she started a new journey when she arrived in Colorado Springs in 2016. She stepped into motherhood in 2017 and has been able to strike a beautiful balance of being a working mother over the last 5 years. Her passion for small businesses and supporting artists paired perfectly with the larger vision of Eclectic CO and through this company, she's been able to watch her own small business thrive alongside friends and family. Her own joys are found in music, fashion and being outdoors in this beautiful state!
Contact them:
May 10, 202240:32
Ep. 14 InPursuit of Punching Up and Laughing Shamelessly with Dr. Cori Wong

Ep. 14 InPursuit of Punching Up and Laughing Shamelessly with Dr. Cori Wong

The light and laughter that is Dr. Cori Wong is undeniable. This week's episode inspires in a whole new way.  Dr. Cori Wong is a passionate speaker, writer, educator, and consultant with over 15 years of training and leadership experience related to intersectional feminism, antiracism, social justice, and inclusive culture change. Dr. Wong is committed to helping others develop necessary skills for creating more equitable and inclusive realities by clarifying how and why their leadership matters. With strengths in systems-thinking, vision, strategy, and facilitating difficult dialogues, she is a thought leader on how to connect everyday choices, behaviors, and practices to movements for systemic change. Her approach is rooted in feminist theory and liberatory praxis and fosters conditions for transformation by cultivating authentic relationships across differences. Values of love, creativity, and freedom inform the means and ends for her work, while support, truth-telling, care, humor, and playfulness are among the essential ingredients. Dr. Wong developed concepts such as feminist friendship, positive philosophy, and honest confidence, and began publicly sharing her reflections through her own YouTube channel and blog over a decade ago. You can learn more by listening to her podcast, Meta Level Love, or read her writing on her Buy Me a Coffee page. She also just launched a substack newsletter that blends insights around dating and creating inclusive workplaces called, Working Relationships. Over the years, her work has been featured in TEDx talks, journals, independent presses, podcasts and Oprah’s Spring 2021 Issue of O Quarterly Magazine. Prior to launching Positive Philosophy Consulting, Dr. Wong led diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives at Colorado State University. She earned a dual-title PhD in Philosophy and Women’s Studies from the Pennsylvania State University and a BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies from Colorado State University. 

More of Cori's work can be found across many platforms! 

Cori's Website and Blog: 

Working Relationships Newsletter: 

More Personal Writing on Buy Me a Coffee: 

Meta Level Love Podcast: 

Cori's YouTube Channel: 

Positive Philosophy Consulting:

Apr 25, 202243:55
Ep. 13 InPursuit of Workplace Value & Respect with Tony Chatman

Ep. 13 InPursuit of Workplace Value & Respect with Tony Chatman

As is a subject matter expert and recognized thought leader in the area of workplace relationships Tony has devoted his adult life to understanding what makes people tick, how to bring out the best in people (including ourselves), and how to pass this information on in simple, yet practical terms. Whether addressing our hidden biases, helping navigate disruption and change or providing leaders with skills that make them indispensable, Tony provides practical solutions that aligns with people’s real world experiences.

Tony has worked with hundreds of corporations and government agencies including the U.S. Secret Service, The Department of Homeland Security, Chase Bank, Estee Lauder, and N.A.S.A., to help people reach new heights of effectiveness by understanding themselves and others better.

Tony was only the second African American to receive a bachelor’s degree from Western Michigan University’s prestigious Paper Science and Technology School. Upon completion of his degree, Tony worked for a number of years as a chemical engineer for a Fortune 500 company. It was during this phase of his life that he had a life changing interaction with an at-risk youth. This moment left such profound impression on him that he left both his corporate career (while nearing the completion of his first patent) and his graduate studies at the University of Chicago to work in the non-profit sector with the desire to make an impact on the communities around him. It was this work, which often included counseling groups and individuals that led Tony to begin studying human behavior with the intent or understanding what makes people tick, excel, and change.

Tony Chatman delivers presentations that are an entertaining and impassioned balance of both science and practical insight. Tony breaks down tough topics such as unconscious bias, change management and leadership. He creates a new, stronger foundation for true leadership. Audiences leave focused and motivated to turn individual differences into business advantages.

Currently, Tony serves as a board member for the Captain Phillips Lane Kirkland Maritime Trust.

Tony recently completed his first book: The Force Multiplier: How to Lead Teams Where Everyone Wins and in 2018 he delivered his first TEDx talk – How to Stop Settling for Less

Contact him:

Tony Chatman, CSP
Author of: 
The Force Multiplier: How to Lead Teams Where Everyone Wins
Chatman Enterprises Inc.

Apr 20, 202259:28
Ep. 12 InPursuit of Nonprofit Innovation with Kristin Faith

Ep. 12 InPursuit of Nonprofit Innovation with Kristin Faith

Join me this week as I speak with a nonprofit and entrepreneurial trend setter. 

Kristen Faith is a nonprofit thought leader and the Founder and Former CEO of Break The Silence Against Domestic Violence, one of the most successful domestic violence brands on the Internet. Kristen redefined the nonprofit industry after creating sustainable fundraising methods and marketing strategies to reach a vast donor network online before and during the pandemic. Kristen’s influence on domestic violence advocacy helped millions of men and women leave abusive relationships. She’s been featured on Yahoo!, HuffPost, Glamour, ESPN, Money, Bustle, and dozens of other media outlets as an expert in social justice advocacy.

Contact her:

Apr 12, 202246:06
Ep. 11 InPursuit of the Love, Money, and Liberation with Whittney Rojo

Ep. 11 InPursuit of the Love, Money, and Liberation with Whittney Rojo

Whittney RoJo is a Money Healer from Boulder, CO. She is all about... Love, Money and Liberation. RoJo and her team focus on values alignment for a holistic experience to create generational wealth and collective liberation. After receiving a dual bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado in Spanish Literature and Psychology, RoJo had a career in education as an educator and administrator for 17 years. As a multi-cultural, woman owned and operated practice since 2017, RoJo has a unique perspective to co-create successful results and relationships that create health and wealth in our community.

Holding space for leaders, warriors and healers who share a vision of an equitable world, and take action in our community is how RoJo honors those before us and those after us.

Contact her on social media or at
Apr 04, 202237:19
Ep. 10 InPursuit of EDUpreneurship with Deb Osomo

Ep. 10 InPursuit of EDUpreneurship with Deb Osomo

This week we explore options for educators to use their skills inside and outside the classroom. Whether you are looking to permanently leave the classroom or just develop a "loving side-hustle", Deborah can help you find the right match for your unique talents. 

Deborah Osorno
Teacher Career Coach & Business Strategist
Founder/CEO of The Purposeful Educator

What she does:

As a Teacher Career Coach, Deborah works to help K - 12th-grade teachers find

clarity, maximize productivity and upgrade professionally to boost their careers inside

and outside of the classroom. Deborah is the founder of The Purposeful Educator

(TPE) which is a teacher coaching platform that provides a wide range of teacherspecific

services and resources. TPE also focuses on helping teachers and

edupreneurs develop wide ranges of progressive habits as well as build their

professional profiles and businesses so they can remain versatile, relevant, and


The Purposeful Educator:

The Purposeful Educator (TPE), exists to provide teacher coaching services using

quality and appropriate teacher preparation content, professional development

resources, and personalized systems. Deborah leverages online technology and inperson

services to avail teachers anywhere to benefit from the resources offered. Her

goal is to enable teachers to become effective catalysts in knowledge dissemination

and equip them to independently build successful professional careers within the

classroom and beyond.


Deborah's signature 1:1 coaching program, "The Purpose-Driven Academy" is now

open for registration! Within this program, Deborah uses her detailed framework to

help teachers build up solid structures that will guide their teaching career and equip

them to be much more effective.

Deborah is also launching the "The Purpose-Driven Edupreneur Membership." If

you are an educator and you have been desiring to build up your own

business/project, then this program is for you! Within this membership, you'll be

guided through all the steps you need to structure, build, and launch a strong and

rewarding venture.

Contact her: 

Instagram Handle:

Free Masterclass for teachers who want to become edupreneurs:

Mar 28, 202230:54
Ep. 9 InPursuit of Customer Service Based Education with Nathaniel Provencio

Ep. 9 InPursuit of Customer Service Based Education with Nathaniel Provencio

Nathaniel Provencio has worked in the public education field for over 20 years as a classroom teacher, building administrator, and associate superintendent. During his tenure as a principal, he assisted his school in becoming a national model professional learning community and was the winner of the 2019 Richard DuFour Model PLC school of the year.

Nathaniel has been honored as the 2017 Prince William County, Virginia principal of the year, the 2017 Washington Post Principal of the Year and the 2019 Virginia National Distinguished Principal of the Year.

Nathaniel is the author of Community Connections and Your PLC at Work, which focuses on how schools can utilize the professional learning community framework to enhance family and community engagement.

Nathaniel currently is a national educational leadership consultant and works with school leaders and teacher teams across the country implementing practices and frameworks that ensure all students and families are learning at high levels.

Contact Nathaniel:

Twitter @ProvenPrincipal

Linked in:

Consulting through Solution Tree

Mar 18, 202242:02
Ep. 8 InPursuit of a Love for Math with Allison Dillard

Ep. 8 InPursuit of a Love for Math with Allison Dillard

Allison Dillard is a math professor at Irvine Valley College, where she teaches Statistics and remedial math. She is the host of the Allison Loves Math Podcast, where she interviews trailblazers in math education about how to set our students up for success in math, STEM, school, and life. And, she is the author of multiple Amazon bestselling books, including: Crush Hypothesis Testing, a best-selling statistics book that details her and Professor Jennifer Flenner’s 5-Step Method for teaching Hypothesis Testing Crush Math Now, a best-selling Amazon book packed with all the advice Allison has given students over the years on math mindset, study skills, and test-taking strategies. Love Math Journal: A growth mindset journal with prompts, affirmations and reflections to help 4th-8th grade students to build confidence in and love math. Allison has a Master’s in Mathematics from Claremont Graduate University, where she was the recipient of fellowships from the National Science Foundation, Boeing, and Los Alamos National Lab. She has a B.A. in English and a B.A. in Mathematics from Scripps College, where she received the Reed Institute’s award for “Excellence in Problem Analysis and Problem Solving in Decision Science.” When she is not teaching, writing, or podcasting, you’ll find Allison playing board games with her husband, coaching her kids’ soccer teams and dreaming up new ways to convince the world that math is awesome. Her love for math is legendary.

Contact Info:



Phone: 626-824-7609


You can get a free copy of Allison's open educational resource, Raise Your Math Grade, at

Social Media Links:


Twitter @AllisonLuvsMath

Instagram @allisonlovesmath



Mar 02, 202240:31
Ep. 6 InPursuit of Resilience and Individualized Learning with Dr. Stacy Hawthorne

Ep. 6 InPursuit of Resilience and Individualized Learning with Dr. Stacy Hawthorne

Dr. Stacy Hawthorne is the Director of Online Programs for the Davidson Academy and an experienced educational strategist having implemented blended and online learning programs in public, parochial, and independent schools in California, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas, Nevada, Ohio Virginia, and Georgia. Several of the school districts with which she has worked are members of the Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools and one district was profiled by the U.S. Department of Education’s Future Ready campaign. Stacy began her consulting career with Evergreen Education Group, authors of Keeping Pace with Digital Learning. Previously, As the technology coordinator for a public school district, Stacy authored and implemented an Ohio Board of Regents Blended Learning Grant which created a transformative rotational blended model. Stacy also has several years of gifted education teaching experience which led her to her role today.

Contact her:

Feb 15, 202238:55
Ep. 7 InPursuit of Workplace Transformation with Jeremy Blain

Ep. 7 InPursuit of Workplace Transformation with Jeremy Blain

Jeremy is the Chief executive of PerformanceWorks International (PWI), a company that helps organisations, executive boards, leaders, and teams succeed in the digital climate amidst disruption, opportunity, and uncertainty.

Jeremy combines business transformation expertise, leadership knowledge and commercial success as an international CEO and executive board officer in the UK and Asia, with his experience as a corporate and human capital professional of over 30 years.
He has operated on an international basis to launch successful businesses and to turn underperformance into excellence. This has included a 7-year period as CEO for an international consultancy company based in Singapore, operating from India to the Pacific.
Jeremy is proven at all stages of the business lifecycle, from start-up to internationalisation, raising profiles and profits throughout.

Jeremy helps leaders and managers define strategies to implement digital and human transformations for the modern workplace, through consulting, modern training techniques and operational coaching. He and his team engage executive boards, senior leaders, and management, to develop fit for purpose plans that drive culture change at operational level, to embed the required skills for successful modernisation across the organisation.

Jeremy has been recognised for the third consecutive year by his industry peers and customers, being named International GameChanger© of the year for 2019, 2020 and 2021 in the ACQ5 Global Awards for his work on #digitaltransformation #leadershiptransformation, #HR4.0 and #workforcetransformation.

Jeremy is a regular keynote speaker, researcher, and author of over thirty industry white papers. He is also a regular media commentator and has received coverage in high profile publications including Forbes, CEO Today, Medium, The Times of London, Dialogue by DUKE CE, BusinessMatters, HRM, HR Online, and more.

Jeremy holds a BA (hons.) from Sheffield University, UK; and a Master of Management in International Business (MMgt) from the Australian Institute of Business, Adelaide, Australia; and is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors in London, U.K. (FIoD)

“Jeremy’s focus has always been to cascade global best practice at local level and vice-versa. He is the kind of driven manager that everyone values for his ability to commit to delivering results. At the same time, he is humble and keen to learn from others. I’d strongly refer to Jeremy anyone involved in digital and human transformation of their organisation, business and people.”

Executive Board member, Multinational b2b organisation.

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Ep. 5 InPursuit of the Human Side Business with Amanda HarNess
Feb 02, 202239:11
Ep. 4 InPursuit of Quality Course Design Across Modalities with Brenda Boyd
Jan 27, 202251:12
Ep. 3 InPursuit of Building Trauma Resilience through Storytelling with Karen Gross

Ep. 3 InPursuit of Building Trauma Resilience through Storytelling with Karen Gross

Karen Gross is an educator, author and artist. A former professor, college president and senior policy advisor to the

US Dept. of Education, she currently teaches at Rutgers School of Social Work. She specializes in trauma and its

impact on individuals and organizations with an emphasis on student success and crisis leadership. She writes a

children's book series titled Lady Lucy's Quest that is trauma sensitive; to date, she has read to more than 3500

children across the globe.

Karen Gross

Twitter: @KarenGrossEdu

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Ep. 2 InPursuit of a Flexed Learning Model with Principal Nathan Gorsch

Ep. 2 InPursuit of a Flexed Learning Model with Principal Nathan Gorsch

Nathan Gorsch is the founding principal of Village High School in Academy School District 20 in Colorado Springs.  He became principal of a completely online program and worked with a team to develop a blended/hybrid approach that saw the school grow from 25 students to over 400 students in 6 years. Nathan has a passion for school redesign and creating meaningful learning experiences for students. Prior to The Village, Nathan served as a teacher, coach, middle school assistant principal, high school assistant principal and has served on numerous district, state and national committees.

Nathan holds Bachelor’s Degrees from Lincoln (Illinois) Christian University and Illinois State University.  He has a Masters of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction from Colorado Christian University and completed his principal licensure program at the University of Denver.

Jan 13, 202245:00
Ep. 1 InPursuit of New Beginnings

Ep. 1 InPursuit of New Beginnings

Welcome to the InPursuit Podcast where we aim to Inspire, Inform & Entertain. In this first episode, Melanie and Rachel kick things off with a discussion about the intention and focus for this new initiative. 

Our guests hail from the fields of education, nonprofit and small business. We amplify their inspiring stories of personal and societal impact, while also providing a platform for them to share their unique expertise and important lessons in leadership, strategy and operations.

New episodes are released every Thursday, anywhere you listen to your podcasts. You can support us by hitting subscribe, providing a rating/review or sharing this podcast with a friend.

Learn more about InPursuit...


Instagram:  @inpursuitresearch

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Ep. 34 The Little Things Make the Biggest Impact with Brent Coley
Dec 16, 202145:42
Ep. 33 The Magic of International Exposure on Learning with Kristin Montgomery

Ep. 33 The Magic of International Exposure on Learning with Kristin Montgomery

Take a trip around the world with Kristin Montgomery, as we explore education and the impact that international experiences bring to classroom teachers and their students.

Kristin Montgomery is an international educator originally from Wisconsin.  She decided to get her teaching license after spending a year working as an English assistant in a bilingual school in Madrid.  License in hand, she jetted off to teach French and Spanish at a boarding school in Switzerland and later in Singapore.  Kristin came back to Wisconsin to teach Spanish Dual Language Immersion in public schools for six years and is currently on a year leave from that job to teach in Medellín, Colombia.  She is an advocate for language learning and language learners.  Kristin has visited all 50 states and over 50 countries and counting!

Contact Kristin:

Instagram: GrowingGlobalCitizens

Facebook: Growing.Global.Citizens

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Ep. 32 Bridging the Gap; Pedagogy, Subject Matter Expertise and Technology with Holly Owens

Ep. 32 Bridging the Gap; Pedagogy, Subject Matter Expertise and Technology with Holly Owens

Join our conversation with EdTech Expert Holly Owens as we talk all things technology and the learning experience. 

Holly Owens is a Senior Instructional Designer with Academic Partnerships. She has over 15 years of experience in education in various roles, including high school educator, instructional technologist, and podcast host. Holly has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses in education, and instructional design. She has a B.A. in American Studies from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, two master's degrees, one in Instructional Technology, and another in Distance Learning from the University of Maryland, Global Campus. Holly is currently pursuing her doctorate in Education Administration and Leadership with Touro University Nevada and hopes to graduate in Spring 2022. She has a passion for online learning and the opportunities this modality brings to students around the world.

Holly is also a small business owner & podcast host. Her business, Jolly Holly Ed Services, offers professional services for those that want to transition to a career in instructional design as well as providing higher education institutions with support in developing online courses and programs.

Her podcast, EdUp EdTech is a go-to resource to stay updated with the latest and greatest Ed Tech tools that are disturbing (in a good way) education. Holly has interviewed CEOs, Founders, and EdTech innovators who are changing the landscape of education by making learning more accessible, fun, and engaging.

She lives in Myrtle Beach, SC with her two furbabies, Kolton and Lola.

Contact Holly: 



Twitter: @ihollyo

Instagram: @edup_edtech

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Ep.31 The Powerful and Empowering World of Workforce Development with Micaela Alpers
Nov 18, 202141:13
Ep. 30 The Intersection of EdTech and Human Connection with Dr. Sam Fecich

Ep. 30 The Intersection of EdTech and Human Connection with Dr. Sam Fecich

You won't want to miss this week's chat on EdTech and Human Connection with Dr. Sam Fecich, author of EduMagic. 

Fueled by pumpkin spice lattes and a passion for raising up the next generation of teachers, Dr. Sam Fecich uses her EduMagic to train future  educators of excellence. Her goal is to help students become an excellent educator during college and beyond! She empower aspiring educators to take the lead in their learning through her books, podcast, speaking, and courses.

Follow her at: Instagram & Twitter @SFecich

Find her book EduMagic: A Guide for Preservice Teachers on Amazon 

Nov 11, 202131:31
Ep. 29 Leveraging PLC's to Design a Culture of Collaboration & Change with Chad Dumas
Nov 04, 202138:21
Ep. 28 Placing Students in the Driver's Seat Through Self-Directed Experiences with Robert Andrew Wagner
Oct 28, 202148:52
Ep. 27 Dissolving Math Waffles with Katie Nall, PhD

Ep. 27 Dissolving Math Waffles with Katie Nall, PhD

In this episode, Dr. Katie Nall provides us with an insight into how she designed a career around helping people overcome their fears and trauma...and it all started with math. 

Although Dr. Katie Nall's degrees are in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and Mathematics Education, her passion is showing others how to dissolve their WAFFLES - worry, anxiety, fear, frustration, exhaustion and stress. She is a TEDx Speaker and has practiced Emotional Freedom Technique since 2010. She is also a Master Trainer and Advanced Certified Practitioner with training in trauma and Quantum Tapping. 

Contact her at:

IG: katienallphd

FB: ktnall

LinkedIn: Katie Nall PhD

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Ep. 26 Community & Nail Polish; Learning through Everyday Experiences with Nicole Vick

Ep. 26 Community & Nail Polish; Learning through Everyday Experiences with Nicole Vick

In addition to her impressive nail polish collection and impeccable style, Nicole has a passion for public health and serving her community. In this episode, she describes the "always learning" mentality that has allowed her to step into spaces with an open mind and open heart, and she pays it forward by sharing her knowledge and expertise, as well as opening doors for others behind her. 

Nicole Vick is a public health advocate, educator, civic leader, and fashion and beauty aficionado. For the last fifteen years, she has worked with stakeholders, community organizations, and residents to improve health and prevent disease in some of Los Angeles County’s most underserved communities. She is also a professor and loves to infuse her lived experience and work experience into her lectures.

She is a proud resident of South Central Los Angeles! From the Board Room to her backyard, her love of community manifests in many ways. She has opened her home to the community by hosting pop-up shops to support local businesses owned by black women and create awareness of the benefits of shopping local. She also helps women embrace their bodies and find their sense of style without breaking the bank.

Check out her books:

Pushing Through: Finding the Light in Every Lesson (2020)

Also, check out her workbook...coming soon! 

Contact her:

Oct 14, 202142:04
Ep. 25 Litigation and the 3 Little Pigs; Modeling Career Paths for Young Learners with Brittany Hale

Ep. 25 Litigation and the 3 Little Pigs; Modeling Career Paths for Young Learners with Brittany Hale

In this week's episode, Brittany Hale shares how she applies her litigation background and unique experiences to make a positive impact on the students she serves as Board President of Rahway Board of Education.

Brittany S. Hale is the founder and CEO of BND Consulting Group. After graduating from Boston University School of Law, Brittany worked as a Securities Litigation Analyst at Bloomberg LP and eventually began to develop legal marketing strategies for her clients. Her results-oriented approach led her into trial work representing a Fortune 500 company where she obtained a 100% trial success rate in superior and appellate courts.

In 2016, Brittany used her skills as a former Obama Organizing Fellow to run for office and became one of the youngest black women to hold office in her state. She distilled her experience in litigation, politics, and marketing to develop BND Consulting Group, which helps companies codify, clarify, and elevate core values as an operational framework for decision making to establish a competitive advantage. She provides cultural assessments, equity, and board alignment strategies, and employee engagement workshops for enterprise, government, and startup clients alike.

Brittany is the Vice-Chair of The Gem Project, a non-profit which provides leadership and educational workshops for students in economically depressed communities. She also serves as the youngest woman ever on the Rahway Redevelopment Agency, where she evaluates developers looking to launch development projects in the city. In August 2020, she developed the first municipal Social Justice Commission in New Jersey and currently serves as an Executive Director. She is a 2021 New Leaders Council Fellow, serves on the Rutgers University Dean’s Cabinet, and is one of the top 20 Millennials on InsiderNJ’s 2021 Top 100 Millennials List.

Contact her:

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Ep. 24 Humanity over Pageantry; the True Secret to Business Success with Michael Glazer

Ep. 24 Humanity over Pageantry; the True Secret to Business Success with Michael Glazer

It is not everyday that you engage with a person for the first time and realize you hold nearly identical shared values. It not only leads to great conversation but meaningful connection. Join me on that discovery in this week's episode with Michael Glazer. 

Michael Glazer is a leadership coach, organizational development consultant and corporate trainer whose client work spans 15 countries across four continents. He speaks English and Japanese and has worked with leaders at companies including Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, Dyson, Mitsubishi and Hitachi. Michael has also guest lectured at Kyoto University and at the United States Air Force Academy.

Michael’s coaching focuses on working with next-generation senior leaders in Japan and Asia-Pacific. He has led leadership and coaching skills workshops for thousands of Fortune 500 professionals in the healthcare, IT, manufacturing, luxury brand, automotive, financial services, CPG and trading industries.

People First is his mantra. It guides how he collaborates with others to help them create their own paths to success and growth – and to inspire them to help others to grow and succeed. Michael has broad experiences as a commercial and global functional head at leading firms including Morgan Stanley, public relations firm Burson-Marsteller (now BCW) and Dell.

Michael earned a BA from the University of North Carolina, an MA from the University of Colorado and an external coaching certificate from the Teachers College Columbia University (C3P). He is a Coach AcceleratorTM Enhanced Practitioner and was trained by the former global head of executive coaching at Google. Michael holds Saville Consulting and Lumina Practitioner accreditations, and he is a Ken Blanchard Companies certified trainer in SLII and Leading People Through Change. Michael is also an active member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

Conversation References:

NYT Article on Languishing by Adam Grant:

Contact him at:

Sep 23, 202153:37
Ep 23 Leadership Lessons Found In Life Passions with Dr. Amanda Smith
Sep 16, 202137:58
Ep. 22 Revolutionizing Education Through Community with Dr. Walter Balsar
Sep 10, 202101:00:57
Ep. 21 Finding the Chink in an Organization's Armor with Jessica Katz

Ep. 21 Finding the Chink in an Organization's Armor with Jessica Katz

How can the elephant in the room can be a valuable learning tool? Find out more in my conversation with Jessica Katz. 

Jessica Katz is a trainer, mentor and coach through Liberated Elephant. Jessica is passionate about working with individuals, teams, leaders, and organizations to help people discover and nurture their authentic selves. With this new knowledge, Jessica helps them uncover solutions that move them forward on their journey. Her methodology is informed by Agile values, principles, and practices - creating a safe space for clients to be wholly themselves without judgement.

5 years of experience in Agile coaching including: teaching and mentoring a team or individual towards embracing agile mindsets, coaching individuals and teams to emerge on their own solutions, providing conflict mediation, and encouraging increased emotional intelligence with the intent to provide greater personal engagement and team cohesion.

9 years of experience implementing Agile methodologies with a focus on Scrum and Kanban.

Skilled at breaking down complex high-level management goals into discrete steps to be integrated into the continuous improvement process while maintaining alignment with existing and new corporate goals.

Ability to manage creative talent under evolving management demands to help deliver a quality product.

Capable of identifying likely risks and trade-off decisions, communicating both to relevant stakeholders and working with them to define how those will be addressed.

Contact Jessica:

Linked in:

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Ep. 20 Why Everyone is a Data Person with Dr. Amelia Parnell

Ep. 20 Why Everyone is a Data Person with Dr. Amelia Parnell

Join Rachel and I as we gain insights and inspirations from Dr. Amelia Parnell on the current state of Higher Education and the value of inclusivity with our teams. 

Amelia Parnell is vice president for research and policy at NASPA – Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, where she and leads many of the Association’s scholarly and advocacy-focused activities. Amelia’s policy and practitioner experiences include prior roles in association management, legislative policy analysis, internal audit, and TRIO programs.

Amelia writes and speaks frequently about topics related to student affairs, college affordability, student learning outcomes, leadership in higher education, and institutions’ use of data and analytics. She is the author of the forthcoming book, You Are a Data Person: Strategies for Using Analytics on Campus and host of the new podcast, Speaking of College.

Amelia currently serves on the board of directors for EDUCAUSE and is an advisor to several other higher education organizations. She holds a Ph.D. in higher education from Florida State University and masters and bachelor’s degrees in business administration from Florida A & M University.

Contact her on Linked in at

Aug 23, 202149:11
Ep. 19 Making Education Relevant Through Powerful Partnerships with Dr. Otis Smallwood

Ep. 19 Making Education Relevant Through Powerful Partnerships with Dr. Otis Smallwood

Dr. Otis Smallwood is the Superintendent of the Bertie County School District in North Carolina. Dr. Smallwood has personally experienced education from every angle. He began his career as a high school mathematics teacher in my former high school, taught a year of first grade (disastrous), drove a school bus, then taught on the middle school level. He later became District-wide lead teacher math/science and a Middle School Administrator.

From there, Dr. Smallwood went on to serve at the district level in IT, Testing/Accountability then went on to serve as an Asst Superintendent in Human Resources/Auxiliary Services for 11 years in a district in southeast NC

Dr. Smallwood is a servant leader who believes in democratic leadership practices and the power of positive relationships. Most importantly he believe educators practice heart work and not hard work!

Contact him:

Aug 05, 202159:09
Ep. 18 Generational Differences in Education & Changing Campus Culture with Greg Caprara

Ep. 18 Generational Differences in Education & Changing Campus Culture with Greg Caprara

A deep dive into campus culture and the differences that generational intentions play in fundraising and our relationship to the college experience. 

Greg Caprara is the Owner of Certantum Strategies, providing fractional work as a C-level executive at the intersection of technology, Medicine, and education. Greg uses his unique experience in higher ed, K-12 education, and technology entrepreneurship to help companies navigate the ecosystems of higher education accelerators and private enterprise. Certantum clients reside in the Fintech and Medtech spaces with a focus on building strategic and tactical plans for SaaS products to improve fundraising effectiveness and medical care efficiency. Greg also provides connectivity for seed stage and advanced round start up funding.

Greg holds a Master of Strategic Leadership from the University Charleston. He frequently lectures and moderates discussions at Duquesne University, California University of Pennsylvania and West Virginia Universities Vantage Ventures program.

Contact him at:

Greg Caprara
Certantum Strategies 724-987-8400

Aug 05, 202143:31