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Gospel for Life

Gospel for Life

By Darryl Dash

A podcast about churches making disciples. Hosted by Darryl Dash.
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The Influential Mentor: Learning from Howard Hendricks

Gospel for LifeNov 13, 2023

The Influential Mentor: Learning from Howard Hendricks
Nov 13, 202338:05
The Lies that Bind with Chris Quiring
Oct 30, 202340:02
Faithfully Present with Adam Ramsey

Faithfully Present with Adam Ramsey

Key Ideas

  • We’ve always struggled with the temptation to transcend our limits, but technology gives us new opportunities.
  • We need to live in reality, appreciate the ordinary, and find glory in the present moment. No more chasing constant "mountaintop experiences."
  • Living in the here and now means glorifying God in our current circumstances and surroundings.
  • Slowing down and finding rest amidst the chaos of our hyperconnected world is essential for our well-being and productivity.
  • Remember, God is always present with us, even in the midst of the most challenging times or seasons of life.

We all have an idea in our minds of how we think life should go, and then real life happens.

“We’ve only tasted the entree, the hors d'oeuvres of the fullness of life in God. We have the fullness of that life yet to come as the Kingdom of God breaks into this world, as the new creation becomes a new permanent reality.”

“You're not awesome. You're loved, and that's awesome.”

“While we should absolutely pray for and enjoy such mountaintop experiences with God, we need to, as pastors, we need to teach our people of the glory of the ordinary, the glory of plodding, the joy of simply being attentive to the life, the relationships, the geographic spaces that we inhabit, and to go, What does it look like to glorify God here in this space?”

“The one thing that we owe absolutely to God is never to be afraid of anything.” (Charles de Foucauld)

Read the full show notes (including a transcript) at

Oct 16, 202346:54
A Short Guide to Spiritual Disciplines with Mason King

A Short Guide to Spiritual Disciplines with Mason King

On this episode of Gospel for Life, host Darryl Dash is joined by Mason King, pastor at the Village Church in Texas and author of A Short Guide to Spiritual Disciplines: How to Become a Healthy Christian.

The book goes beyond basic spiritual practices and discusses areas that are often neglected such as attention, emotions, and limits. Mason shares insights on how to find real joy in submitting to God and living within limits, the importance of being biblically literate and theologically sound, and how to handle emotions and manage burnout. He also reflects on his own journey and shares his own struggles and areas of growth, including managing anger and learning to love oneself as a Christian.

Tune in to this inspiring episode on spiritual growth and discipleship in a secular age.

Episode page

Mar 27, 202335:10
Taking No for an Answer with Blake Long
Feb 06, 202328:07
The Thrill of Orthodoxy with Trevin Wax
Jan 16, 202342:01
In Good Time with Jen Pollock Michel
Jan 02, 202336:24
Reading the Bible Better with George Guthrie
Dec 12, 202237:09
Earth Filled With Heaven with Aaron Damiani
Nov 28, 202231:40
Sing Loud, Die Happy with Jim Thompson

Sing Loud, Die Happy with Jim Thompson

Singing is a big deal for Christians.

It’s “one of the most repeated commands in Holy Scripture,” according to Jim Thompson, author of Sing Loud, Die Happy: An Exploration of How God's Gift of Song Is Meant to Change Us. “It’s right up there with ‘believe’ and ‘do not fear.’” It’s so important that Martin Luther said, “Next to theology, I give to music the highest place and the greatest honor.”

And yet I’m not sure that many of us have given much thought to why singing matters to us as Christians.

That’s why I’m Thompson wrote this book.

Episode Links

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Check out the book on Amazon.

Nov 14, 202233:36
The Body and the Christian Life with Charlene Dash
Jun 19, 202235:11
Gospel-Centered Discipleship with Jonathan Dodson
May 16, 202236:51
Discipleship in the Local Church with Jamie Strickland
May 02, 202240:07
Heart and Habits with Dr. Gregg Gifford

Heart and Habits with Dr. Gregg Gifford

Many people talk about the importance of habits in the Christian life. But is this topic just a fad? Or do habits help us grow to be more like Christ?

In his book Heart & Habits, Dr. Greg Gifford helps us understand habits from a biblical, historic, and theological perspective. He also helps us learn how to develop habits God’s way.

Apr 18, 202230:43
Childlike Prayer with Jed Coppenger
Apr 04, 202232:60
Prayers of REST with Asheritah Ciuciu
Mar 21, 202232:01
Gospel Smugness with Blake Long
Mar 07, 202240:20
Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Social media is a gift, but it comes with a dark side. How can we use it wisely?

In his new book Terms of Service, Chris Martin helps us think through the blessings and challenges of living in a social media world.

Chris Martin is a content marketing editor at Moody Publishers and a social media, marketing, and communications consultant. He writes regularly in his newsletter, Terms of Service. Chris lives outside Nashville, Tennessee with his wife, Susie, their daughter, Magnolia, and their dog, Rizzo.

In this episode, Sanders explains how to live faithfully in whatever season God you’re in right now.

Feb 21, 202241:06
The Six Seasons of Calling

The Six Seasons of Calling

What if you don’t have a calling from God, but callings?

In The 6 Seasons of Calling, Brian Sanders argues that God has ordained six basic seasons of life:

  1. Childhood – the season of bonding
  2. Adolescence – the season of learning
  3. Early Career – the season of serving
  4. Mid-Career – the season of creating
  5. Late Career – the season of giving
  6. Transition – the season of leaving

In this episode, Sanders explains how to live faithfully in whatever season God you’re in right now.

Feb 07, 202241:39
Going the Distance with Rusty McKie
Dec 20, 202137:20
Stability with Nathan Oates
Dec 06, 202137:33
What God Has to Say about Our Bodies with Sam Allberry
Nov 22, 202129:19
Rediscover Church with Collin Hansen
Nov 08, 202138:20
When Prayer is a Struggle with Kevin Halloran
Oct 25, 202134:51
Engage the Bible with Michael Bird
Oct 11, 202129:46
Rest and Refresh with Ashley Hales
Sep 27, 202132:02
Making Time with Reagan Rose
Sep 13, 202131:37
Introducing Season 2
Sep 02, 202103:12
Walk With Me by Bill Lowry
Jul 19, 202146:10
Surviving Religion 101 with Dr. Michael Kruger
Jul 04, 202123:53
Getting Over Yourself with Dean Inserra
Jun 21, 202139:52
Embodied with Gregg Allison
Jun 07, 202131:27
The Deeply Formed Life with Rich Villados
May 24, 202130:24
Hears and Doers with Dr. Kevin Vanhoozer
May 10, 202134:38
Discipleship and Gospel-Driven Ministry with Jared C. Wilson
Apr 26, 202147:15
Deep Discipleship with J.T. English
Apr 12, 202132:26
A Habit Called Faith with Jen Pollock Michel
Mar 29, 202141:15
The Wisdom Pyramid with Brett McCracken
Mar 15, 202144:35
Eating Your Bible with Nate Pickowicz
Mar 01, 202117:15
Discipleship In Our Time with Trevin Wax
Feb 15, 202133:21
Introducing Gospel for Life Podcast
Jan 18, 202102:43