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Inspired Creativity

Inspired Creativity

By Joe Longo

Inspire Creativity with Joe Longo. Joe is a Pennsylvania based Transformational & Spirituality Coach, yoga and meditation instructor, and creative photographic content creator. This is a podcast about creativity, spirituality, ascension, with a twist of group coaching and all kinds of techniques to create the life you want to live. There is no time like the present to activate your superpowers and start living your best life.
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Jason Blau Full Moon, Meditation, 2020

Inspired CreativityDec 12, 2019

Friday Five

Friday Five

Things I've been enjoying this week. 

  1. Podcast - The Reality Revolution Podcast with Brian Scott - Listen Now 
  2. Music - Went a little old school this week flashing back to 2015 Only Love is Real from MC Yogi LISTEN NOW
  3. Weekly Mantra - OM - The primordial sound of creation.I had a very strong calling this week to back to the OG sound of OM. See what I just did there? I encourage you to check out this playlist with earbuds or headphones, light some incense and return home to yourself. LISTEN NOW
  4. Book - Single On Purpose: Redefine Everything. Find Yourself First. By John Kim, This book has changed my thinking about all things relationships. BUY NOW 

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Aug 27, 202104:56
Big Announcement!
Jul 27, 202106:54
Everything has been created!
Jun 24, 202110:24
FUD (Fear Uncertainty & Doubt), Crypto Currency, and Thinking for Yourself
Jun 10, 202116:30
Coaching and Summer Offerings
May 25, 202110:41
You're Human
May 23, 202109:35
Manifesting Monday's Week 4 - Celebration
May 17, 202109:18
Manifesting Monday's Week 3

Manifesting Monday's Week 3

Welcome to week 3 this week we are celebrating ourselves and stepping away from putting others down. This week we focus on the good in us and the good in the world. 

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May 10, 202107:39
Conversations About Life Week 5 - Breaking Up

Conversations About Life Week 5 - Breaking Up

This week on Conversations about Life Michael and I are talking with Carri Scattergood about breaking up and divorce. The conversation is more fun than it sounds.

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May 07, 202158:21
Manifesting Mondays Week 2
May 03, 202112:15
Week 4 Conversations about Life Relationships Part 2

Week 4 Conversations about Life Relationships Part 2

Week 4 Conversations about Life Relationships Part 2

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Work with Michael -

Apr 30, 202101:30:03
Manifesting Mondays!
Apr 26, 202113:21
Conversations About Life - Week 3
Apr 23, 202101:03:32
Week 2 Conversations about life.
Apr 16, 202101:01:44
Conversations About Life - Week 1

Conversations About Life - Week 1

Each week I invite you to join me and Michael Barata as we discussing inspiring thought-provoking topics. We’re also planning on having surprise guest appearances. In week one we’ll be discussing
Stories we tell ourselves (neurological aspects, psychological aspects, spiritual aspects, etc.)

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Apr 09, 202101:08:46
Our stories are bullsh*t
Mar 11, 202107:28
Exploring Neville Goddard Rising in Consciousness
Feb 21, 202109:01
Exploring Neville Goddard The Awareness of being as GOD
Feb 14, 202109:04
Being Present in the age of distraction
Dec 08, 202009:30
Chasing VS Attracting

Chasing VS Attracting

This rant is inspired by a TikTok video I released yesterday on this topic and my mind exploded with the comments. If you have to chase after love, a person, a job... 99% of the time that person, job, or love is not for you. Yeah, getting real in this one. Stop chasing and start allowing. 

Follow me on TikTok @joe_longo I get really real over in the land of TikTok and I also do Oracle Card Readings.. 

Come to my website to scope up some holiday sales.

Dec 02, 202013:10
Thanksgiving Manifestation

Thanksgiving Manifestation

in response to this question - Has anyone here had success at hacking abundance? How did you do it? Man I gave it a hell of a try but 2020 is raking me over the coals right now. 

Yes and I'm going to tell you how you can also manifest abundance, joy, love and anything else. 

Nov 24, 202015:15
Manifesting 11/11/2020
Nov 11, 202013:46
You will survive this
Sep 20, 202013:41
Take a moment to be thankful for all you have.
Sep 04, 202013:02
Stop living from the past.
Aug 29, 202008:26
Release Control
Aug 27, 202011:42
You are a SOUL having a human experience.

You are a SOUL having a human experience.

Today's short chat is inspired by an episode of Under The Skin with Russell Brand with spiritual teacher Mooji. I highly recommend giving that episode a listen. 

Your homework with this episode if you choose to accept it. Start treating your human body the same way or better than you treat your car and start thinking of it as the container carrying your soul through this lifetime and really begin living in the now! 

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Aug 24, 202006:09
Energy update - Intuition
Aug 21, 202011:50
My Full Fu*k Yes Life
Aug 17, 202008:46
Worry. Stop It!

Worry. Stop It!

Worry is the misuse of your imagination. Yes, it really is. Take back your imagination and use it for good to start creating the life you want and let the worry go.
Aug 14, 202008:20
Inspiration where does it come from
Aug 13, 202015:54
Feeling is Secret
Aug 09, 202013:37
Words are powerful use them wisely
Aug 05, 202010:26
What! Episode 100!
Aug 02, 202012:59
99 Meditation Tuesday with Jennifer Merritt

99 Meditation Tuesday with Jennifer Merritt

This week is the series finale of Meditation Tuesday and I’m so happy to welcome Jennifer Merrett to the show. Jen will be leading us through a beautiful Magnified Healing meditation.

Magnified Healing is an energy healing modality that I integrate into my sessions, and I also teach Phase One.   It is a wonderful high dimensional healing technique that brings us beautifully into our hearts, connected to our higher-self feeling whole and at peace. It helps us to clear any lower energy, brings in the ‘higher light’, helping us to connect with our higher selves, our purpose, the universe, and the earth.

The training is beneficial to healers and beginners alike. No previous experience in healing is required, just a desire to broaden your perspective, connect with your higher self and to build and share your light. One of the things I love about it is that where ever you are at on your journey, the energy of the technique meets you where you are and takes you to the next level, daily! This suits beginners and spiritual seekers alike.

Jen is a life long student of alternative medicine.  She offers a holistic experience having studied numerous modalities, in massage therapy, energy healing, yoga, and belief and emotional transformation therapies.

Her studies include Massage Therapy at the Institute of Essential Integration and The National Academy of Massage Therapy and Healing Sciences.  Yoga at Yandara Yoga Institute.  Hypnosis with Sharon Muir.   Emotional Freedom Technique at Seeds for Change Wellness Center, Ayurveda Life Counseling at Yoga in Main.

Additional training in: Thai Yoga Massage, Myofacial Release with John Barnes, Reiki, Theta Healing, and the Alba Method.

Follow Jen on Instagram at

And book a session with Jen at her website

Jun 30, 202029:09
98 Meditation Tuesday Brenda McMorrow
Jun 24, 202025:52
97 Meditation Tuesday - Damodar Daniel Cordua

97 Meditation Tuesday - Damodar Daniel Cordua

Welcome to Meditation Tuesday, today I am talking with Damodar Daniel Cordua

Damodar and his wife Radha are the owners of Palo Santo Wellness and Bhava Wellness where they offer space to help guide your personal journey of mind, body, and spirit - specializing in yoga, fitness, movement, meditation, on-going workshops, and healing sessions by an array of talented practitioners. Their boutique provides a variety of beautiful & mystical objects for healing, home, and adornment.  Their apothecary & our in-house product line offer an ever-growing array of holistic health & wellness.

I invite you to find a comfortable seat and enjoy the meditation.

Damodar on Instagram at 

Palo Santo Wellness at @yogapalosantowellness

Bhava Yoga at @bhavawellness

Jun 16, 202057:38
96 Meditation Tuesday Cailin Callahan
Jun 09, 202039:34
95 Meditation Tuesday - Kelly Kamm Orange Tara Meditation
Jun 02, 202024:37
94 - Meditation Tuesday Sound Healing with Audrey Drake

94 - Meditation Tuesday Sound Healing with Audrey Drake

May 26, 202034:12


My old school bestie Kate Brenton is back on the show and we are talking about all of the things. Yes, all of the things from spirit guides, downloads from your guides, aliens, and higher-self, we also ask two hard questions.. Do coaches need coaches and do you think Donald Trump has any friends?

Enjoy the ride of this episode.

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Listen to the Soberish Podcast I was speaking about with Jessa Reed - CLICK HERE 

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May 19, 202056:25
92 Meditation Tuesday
May 19, 202011:41
91 Check-in and show updates
May 14, 202012:25
90 Brandon Everette Meditation in the Apocalypse

90 Brandon Everette Meditation in the Apocalypse

Today I am talking with Brandon Everette about meditation and mindfulness in the new world. Not only do we talk about meditation we each share our struggles in as we moved through the lockdown.

Branson is a hospice nurse, meditation and mindfulness teacher and most recently the host of the new podcast Living Wisdom 

The Living Wisdom Podcast was founded with the intention of:

  1. Making access to mindfulness more accessible and available.
  2. Advancing the discourse supporting and surrounding mindfulness.
  3. Provide context and practices for learning and deepening your mindfulness practice.

Follow Brandon on Instagram at @brandonreverett and Living Wisdom Podcast at livingwisdompodcast

May 05, 202056:29
89 Locked in and single
Apr 21, 202001:34:26
88 Monday Energy & Card Reading for the collective
Apr 20, 202020:17
87 Daily Oracle & Energy Reading
Apr 17, 202020:02
86 Lockdown checkin

86 Lockdown checkin

I have been slacking on the podcast but I’m trying to stay motivated to keep them coming at you. Quick check-in and some updates on FREE coaching sessions, t-shirts, and weekly meditations and extended practices happening to help keep you connected and supported.

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Apr 16, 202018:55
85 Coffee Talk Check-in

85 Coffee Talk Check-in

It’s been a minute but I’m back with a little community check-in I’ll try to keep the weekly schedule flowing with the show.

Please join me in some of my online offerings CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO 

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Apr 02, 202015:38
Jeanette Sealy 84
Mar 19, 202001:01:33