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Inspiring Music Teachers Podcast

Inspiring Music Teachers Podcast

By Jessica Sudduth

The Inspiring Music Teachers Podcast is here to support, encourage, and celebrate the incredible music teachers around us who are changing lives through music every day. Your host Jessica Sudduth will introduce you to music educators around the world who are doing exciting things in the classroom, private studio, concert hall, and community and inspire you to keep pursuing excellence in your teaching as you follow your dreams. We'll also touch on business tips and tools for entrepreneurial music educators who are building their own creative businesses.
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BTS 2020 with voice teacher Nicole Avesani

Inspiring Music Teachers PodcastSep 20, 2020

BTS 2020 with voice teacher Nicole Avesani

BTS 2020 with voice teacher Nicole Avesani

We're kicking off 2020 with our Back to School Series, where we chat with music teachers in a variety of situations to see how they're adapting their teaching due to the Covid19 pandemic.

In this episode, I talk with Nicole Avesani and discuss the transitions Covid has forced us to make, how her studio has continued to thrive, and how she's made online lessons a success. 

You can connect with Nicole on IG at @avesanivoicestudio or on her FB page, Avesani Voice Studio.

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Sep 20, 202041:39
Success in the Music Classroom with Franklin Willis

Success in the Music Classroom with Franklin Willis

"Success looks different on everybody." Our guest today is Franklin Willis, music teacher, instructional coach, public speaker, business owner, dad, and inspiring music teacher. In this episode we talk about ... a lot ... from student engagement and building meaningful student relationships to race in the classroom and building a side business as a music teacher.

Follow Franklin Willis at or visit to shop teacher apparel.

Free Virtual Conference May 15-16 2020: Learn about Tourette Syndrome at the annual conference -- online and free this year -- and better equip yourself to support students with special needs.  Visit for more information. 

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May 13, 202001:07:35
Branding Your Music Business with Sara Campbell
Feb 13, 202045:11
Jewish Music & Musical Community with Ellen Allard
Jan 22, 202041:18
Teaching Music to Deaf Students with Kelly Surette

Teaching Music to Deaf Students with Kelly Surette

How do you reach students with music when they are not able to hear?  It seems like an impossible task. But Kelly Surette is an adaptive music instructor who will inspire you to truly believe that ALL children can and should participate in musical experiences.  Her upcoming book Creative Miracles: A Practitioner’s Guide to Adaptive Music Instruction, about her experience over the last decade teaching music to students with special needs and those who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing with disabilities, will equip you with practical tips and inspiring stories to prepare YOU to reach all students with music. And her blog focuses on all things music teacher, teaching music to special needs, how to make your music school more inclusive, and other topics important to today's music teacher. In addition to teaching music, Kelly is a mom of two, and she also talks with us about balancing creative work with motherhood, how she was inspired to start writing, and the importance of pursuing your own passions. Visit our show sponsor: Beautiful Besos now offers Crunchi®. These products are made with a combination of safe, certified organic, and EcoCert ingredients. Utilizing years of compiled evidence based research and safety data, and research from non-profit health organizations, they have thoughtfully selected ingredients that will not put your health at risk. Learn more here. Resources & Links: Music Teacher Business Launchpad Small Group Mastermind application IG: @musicbusinessmom Connect with Kelly: Adaptive Music Maker Blog Kelly's Website IG: @adaptive_music_maker  FB: Kelly Surette About Kelly: Kelly attended The Boston Conservatory as a musical theater major and received her Bachelor of Arts in Theater from Merrimack College. Kelly holds her Masters in Science in Music Industry Leadership from Northeastern University with a concentration in Entrepreneurship (selected RISE participant – Research, Innovation, and Scholarships Expo.) Kelly currently works as an adaptive music instructor at The Children’s Center for Communication and The Beverly School for the Deaf. Prior to working at CCCBSD, Kelly was the Executive Director of Amplifi Adaptive Music Programs, an organization that provided adaptive music programming for those with developmental, physical, and intellectual disabilities. Kelly was also a voice, piano, and musical theater teacher for many years at several local music schools including The Music Academy of Chelmsford, The Real School of Music, and Performing Arts Programs. Kelly is the composer of the musical Miles to Amelia (a 2013 NYMF candidate), Given The Musical, and Never Saw Gray Like This Before (winner of the Merrimack College Award for Social Justice, The Campus Catalyst Grant, and for this work Kelly was a nominated member of the Women’s Leadership Seminar.) Kelly is a proud graduate of The Greater Hartford Academy of the Performing Arts.   Kelly lives in Groveland, Massachusetts with her husband, Kristopher, and their two beautiful daughters, Brielle and Chelsea.
Oct 10, 201943:30
Building an Online Presence with Megan Kuhar

Building an Online Presence with Megan Kuhar

On this (the very first!) episode of the Inspiring Music Teachers Podcast, Megan Kuhar joins us to discuss cultivating an online presence as a musician and BIG concerns that hold us back from successful online marketing.  Megan is a Professor of Music Technology at Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory of Music where she teaches about branding, marketing, and technologies like video & web design and holds degrees in music & arts management (BA), audio engineering (AAS), and music technology with a focus in social media marketing (MM). She ran an audio/video recording business that was recognized by Chris Guillebeau's Side Hustle School and has been published in Eastman School of Music's "Innovate. Music. Lead." magazine for her article "Technology in Arts Entrepreneurship Curriculum".  Megan has taught music educators & musicians how to build websites, create marketing plans, develop their brand, make videos, record podcasts, and embrace social media as a method of authentically promoting their work.  She helps musicians build their brand and finds their fans, and today she'll be talking with us about how to leverage social media and online marketing effectively. Be sure to follow us on IG at @musicbusinessmom and join us in the FB group, Music Teacher Business Launchpad. You can connect with today's guest, Megan Kuhar here: FREE 30 day content calendar: Instagram: @megankuhar Podcast: Fan Finder Podcast FB Group: Fan Finder Forum FB Page: Megan Kuhar, Marketing Technology Coach
Sep 25, 201934:05
Get Inspired with the Inspiring Music Teachers Podcast!

Get Inspired with the Inspiring Music Teachers Podcast!

Welcome to the Inspiring Music Teachers Podcast where we connect music educators with the business tools, entrepreneurial skills, and encouragement they need to turn their talents, skills, and passions into a business that fits their life goals. On this podcast we’ll be showcasing musicians and other creative entrepreneurs who have found ways to make it happen and digging into the big questions facing music teachers in their entrepreneurial journeys.

My name is Jessica Dutton. I’m a musician, teacher, business owner, professional pep talker, and mom of three. I help music teachers develop the business skills and strategies they didn’t learn in school to achieve their dreams of starting their own businesses. I’m here to get you inspired and connected with the answers and ideas you need to launch and run your own successful music business. And no matter what stage of the journey you’re at… I’m here, cheering for you.

Episode 1 launches soon with our guest, Megan Kuhar!

Sep 24, 201901:54