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Interview with a Contrarian

Interview with a Contrarian

By The Aristotle Foundation for Public Policy

Interview with a Contrarian is a new podcast series brought to you by the Aristotle Foundation for Public Policy. Each episode we speak with experts on political and cultural issues facing Canada today. We hope you enjoy the show.
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What makes for a thriving civilization?

Interview with a ContrarianOct 12, 2023

What makes for a thriving civilization?
Oct 12, 202301:17:17
JFK and conspiracy theories
Feb 10, 202301:17:01
Liberty and the Protestant religion in Canada
Nov 16, 202247:51
Shared values and citizenship in Canada
Oct 17, 202201:03:24
The Freedom Convoy
Aug 26, 202258:53
Fleeing woke politics: A Canadian immigrant's second thoughts
Aug 03, 202201:02:41
The roots of violent crime in America
Jul 08, 202201:13:05
Can we ever rid the world of tyranny?
May 13, 202201:09:30