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EP 1, How Loan Comps Work with Tom Ward

Into The StormMay 01, 2019

The Blind Side | Jerod Johnson | EP08

The Blind Side | Jerod Johnson | EP08

Nothing was directly handed to highly successful REALTOR®, Jerod Johnson. Growing up, Jerod maneuvered through his adolescent years with his head held high, maintaining a goal of doing whatever it may take to find his own success. Dedication, curiosity, and an unwavering commitment to his future, are only some of Jerod’s core characteristics that have aided him to prosperity along his life path. Jerod leaves no discredit to the critical friends-turned-family who took him under their wing, opening a vault of present and future opportunities. Tune in to follow the inspirational story of a young real estate professional that is far from over, and continuing to evolve with every new day.


1:59 – How It All Started

4:53 – Finding a Mentor

15:15 – Networking

17:05 – No Excuses, Just Bring Back the Boat

22:45 – Professional Career Beginnings

27:00 – Falling Back on Your Network

28:30 – Defining Jerod’s Brand

41:06 – Navigating Today’s Market

47:09 – Social Media’s Role in Jerod’s Marketing Strategy

50:24 – Next Steps

58:40 – Do-It Mentality

1:06:30 – Nurturing Relationships

1:08:55 – Looking for the Right People at Bison Ventures




“’Nobody cares about the storms you’ve traveled; all they care is did you bring back the boat.’” – Mike San Roman

Jerod (00:07:24):

Yeah. Yeah. And I think it's extremely, I think it's mostly knowledge based. I think people undervalue the true value of somebody that's done successful things in their life. Their knowledge is extremely valuable. And and that's kind of what I've been able to do well is kind of siphon off the knowledge and, and just listen. So that's why whenever we go somewhere and I ask, what does this person do for a living? Yeah. it's more cuz I just want to know how they got there. Cuz if it's interesting enough, I'll, I'll try and mimic the steps. Most of the time somebody's done it. And so that's what happened with Zach. I remember we went to a school dance and then after he was having friends over and so we went to his place, his dad drove us and I remember pulling up to his house and, and seeing it and I was, I'd never seen a house this big.

Trisha (00:37:57): 

More on him. What is your favorite movie? I'll give you an easy one. Whew.

Jerod (00:38:02):

It's probably the blind side. Yeah, it's just it's shocker. Yeah, it doesn't, it definitely doesn't correlate in terms of any of his story. It's just the, the humbling feeling of watching it and just seeing somebody go so far out of their way to take care of somebody that just, they, they had no clue who he was. Yeah. And then giving him an opportunity. I, I think it just relates to my life on that sense. But any of that story really doesn't match mine at all.

Jul 14, 202201:21:12
Hip to be Square | Ed Drummond | EP07
Jun 30, 202201:05:09
Born & Bred | Sam Levy | EP06
Jun 22, 202250:08
Addicted to the Hustle | Lauren Rosin | EP05

Addicted to the Hustle | Lauren Rosin | EP05

Although Lauren Rosin has spent the entirety of her adulthood in the Valley, her New York roots are undeniable. She is fearless, feisty, and unabashedly committed to her craft and addicted to the hustle.  She offers a unique combination of education – a Masters in Real Estate Development from the W.P. Carey School of Business – and almost twenty years of real-world experience in two of the nation’s most competitive markets, Metro Phoenix and San Diego.   This firecracker has parlayed her experience with trustee sales, fix and flips, investment holdings, and mortgage lending (and more!) into a robust enterprise anchored by her retail real estate company, the RosinTeam at eXp Realty. 

the Wild West of trustee sales (3:45)

building her first team (8:25)

1Listing = 5 Deals (10:18)

the eXp Realty Movement (11:35)

masterminds (15:45)

Entrepreneurs' Organization (19:50)

having multiple streams of income (23:45)

the biggest regret of her career (28:15)

leveraging the brand, systems, and partners (34:00)

advice for high schoolers (41:25)

coaching and giving back (44:40)

RosinTeam Website


  • 480.613.9091  



Facebook - Rosin Team Business Page 



Arizona State University W. P. Carey Master of Real Estate Development (MRED)

ASU Palm Walk Virtual Tour 

Entrepreneurs' Organization   


The Go-Giver by Bob Burg  

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie 

Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It by Chris Voss 

Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman 

Jun 15, 202251:51
The Odd Couple | Vanessa Accra and Brandon Bialkowski | EP04
Jun 09, 202256:23
Real Estate Without Limits | Steve Valentine | EP03
Jun 01, 202250:31
Spiritual Branding | Emily Soccorsy | EP02

Spiritual Branding | Emily Soccorsy | EP02

May 25, 202259:16
Stand With Ukraine | Oleg Bortman & Art Shalomov | EP01
Apr 27, 202229:30
Next Level Marketing | Carol Taylor | EP41
Dec 17, 202101:02:52
Break It Down | Braydon Dennis | EP40

Break It Down | Braydon Dennis | EP40

You can spot Braydon Dennis’ friendly smile at just about any local real estate event. As Business Development Manager for Great American Title Agency, he has spent the last six years creating connections, providing value, and contributing to the community. In October, he leapt into the podcast landscape with his new show, Break It Down with Braydon, where he interviews “the most influential people in real estate industry in Arizona.”   On this episode of Real Talk, Braydon gets real on several topics, including: Pivoting from mortgage to title (4:00) Print marketing (10:20)   The emotional side of business relationships (18:30)) The value of a true referral partner (23:00) Market trends (33:30) Brokerages on his radar (40:00)  His favorite books (48:10)  RESOURCE LINKS Social Media: Instagram @braydondennis @greatamericantitleagency @breakitdownwithbraydon  Facebook Profile Facebook Business Page  LinkedIn Profile   Break It Down with Braydon Podcast: YouTube Channel  Episode #7 with Ryan Madrid   Great American Title Agency  The Scottsdale 20/30 Club  Wise Pelican  RETSY  eXp Realty   Books: Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi  Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman  Holes by Louis Sachar

Dec 15, 202155:35
Renaissance Man | Ken Peterson | EP39

Renaissance Man | Ken Peterson | EP39

Ken Peterson is a true Renaissance Man – photographer, sailor, homebuilder, world traveler and inspiring leader. A would-be priest turned sales and marketing exec, he has spent nearly his entire career as the VP of Sales and Marketing for Shea Homes, one of the largest private homebuilders in the country. 

On this episode of Real Talk, Ken gets real on several topics, including:

Getting schooled by the Jesuits (1:55)

His career with Shea Homes (8:30)

Entering the digital landscape (13:35) 

Creating the Shea Signature® brand - Azure and The Phoenician (18:20)

Being in the trenches with his team (23:35)

His biggest sense of pride (26:10)

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and the Maturity Continuum (29:40)

Seville Golf & Country Club (36:10)

His passion for sailing (44:14)

The latest Shea Homes communities (50:48)


Social Media:



Shea Homes

• Azure 

• Phoenician 

• Seville Golf & Country Club 

• Li’l Wick Golf Course – Wickenburg Ranch 

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® website 

J/World Sailing School 

Unplug Meditation 

Dec 15, 202101:02:60
Lions Not Sheep | Jon Storey | EP38

Lions Not Sheep | Jon Storey | EP38

Jon Storey is a polarizing figure in the real estate industry. But he’s not trying to win any popularity contests; his goal is to help people move the needle. And guess what? He’s phenomenal at it. 

After years as a title rep, Jon founded his own coaching company, Professional Marketing Specialists and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs develop accountability, systems, and marketing strategies that stimulate mindboggling growth and revenue. 

And don’t let him fool you…he’s actually one hell of a nice guy.

On this episode of Real Talk, Jon gets real on several topics, including:

The resilience of his daughter (8:50)

How he produces and distributes content (18:22)

Who Not How (21:25)

Accountability and consistency (24:00)

Parenting (27:00)

The social media ego grab (28:24)

Time and freedom (32:00)

How his program works (34:30)

Real estate CRMs (41:07)

The value of video (43:30)

Education and chasing your dreams (48:30)

His favorite word - “Dad” (59:25)


Facebook Profile 

Facebook Page - Professional Marketing Specialists 




Who Not How (book) 

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck 

John Gafford – The Gafford Group 

Brad Lea 

Oliver Preciado –DRIVEN Event 

What To Do If You Don’t Want to Go to College | #AskGaryVee with Adam Braun 

Dec 14, 202101:02:29
The Connector | Nate Dominguez | EP37
Dec 10, 202157:45
A Boy and His Toys | Jason Plotke | EP36
Oct 12, 202101:08:47
Built on Purpose | Max Hansen | EP35

Built on Purpose | Max Hansen | EP35

Recruiting quality leadership talent is critical to the success of any organization, but the candidate who looks ideal on paper may not be the right fit. Skills, qualifications, and background are never enough. Max Hansen believes that we need to look beyond the resume and focus on human factors like values, vision, and purpose.

On this episode of Real Talk, Max gets real on several topics, including:

· High school shenanigans 

· The transition from Job Brokers to Y Scouts 

· Focusing on purpose values in Executive Leadership Search

· The fitness routine-business success correlation 

· His podcast: Built on Purpose

· Diving into the cannabis industry 

· The strategy of extending an offer 

· His supplement business - Human Elements

· His WHY


Y Scouts website | Blog/Impact Library

Book - Hiring on Purpose: How the Y Scouts Method Is Revolutionizing the Search for Leaders

Podcast - Built on Purpose

Green Flower – on demand cannabis training platform

The Last Prisoner Project – Cannabis Reform Nonprofit

You Don’t Have to Be Ruthless to Win: The Art of Badass Selfless Service by Jonathan Keyser | Selfless Service: Commercial Real Estate Advocates

Human Elements (supplements

Dr. Jason Kolber

Oura Rings

Whoop Bands


Facebook Business Page @Yscouts

Instagram @yscouts

LinkedIn - Business | Max Hansen


VIP Mortgage

Oct 02, 202101:12:33
Success in Sobriety | Crystle Mulzet | EP34

Success in Sobriety | Crystle Mulzet | EP34

Everybody talks about the importance of authenticity and vulnerability in building relationships, but how many are REALLY walking the walk? Too few. 

But she is - Crystle Mulzet, leader of the INSPIRE Team at Chicago Title, puts herself out there like no other Business Development Manager in the business. Most of us have plenty of cringe-worthy memories that we’ve packaged up and placed in the “Top Secret – Never Reveal” section of our minds and for some, that tactic seems to work (until it doesn’t). 

Crystle, on the other hand, has chosen to live her life out loud with great intention and (sometimes painful) honesty, and it's definitely working for her. Years sober and crushing it in the Title and Escrow world, she is an inspiration!

On this episode of Real Talk, Crystle gets real on several topics, including:

• Growing up with alcoholic parents 

• Starting her sobriety journey and falling off the wagon

• The Evolution of Self 

• Bereavement and guilt

• Chicago Title Agency/INSPIRE Team 

• #1 REALTOR activity to generate business – social media 


Instagram @crystle_mulzet | "My True Real Estate Story" Post | @inspiretitleteam

Facebook - Crystle Ann Mulzet-Lucero | @inspiretitleteam 

LinkedIn - 


Chicago Title/Crystle Mulzet 


A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of a Course in Miracles by Marianne Williamson | Untamed by Glennon Doyle


Johnny Drinks


VIP Mortgage 


Sep 25, 202101:20:30
Meaningful Customer Experiences | Andy Parnell | EP33

Meaningful Customer Experiences | Andy Parnell | EP33

What's a full-service marketing agency's most important offering...Brand Development? Social Media? SEO?  Those elements (and dozens more) are essential, but without a keen eye on the customer experience, all the talent and productivity in the world will only take you so far. Andy Parnell and his colleagues at Lane | Terralever take pride in honoring their clients’ business goals, consistent communication, and creative visions. That noble ethos makes up the fabric of their corporate culture.  

On this episode of Real Talk, Andy gets real on several topics, including: 

• His Nevada Assemblywoman mom – Bonnie Parnell

• Segueing from a non-profit to the private sector

• Otis Redding and Top Gun

• The stressors of a corporate merger - E.B. Lane and Terralever 

• The value of Net Promoter Score (NPS) and the Customer Experience

• EOS/Traction Leadership Model

• Their post-COVID office transition

• Fresh Start Women’s Foundation


Lane Terralever website  

Instagram @laneterralever

Facebook -  

LinkedIn – Lane Terralever ; Andy Parnell

NPower website  

Assemblywoman Bonnie Parnell (mom) – District 40, Nevada 

Max Hansen – Y Scouts  

Net Promoter Score  

Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS/Traction)  

Fresh Start Women’s Foundation   


VIP Mortgage  

sGrow CRM  


Sep 17, 202153:23
September 11th | Danny Jacobson | EP32
Sep 10, 202101:03:56
Redefining Good Design | Jason Boyer | EP31

Redefining Good Design | Jason Boyer | EP31

Jason Boyer is at the helm of Boyer Vertical, an architect-led real estate development firm that brings sustainably minded, architecturally significant projects to life. After decades in commercial and industrial design, he took a leap of faith and created artHAUS, an award-winning community in the heart of midtown Phoenix. In July, Boyer launched his latest project in North Central – KARMA. This development is a collection of eleven smart, modern single-family residences carefully curated to provide more time, energy, and freedom to pursue your intentional lifestyle. 

On this episode of Real Talk, Jason discusses several topics, including:

· Catching the real estate bug in his early 20s 

· Tackling his first project - artHAUS 

· His newest development - KARMA 

· The challenges of urban development 

· Sustainable development 



Boyer Vertical 



Social Media: 

Instagram @karmaphx @boyervertical 

Facebook - Boyer Vertical 

LinkedIn - Jason Boyer 

KARMA Press: 

Boyer Vertical brings KARMA smart residences to Central Phoenix 

Phoenix Architect Steps out of Comfort Zone to Develop Residential Community 

Boyer Vertical Declares Good Fashionable Residences in Phoenix

YouTube - “Welcome to KARMA! | New 11 Home Community in Central Phoenix”


VIP Mortgage


Sep 05, 202101:12:57
Humble, Hungry, and Smart | Michael Freeman | EP30

Humble, Hungry, and Smart | Michael Freeman | EP30

When we considered inviting a non-VIP loan officer, some thought that it was a foolish, counter-intuitive move. However, our industry is full of great people, several of whom are our direct competitors. So, in the spirit of collaboration and friendship, we reached out to one of the most respected guys in the business – Mike Freeman. He and his partners recently opened the doors to Spire Financial and have hit the ground running. 

On this episode of Real Talk, Mike got real on several topics, including:

• The Implode-O-Meter 

• Cody Sperber of The Clever Investor

• The secret to Business Development

• Taking a professional leap of faith

• Recruiting and finding the right cultural fit 


Freeman Mortgage Team website 


Instagram @spirefinancial_arizona 

LinkedIn – Michael Freeman Spire Financial 

Cody Sperber/Clever Investor 


Michael Freeman

Area Manager, Senior Loan Officer

Spire Financial

Office 602.767.6001 | Mobile 480.233.3330

15551 N. Greenway-Hayden Loop, Suite 105

Scottsdale, AZ 85260

NMLS 237263 | AZ License 0915967


VIP Mortgage 

sGrow CRM 


Aug 30, 202156:56
Lifelong Entrepreneur | John Chavez | EP29

Lifelong Entrepreneur | John Chavez | EP29

Hard work is in John Chavez’s DNA. His colleagues, clients, and referral partners are well aware of his workaholic tendencies, but what we didn't realize is that he’s been hard at it his entire life. John started his first enterprise at age eleven customizing diecast model cars and became a professional upholsterer at age fourteen! His creative spirit, engineering mind, and tireless drive make for an exceptional mortgage professional thriving in the challenging Builder Space.

On this episode, John gets real on several issues, such as:

• Growing up in a small mining town (4:45)

• Meeting his first “coach” in kindergarten (10:00)

• Pimp My Ride - Model Cars Edition (14:30)

• Starting an upholstery business at age 14 (20:10)

• Being a recovering workaholic (23:00)

• Breaking into the mortgage industry (30:30)

• Tackling the tough deals (37:45)

• His Mexico ventures - Manny’s Beach Club (39:45)


VIP Mortgage 

Instagram @thejohnchavezteam 


Town of Clifton website 

Manny’s Beach Club - Puerto Peñasco, Mexico 

Fish On! Charters

YouTube custom model cars videos (because we're totally fascinated): 

Tech Zone 

Honest Diecast 

Supercar Blondie 


VIP Mortgage 

sGrow CRM 



John Chavez, Producing Branch Manager

VIP Mortgage

9221 E. Via de Ventura

Scottsdale, AZ 85258

623.226.4000 Phone

480.336.2533 Fax

Company licenses: National   145502  State   0909074

Individual licenses: National   216292  State   AZ: LO0914872

Aug 24, 202149:16
Personal Testimony | Chey Castro | EP28

Personal Testimony | Chey Castro | EP28

Chey Castro, luxury real estate guru, graduated with a perfect GPA from ASU with a degree in Finance and went on to receive a Master’s Degree in Accountancy from Notre Dame. He has worked for some of the finest real estate brokerages in the Valley and recently launched the Chey Castro Group at eXp Realty.

Like many of our guests, Chey has experienced the thrills of a red hot real estate market and the agonizing lows of the downturn. This episode digs into the personal challenges that are byproducts of such a rollercoaster and how, with his Christian faith, he has emerged better than ever!

On this episode, Chey gets real on several issues, such as:

· going from ASU to Notre Dame

· his early years at DMB Associates

· Silverleaf/DC Ranch 

· family adversity and addiction 

· becoming a born again Christian 

· his near-death experience

· bouncing back with God 

· his big news! EXP Realty 


Chey’s website

Instagram @cheycastro33


The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For? by Rick Warren

Impact Church (Scottsdale)

Ephesians 3:20 - Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, 21 to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.


VIP Mortgage

sGrow CRM


Aug 13, 202101:05:55
Über Luxe | Max de Melo and Patrick Niederdrenk | EP27

Über Luxe | Max de Melo and Patrick Niederdrenk | EP27



Apple Podcasts

Max de Melo and Patrick Niederdrenk are living the American Dream. Their friendship was born in their native Deutschland and their drive, intelligence, and passion for real estate brought them to Arizona where their business has exploded. In addition to being Managing Partners for their brokerage, America One Luxury Real Estate, they founded MP Design and Development with a keen focus on high-end projects in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley.   

On this episode, Max and Patrick get real on several issues, such as:  

• Their partnership origin story 

• Bringing investors into the mix  

• Diving into the luxury market  

• Finding development opportunities  

• Organic Business Development

• Agent-Investors 

• Their “Deal Manager”  

• German influence 

• Current development projects   

• Workaholism  

• Being international and multilingual  



Max and Patrick | America One website  


Instagram @americaonerealestate  


Givers Gain: The BNI Story by Ivan R. Misner, PhD   


VIP Mortgage  

sGrow CRM  


Jul 31, 202158:27
Navigating the Way to Homeownership | Ryan Banovac | EP26

Navigating the Way to Homeownership | Ryan Banovac | EP26

“C’mon, everybody that lands in title and escrow have no idea it exists. So when growing up, when people would ask me what my mother did, I always thought she was a lawyer because she worked at Lawyers Title. Even through college I had no idea…”

Despite having zero understanding of the title and escrow world, nearly two decades ago, a newly graduated Ryan Banovac jumped in, learned the ropes, and went on to create a wildly successful career at one of the foremost companies in the industry. But the nice paycheck and comfy lifestyle couldn’t keep his entrepreneurial dreams at bay, so he ventured out on his own and founded Navi Title Agency in the beginning of 2021. 

On this episode of Real Talk, both Ryans got real on several topics, including:

• The mystery of Title (2:35)

• Reinventing himself in college (7:00)

• His entrepreneurial leap of faith (9:20)

• The Genesis of Navi Title Agency (15:30)

• The good vibes that come with giving to his employees (23:10)

• Finding talent in unexpected places (26:48)

• Recruiting, onboarding, and coaching - NaviGateway (32:15)

• The antiquation of the title industry (40:20)

• Title company joint ventures (46:40)


Navi Title Agency website: 

Instagram @navititle 





VIP Mortgage 

sGrow CRM 


Jul 23, 202158:21
Music in (E)motion | Brian Mohr | EP25

Music in (E)motion | Brian Mohr | EP25

SUBSCRIBE! YouTube Apple Podcasts 

Brian Mohr has had decades of experience in HR Recruiting and Talent Acquisition. These days he is channeling his experiences and energy towards unlocking the power of authentic human connection through his new startup, anthym, a social wellness company focused on helping culture-driven organizations create and nurture meaningful relationships amongst their people to create more value, both for the business and the people.

On this episode, Brian gets real on several issues, such as: 

• TEDx Talk, “If you could uninvent any invention…”

• the evolution of hiring

• the birth of anthym

• the time machine-like power of music

• mirror neurons

• books/authors that have made an impact

• work-from-anywhere reality is here to stay

• Conscious Capitalism 

• live band/artist wish list

• the spirit of the Grateful Dead music



Social Media: 



  • Your Wealth & Beyond: The Financial Planning, the Bayntree Wealth Advisors podcast (Andrew Rafal) – Episode 040 with Brian Mohr: What the Grateful Dead can Teach us about Business


Real Talk is Sponsored by: 

Jul 10, 202101:04:19
One Big Happy Family | Kent Nielsen | EP24

One Big Happy Family | Kent Nielsen | EP24

A clear, consistent, aligned culture that inspires high commitment and joy makes for a kickass work environment. The VIP Mortgage Tempe Branch is such a place and Kent Nielson is at the center of it all. Their team’s collective value system permeates all aspects of their business and serves as a springboard to their incredible success. 

On this episode, Kent gets real on several topics, such as: 

• career burnout (1:55)

• shifting gears after the crash (7:50)

• bringing his entire branch to VIP (10:55)

• embracing nepotism (19:30)

• fostering fun and humor in the workplace (26:00)

• what lights his fire (40:30)

• industry recruiting (53:55)

Sidenote: Kent wasn’t asked to come on to the show to plug VIP or his branch, specifically, but if you are in the industry and want to learn how you can join the “family,” please feel free to reach out 😊


VIP Mortgage Tempe Branch Website: 

Instagram @smithnielsonteam 



VIP Mortgage 

sGrow CRM 


Jul 02, 202101:05:59
From Wall Street to Main Street Jamison Manwaring | EP23

From Wall Street to Main Street Jamison Manwaring | EP23

Jamison Manwaring comes from a large, traditional Mormon family and grew up with a sincere desire to follow in the footsteps of his parents and siblings: mission...marriage...lots of kids. However, as a gay man, this plan was not his destiny. Instead, he studied finance, hustled hard to get Wall Street, and ended up at the preeminent financial institution, Goldman Sachs. But guess what? He didn't like working with billionaires and hedge funds, so he shifted gears, moved to Phoenix, and eventually found his “something different” – bringing the crowdfunding method of finance to the commercial real estate realm.    

On this episode of Real Talk, Jamison gets real on several topics, including:  

• setting his sights on Wall Street 

• making it happen in New York 

• his time at Goldman Sachs

• coming out as a Mormon gay man

• his experience at LifeLock

• the concept of crowdfunding

• his business partner John Kobierowski, Managing Partner/President

• pivoting their business model 

• Rocky Petersen, Director of Investor Relations/Lead Designer

• Leveraging quality media

• How to get involved  


Neighborhood Ventures website:   


Podcast: “Kiss My Assets”   





VIP Mortgage  

sGrow CRM  


Jun 28, 202156:59
Proverbial Overachiever | Tracy Gardner | EP22

Proverbial Overachiever | Tracy Gardner | EP22

Tracy Gardner is a Type A Overachiever in all the right ways! She parlayed her love of music, global business, and law, into her dream job as Head of Label Licensing and Partnerships at TikTok.  Tracy gets real on several topics, including:

• Her upcoming nuptials (4:00)

• How her Nicaraguan mom inspired her to dream big and work hard (4:55)

• The importance of being around people who open your eyes to the world (10:30)

• Her undergrad experience at NYU (13:35)

• Going from intern to lawyer at Warner Music (22:30)

• Leaning into the thing that scares you the most (27:00)

• The podcast industry (30:30)

• Enjoying a seven-year “spring break” in London (34:00)

• Joining Bytedance/TikTok (38:30)

• Giving new artists a place to be discovered (50:20)


VIP Mortgage 

sGrow CRM 


Jun 19, 202156:13
Transformative Mental Toughness | Alex Smith | EP21

Transformative Mental Toughness | Alex Smith | EP21

Alex Smith is hardcore, both in business and life. He and his wife Lesleigh run SmithRE, a North&Co team that has seen tremendous growth in the last five years. When he discovered the program "75 Hard" everything that mattered started to take on greater meaning and the success followed - completely transformative. On this episode of Real Talk, Alex gets real on several topics, including:  

• snowboarding - his "happy place" (1:55)  

• 75 Hard (5:30)  

• partnering with wife Lesleigh – “Spouses That Sells Houses” (10:50)  

• leveling up (16:40)  

• moving into development, flipping, and wholesaling (23:20)  

• his morning routine (32:00) 

• getting into the business (37:00)  

• the importance of great relationships with other agents in the Valley (39:50)  

• incorporating video into marketing (43:00)  

• raising hardcore/disciplined kids (47:45)  

• the role that fitness plays in personal success (52:25)  


SmithRE website 

Instagram: @thealexsmith @spousesthatsellhousesaz   

75 Hard - Transformative Mental Toughness Program – Andy Frisella 

The Ed Mylett Show (podcast)  

Do The F*cking Work: Lowbrow Advice for High-Level Creativity by Brian Buirge, Jason Bacher, and Jason Richburg  

Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable by Tim Grover   

I AM Athlete podcast  with Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson, Fred Taylor, Channing Crowder   


VIP Mortgage  

sGrow CRM  


Jun 11, 202101:02:16
Young Guns | Eric Kilstrom | EP20

Young Guns | Eric Kilstrom | EP20

Eric Kilstrom is a leader, educator, and podcaster with heart. He developed the Young Guns program at VIP Mortgage to help create opportunities for “kids” to become loan officers without the pain of starting off with zero income. When he moved to Anthem in the early development years, he recognized the struggle of families and children battling cancer and other life-threatening illnesses and his nonprofit, We Care Anthem, was founded. His podcast, “Eric's Eye on Anthem” generously spotlights local entrepreneurs and community members, giving them an opportunity to promote their businesses. He does all this with absolute quiet humility and a belief that it is an honor to help others.   

On this episode of Real Talk, we dive into many topics, including:  

• getting into the mortgage business (3:07) 

• becoming a VIP OG (7:40) 

• Rapid Fire: fighter pilot (9:40) 

• developing the Young Guns Program (13:20)  

• his role as Branch Manager “Camp Kilstrom” (24:10)

• Rapid Fire: LOL at Pebble Beach (27:05) 

• pricing (28:45) 

• We Care Anthem foundation (30:40) 

• marketing (38:40) 

• social media (40:00) 

• developing humility (43:30)  

• Rapid Fire: morning routine (45:14)  


"Eric’s Eye on Anthem" podcast

We Care Anthem foundation  

VIP Mortgage 


VIP Mortgage  

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Jun 09, 202153:05
Return on Relationship | Andrew Rafal | EP19

Return on Relationship | Andrew Rafal | EP19

Andrew Rafal has dedicated more than a decade to helping clients achieve their retirement dreams. He specializes in creating strategic financial plans and retirement income strategies for retirees and pre-retirees that preserve and maximize their retirement savings. It's not easy to break into the wealth management industry, especially in your early 20s. After all, what successful middle-aged+ man or woman is going to take advice from a fresh faced kid? Andrew overcame that obstacle through educating and developing deep bonds with leads and clients, as well as focusing tremendously on ROR. 

During this episode, Andrew gets real on several topics, including: 

Bayntree’s new office location (2:10)

Overcoming the youth objection (10:00)

Breaking out on his own (12:20)

Launching on the tails of the recession (15:50)

Importance of team (19:00)

Marketing/Branding (22:30)

Pre (25:35)

Giftology and Return on Relationships (34:30)

Staying in touch with former clients; CRM (43:30)

preparing for a podcast (55:16)

favorite episodes (56:48)

Brian Mohr – anthym (58:00) (include link)

What you can learn from Grateful Dead in Business (1:01:54)

Rapid Fire – Rejection, Authenticity, Work Ethic, James Michener (1:06:05)


Bayntree Wealth Advisors 

Check out Andrew's podcast, Your Wealth & Beyond, available on Apple Podcasts, Libsyn, and Podbean. Specifically referenced on the show: Episode 40 - What the Grateful Dead Can Teach Us About Business 

anthym - a fresh new experience that creates authentic, long-lasting human connections essential to building cohesive, high-performing teams 

Giftology by John Rulin 


VIP Mortgage 

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May 26, 202101:12:59
Soulpod | Templeton Walker | EP18
May 15, 202157:16
Legacy of Care | Austin Bates | EP17

Legacy of Care | Austin Bates | EP17

Austin Bates struggles with work-life balance. He is the hardest working person in our company - the first to arrive each day (still dark outside) and the last to leave. A self-proclaimed workaholic with an acute quality of client care, he has established himself as the go-to guy for several of the top production builders in the state. But running at a breakneck speed for over a decade can challenge anyone's physical and mental well-being...  

On this episode, Austing gets real on several topics, including:   

episode Do-over (2:18) 

playing football with Antonio Pierce (4:00) 

mom’s influence (10:57)

moving to Phoenix (13:08) 

trial by fire (16:20) 

jumping to VIP (20:00) 

trying to get out of the mortgage business (20:00) 

getting into the builder business (32:28) 

his transition to VIP Mortgage (45:22) 

the loss of his mom needing mom (55:55) 

Rapid Fire Questions: PE Teacher/Coach, Cheetah, and Maxwell

May 07, 202101:29:34
The Comedic Journeyman | Troy Conrad | EP16
Apr 30, 202101:38:54
Bringing the Homeless Home | Howard Epstein | EP15
Apr 23, 202149:13
Boundless Exploration | Jeremy Brown | EP12
Mar 13, 202155:53
Silver Linings | Andrew Beardsley | EP14

Silver Linings | Andrew Beardsley | EP14

Andrew Beardsley 

Mar 12, 202158:37
Meant for More | Stephanie Hendrick | EP13
Feb 26, 202150:37
Healthy Mind, Healthy Body | Sentari Minor | EP11
Jan 29, 202152:17
Stop! Collaborate and Listen | Jereme Kleven & Mark Hutchins | EP10
Jan 16, 202101:15:13
Put Me In, Coach! | Aaron Payne | EP09

Put Me In, Coach! | Aaron Payne | EP09

"I feel like this is the greatest industry in the world…I'm a college dropout that was in the military, that was broke and didn't know what he was going to do and now I'm fortunate enough to be living a life that I consider very successful." – A. Payne

There’s nothing that Aaron loves more than making people happy – a simple concept, but one that permeates all that he does. Over the years, he has morphed from lackluster student and wannabe entertainer to Army veteran and well-respected Producing Branch Manager at VIP Mortgage. During our conversation, Aaron got real on several topics, including:

· his Hollywood aspirations (1:46)

· joining the Army (4:35)

· playing collegiate volleyball (11:00)

· how retail sales led to the mortgage industry (14:15)

· getting slapped by the Housing Bubble (19:00)

· how he found VIP Mortgage (24:18)

· the Tempe branch culture (30:05)

· coaching club volleyball (35:57)

· the importance of referral partners (43:55)

· embracing technology (51:34)

· making videos with the Xunami app (56:02)

· Instagram shopping obsession (1:02:28)

Guest Details:

Aaron Payne, Producing Branch Manager, VIP Mortgage NMLS: 197472 | Licensed In: AZ - 917188; CA -DOC197472; NM - 197472 | Office: 480-500-2820 | Cell: 480-862-9976 | Fax: 877-311-8617 Email: | 9280 S Kyrene Road, Suite 134, Tempe, AZ 85284

VIP website:

Instagram: @viploans_tempe

Facebook: VIP Mortgage, Inc. Tempe 

Show Sponsors: 

sGrow CRM 

Xunami | available for download on the App Store and Google Play

Episode Notes:

Madison Blean, Fidelity Title: 

Arizona Storm Elite Volleyball Club


V.I.P. Mortgage, Inc. does Business in Accordance with Federal Fair Lending Laws. NMLS ID 145502. AZ: Mortgage Banker Licen

Jan 01, 202101:16:47
Connessione | Michael Iles-Cremieux | EP08 Part Two

Connessione | Michael Iles-Cremieux | EP08 Part Two

“Honey, you’ve got MOOBS!” – Tammy Iles-Cremieux (wife)

Frenchy has some serious OCD tendencies. Listen in and learn how this personality trait has woven its way throughout his personal and professional life. On this episode we got real on several topics, including the following:

· his relationship with food :36

· embarking on his weight loss journey 5:15

· imposter syndrome 12:20

· intermittent fasting 14:07

· turndown lender partnership with VIP Mortgage 19:49

· Richmond American’s COVID pivot 29:40

· preparing for Real Talk 34:25

· the sophistication of the Phoenix real estate market 40:16

Dec 31, 202048:46
Connessione | Michael Iles-Cremieux | EP08 Part One

Connessione | Michael Iles-Cremieux | EP08 Part One

Dec 24, 202001:35:13
Relentlessly Local | Oleg Bortman and Tucker Blalock | EP07
Dec 16, 202001:15:29
All The Right Moves | Justin Hodge | EP06
Dec 08, 202045:26
Global Do-Gooder | Ray Damm | EP05

Global Do-Gooder | Ray Damm | EP05

“I think that whenever you get into positions where a lot is asked of you…you have to grab onto something that’s much larger than yourself.” -Ray Damm

Ray Damm is our first guest that comes from the nonprofit world. He is CEO of ACCEL, a private nonprofit organization serving children and adults who have developmental disabilities, including autism spectrum disorders and cognitive disabilities. In this episode, Ray shares his passion for mission-driven work and the impact that ACCEL is having on underserved populations in our own backyard, as well as in Saudi Arabia. He reflects on coming from a family of over-achieving do-gooders, his penchant for timepieces with history, and the importance the private sector plays in giving back to the community.

During our conversation, Ray got real on several topics, including:

  • The Mission of ACCEL (8:49)
  • Autism prevalence rates (10:14)
  • Saudi Arabia - How did that happen? (12:03)
  • Non-profit Misconceptions (16:40)
  • Private industry supporting non-profit organizations (26:13)
  • Mentors/Family (28:48)
  • Travel Goals (34:47)
  • Chronography obsession (37:02)Please Enjoy, Like & Share!

Instagram: @realtalkwithryanmadrid

YouTube: Real Talk with Ryan Madrid

Real Talk with Ryan Madrid is sponsored by:

● VIP Mortgage

● Xunami

● sGrow

For more information on Ray and ACCEL, visit

Instagram: @accel_arizona

Facebook: @ACCELArizona

Episode Resources:

Saudi Aramco

The Doe Fund

National Association of Private Special Education Centers

A. Lange & Soehne

IWC Portugiese

Nov 25, 202042:24
Master Class in Luxury | Monica Monson | EP04

Master Class in Luxury | Monica Monson | EP04

“It’s been a tremendous growth opportunity as a human.” 

-Monica Monson, CEO + Designated Broker/Owner of The Noble Agency  

Monica has been an Arizona luxury real estate powerhouse for nearly two decades, but only recently launched her dream business, The Noble Agency. She graciously invited us to record in her new office which, not surprisingly, exudes impeccable taste and boasts killer Valley views. Monica and her team are masters in luxe branding, custom-curated buyer experiences, and bespoke lifestyle and luxury home marketing.  

During our conversation, Monica got real on several topics, including:  

● Networking with fellow agents (6:54) 

● Getting into the luxury market (8:13) 

● Is print dead? (10:09) 

● Personal growth/single parenthood (11:49) 

● Collaborating with her BFF (15:33) 

● Creating a space for success (22:27) 

● Building the team (27:13) 

● International clientele (33:22) 

● The Flagstaff second home market (37:24)  

Please Enjoy, Like & Share! 

Instagram: @realtalkwithryanmadrid

YouTube: Real Talk with Ryan Madrid

Real Talk with Ryan Madrid is sponsored by:

● VIP Mortgage

● Xunami

● sGrow

For more information on Monica and The Noble Agency, visit

15551 N. Greenway Hayden Loop Suite 200 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 480.420.4LUX 

Instagram: @realtalkwithryanmadrid

Facebook: Monson Luxury Group

Episode Resources: Scottsdale Luxury Home Tour, THE SCOUT GUIDE Phoenix & Scottsdale Steelcase | West Elm 

Nov 20, 202040:40
Urban Legend - Stuart Crawford, VIP Mortgage | EP03

Urban Legend - Stuart Crawford, VIP Mortgage | EP03

Real Talk with Ryan Madrid has relaunched! Thanks to Stuart for being our guinea pig as we navigate the waters of in-house production and a new podcast format. On this episode, Stuart recounts his early years in the lending industry, the path that lead him to VIP Mortgage, and what it's like to work side-by-side with Ryan. Real Talk with Ryan Madrid is brought to you by VIP Mortgage. 

Ryan Madrid, Director of Business Development / Loan Officer

NMLS#: 1005605

V.I.P Mortgage, Inc.

Office 480-535-6587 | Mobile 602-292-8219 | | 9221 E Via De Ventura. Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Equal Housing Lender

V.I.P. Mortgage, Inc. does Business in Accordance with Federal Fair Lending Laws.

NMLS ID 145502. AZ: Mortgage Banker License No. BK-0909074.

VIP is not acting on behalf of or at the direction of the FHA/HUD or the Federal Government. This product or service has not been approved or endorsed by any governmental agency, and this offer is not being made by any agency of the government. VIP is approved to participate in FHA programs but the products and services performed by VIP are not coming directly from HUD or FHA. Information, rates, and programs are subject to change without notice. All products are subject to credit and property approval. Not all products are available in all states or for all loan amounts. Other restrictions may apply. This is not an offer to enter into an agreement. Not all customers will qualify.

Nov 06, 202055:38
EP 2, The Debate: Mortgage Brokers vs. Bankers

EP 2, The Debate: Mortgage Brokers vs. Bankers

In this episode, we finally have the debate: Mortgage brokers vs Bankers with Matt Oliver, Owner of Lund Mortgage and Jay Barber, owner of VIP Mortgage.
Jun 03, 201928:30
EP 1, How Loan Comps Work with Tom Ward

EP 1, How Loan Comps Work with Tom Ward

Welcome to the first episode of Real Talk With Ryan Madrid podcast, in this episode we discuss how loan compensations actually work with Tom Ward, CEO at Mortgage ProfitAbility.
May 01, 201935:41