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By Jared Hillam

Audio from the full library of data management content produced by Intricity. This includes the Data Sharks Podcast as well as a reading of the whitepapers produced by Intricity
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Setting up Data Governance with the End in Mind

intricity101Nov 11, 2022

Setting up Data Governance with the End in Mind
Nov 11, 202206:14
Data Governance Features in Snowflake
Nov 04, 202204:58
What is a successful data governance program?
Oct 28, 202205:16
What is a CDP?
Oct 24, 202204:28
Preview: Only the Nerds Care About Data Quality
Oct 13, 202201:45
Data Sharks #33: Craig Pohan, CTO at MessageGears
Oct 11, 202258:16
Preview: Practical Automation for Code Modernization Whitepaper
Sep 15, 202202:44
Data Sharks #32: Lee Hammond, Product Evangelist
Sep 09, 202259:23
Data Sharks #31: Monte Carlo Co-Founder & CTO Lior Gavish
Jul 29, 202253:49
Data Sharks # 30: Introducing Truelty - Identity Resolution Powered by Snowflake
Jul 14, 202250:29
Data Sharks #29: Mark Grover, Amundsen Co-Creator
May 23, 202254:56
Data Sharks #28: Clément Sténac, CTO & Co-Founder of Dataiku
May 10, 202252:20
Future of the Cloud
Apr 21, 202204:45
Data Sharks #27: Alteryx SVP Adam Wilson
Mar 28, 202258:22
Data Sharks #26: Christian Romming, Etleap Co-Founder and CEO
Mar 11, 202251:04
Data Sharks #25: Jim Walker, Cockroach Labs Principal Product Evangelist
Feb 25, 202259:51
Data Sharks #24: Tejas Manohar, Co-Founder & CEO of Hightouch
Feb 11, 202257:19
Data Sharks #23: Drew Banin, dbt Labs Co-Founder
Jan 28, 202257:59
Data Sharks #22: Rhonda Fisher, Bell Textron
Jan 14, 202257:37
What is a Data Frame?
Dec 20, 202105:03
Data Sharks #21: Benn Stancil from Mode
Dec 20, 202158:57
Data Sharks #20: Anthony Parisi "Retail Expert" at Intricity
Dec 06, 202158:20
What is DAG?
Nov 11, 202105:52
Data Sharks #19: Jeremiah Lowin with Prefect
Nov 08, 202155:49
Data Sharks #18: Kent Graziano from Snowflake on Data Mesh
Oct 25, 202101:00:21
Data Sharks 17: Satyen Sangani with Alation

Data Sharks 17: Satyen Sangani with Alation

Join us as we sit down with Alation's CEO and Co-founder Satyen Sangani. Learn about the problems Alation solves, how the company got started, and what they are focusing on in the future.

Oct 11, 202154:56
Data Sharks 16: TH Herbert with Semarchy

Data Sharks 16: TH Herbert with Semarchy

Join us as we connect with the CEO of Semarchy TH Herbert and discuss the infancy stage of Semarchy and where the organization is today.  

"What is Data Governance" Video 

Watch the Video on YouTube

Meet today's Sharks:  

- TH Herbert, CEO of Semarchy  

- Jared Hillam, EVP of Emerging Technologies at Intricity  

- Rich Hathaway, Senior Solution Architect, Snowflake Expert at Intricity  

- Arkady Kleyner, Principal, and CoFounder of Intricity  

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Talk with a Data Shark:

Sep 24, 202157:46
What is FlowObjects Auditing & Monitoring?

What is FlowObjects Auditing & Monitoring?

When our customers ask for help with tuning their Snowflake environment, this is the tool we use. In this clip, Jared runs through how the FlowObjects Auditing & Monitoring tool came to be and what it does.

Watch the full webinar/demo here:  Tracking the Infinity that is Snowflake


Snowflake’s unlimited scale can be larger than administrators have the ability to track with the naked eye. To keep track of what is going on in Snowflake, a much deeper analysis needs to keep a pulse on the infinite potential that is Snowflake.

Watch the Video on YouTube

Talk with a Specialist:

Sep 14, 202103:22
Data Sharks 15: David Mariani, CTO & Founder of AtScale
Sep 10, 202154:25
Managing Runaway Spending in Snowflake
Sep 09, 202103:14
What is FlowObjects Access Control Master?

What is FlowObjects Access Control Master?

This incredible tool is a result of countless Snowflake deployments and seeing an opportunity for governance management. Jared runs through a great summary of what it is and what it does.   

Catch the full broadcast and demo here: Automating the Governance of Snowflake

Watch the Video on YouTube


The ultimate goal of any Snowflake environment is to get data to users. But how do you map the sea of data to the sea of users when both are so volatile?  

This turns out to be one of the most challenging problems for large organizations to solve. In the past, it was feasible to just embed those access controls into the data visualization layer. 

However, with the amount of data centralization, the audience of users is scaling well beyond any one visualization tool. So access control needs to become part of the data itself.  However, this is where many organizations make some big mistakes. In this session, the FlowObjects team presents the Access Control Master, a solution suite intended to map your existing Identity Management systems to your Snowflake objects, so access control is completely automated.


Talk with a Specialist:

Sep 07, 202103:01
The Greatest Impact on Snowflake Expenditure
Aug 31, 202102:54
Data Sharks 14: Simon Eligulashvili, Co-Founder of BladeBridge
Aug 27, 202147:07
Arkady & Rich Share the 3 Primary Cost Contributors of Snowflake
Aug 25, 202103:18
Data Sharks 13: Featuring Ajay Singh of SqlDBM
Aug 17, 202143:56
Data Sharks 12: Ed Thompson, CTO of Matillion
Jul 20, 202159:02
Data Sharks 3: What doesn't IT know about the Business?
Jun 29, 202101:00:41
Managing Unlimited Scale
Jun 28, 202105:29
Data Sharks 11: The Future of Data Orchestration - with Jeremiah Lowin, CEO of Prefect
Jun 18, 202147:57
Data Sharks 10: HVR & Data Replication Market with Anthony
Jun 04, 202147:46
Data Sharks 9: Snowflake Startup to IPO with Kent
May 21, 202159:15
Snowflake Customer Maturity
May 14, 202107:06
Data Sharks 8: Snowflake Data Maturity with James
May 07, 202159:43
Data Sharks 7: Mistakes in Data Warehousing
Mar 01, 202157:04
Data Sharks 6: Consultant vs Employee
Feb 25, 202156:44
Data Sharks 5: Where does the MONEY go?
Feb 08, 202101:00:59
Data Sharks 4: What happened to the ETL Market?
Feb 02, 202101:00:22
What analysis tool has the most users?
Feb 01, 202106:06
Data Sharks 2: "Who should be on my team?"
Jan 18, 202158:36
What is Access Control?
Jan 12, 202106:10