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Inverted Podcast by Stuart Oswald

Inverted Podcast by Stuart Oswald

By Stuart Oswald

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Mandela's Rainbow Nation Ending - Mass Riots and Looting Across South Africa

Inverted Podcast by Stuart OswaldJul 14, 2021

Odysee Launches New RSS Channel Feeds and Is A Ready YouTube Alternative
Nov 10, 202109:04
Important: Changes Coming to This Podcast Feed - See description for more info.
Nov 09, 202113:15
Metaverse Is Here To Stay - Ignore it, use it, or abuse it?
Oct 30, 202106:38
Twix Witch Steels Cross Dressing Boy For Wokery - Bite Size Halloween The Little Princess and the Witch
Oct 27, 202108:15
Biden's Invasion Caravan Will Continue to Flow Towards The US
Oct 25, 202112:41
Squid Game on Netflix Is A Reflection on The World Around You
Oct 23, 202111:03
Aggregate - Global News and Events Roundup to 19.10.21
Oct 19, 202125:42
Colombia’s Peace Process Is An Example of Failure For The World
Oct 18, 202110:43
UK MP Murdered By Somali Jihadist
Oct 15, 202107:39
The Green Knight Diversifies Arthurian Legend
Oct 15, 202109:25
Conservative Zac Goldsmith on Colombia Visit gets Targeted by Leftist Outrage Mob
Oct 14, 202112:53
John Lewis Ad Pushes Boy in Drag For Wokism
Oct 13, 202108:11
Wrong Stereotype - Brian Wong - Wokies Get Children's Book Rewritten
Oct 13, 202110:34
Adopt The Forward Flow to Beat Our Sick Totalitarian Society
Oct 06, 202111:11
Telegram Censors Channels to Appease Big Tech for App Store Access
Sep 28, 202110:30
German Democracy Is Set To Be Contested - ARD Broadcast Results Ahead
Sep 24, 202111:15
Kyle Rittenhouse Court Will Be Found Guilty in Case Prediction - FBI Left Wing Bias Playing Part
Sep 21, 202108:10
Tulsi Gabbard and Glenn Greenwald Endorse Rumble in Huge Snub to Big Tech
Sep 20, 202111:13
Military Police Deployed to Bogota Streets to Quell Leftist Crimewave
Sep 17, 202109:01
My Media Recommendation - The Meaning of Marriage
Sep 10, 202111:23
Biden's Mandate Patience Is Wearing Thin
Sep 09, 202109:00
African Americans on Whiteness and White Culture
Sep 09, 202111:42
Brief Global Events Roundup - 08/09/21
Sep 08, 202121:48
ProtonMail Hands Out Private User Data To Swiss Police In Arrest of Climate Activist
Sep 07, 202110:01
Rogan, MSM, Maddow and the FDA in a Horses Storm
Sep 06, 202107:29
Weekend Livestream Update - Afghanistan, Biden and Kamala, Crypto, Migration, Authoritarianism - Week 33
Aug 22, 202131:35
This Weeks Media Recommendation - The Tomorrow War
Aug 06, 202108:00
This Weeks Media Recommendation - Mega NZ
Jul 30, 202107:09
Mandated Pandemic Vaccination For All - What is The End Game?
Jul 28, 202111:49
Brief Global Events Roundup - 28/07/21
Jul 28, 202111:56
Biased Capitol Cop Harry Dunn Gives Racist Testimony At House Select Committee - Pro BLM, Anti Trump
Jul 28, 202108:23
Brief Global Events Roundup - 12/07/21
Jul 28, 202111:56
Hull Grooming Gangs - Victim Accounts Of Their Harrowing Ordeals At Hands Of Sex Abusers
Jul 22, 202121:43
Nobody Should Trust Wikipedia - Co-Founder Lrry Sanger Warns
Jul 21, 202110:54
LOTR Society and Series - Recommended Media
Jul 20, 202112:04
This Weeks Media Recommendation - Clarksons Farm Season
Jul 16, 202108:23
Cuba Rises Up Against Communist Dictators?
Jul 14, 202109:57
Mandela's Rainbow Nation Ending - Mass Riots and Looting Across South Africa
Jul 14, 202110:26
Brief Global Events Roundup - 12/07/21
Jul 12, 202111:35
England Football Diversity Fails - Southgate Went Woke and Got Broke
Jul 12, 202111:03
Coming For Your Children, To Convert Them - Redbridge Library LGBT Event Outcry
Jul 12, 202110:43
China: WeChat terminates LGBT+ and Feminist Accounts
Jul 06, 202107:31
Coco Gauff And The Racialisation Of Wimbledon - BLM Subverting Tennis
Jul 01, 202111:56
Prospects, Trump is Officially on Rumble
Jun 29, 202108:32
Hancock Resigns, Sajid Javid New UK Health Secretary, Big Tech Censors Image and Globalists March On
Jun 28, 202111:31
Wi Spa Dismiss Woman’s Complaint About Man Exposing his Penis to Little Girls in Female Area
Jun 28, 202110:36
Merkel's Friends Happy Stabbing Through Wurzburg, Germany
Jun 25, 202111:01
McAfee, It's Been a Fun Ride But He Did Suicide Himself
Jun 25, 202110:19
This Weeks Media Recommendation to Help Us Improve Our Minds and Mental Wellbeing - lichess
Jun 25, 202108:40
Telegram App Censored by Google and Apple App Stores
Jun 22, 202111:34