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I Read a Thing

I Read a Thing

By Co-hosts: Gem & Jolie

A deep dive podcast by Gem & Jolie. The subtle art of pointless immersion in a new, strange topic every other Friday and True Crime Tuesdays on alternating weeks.
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Chairman Mao's SUPER-FUN (& Mandatory) Party! (Pt. 1)

I Read a ThingApr 01, 2022

Chairman Mao's SUPER-FUN (& Mandatory) Party! (Pt. 1)
Apr 01, 202201:14:10
Dark Patterns: Stealing Babies & Tracking Locations
Mar 04, 202201:16:39
Andrew Wakefield, MMR Research & The Magic of Marketing
Dec 10, 202101:32:57
Without a Trace: The Disappearance of Lloyd L. Gaines
Dec 01, 202140:35
Renee Bach: Saving & Killing Needy Children
Nov 27, 202101:16:04
High Cries for Weird Times
Jun 11, 202101:08:52
Joseph Smith's Mormon Mafia, Pt. Deux
Apr 23, 202101:38:15
Joseph Smith's Mormon Mafia, Pt. 1
Mar 12, 202101:22:15
The Eerie Glow of the Living Dead Girls
Feb 05, 202158:29
Flat Earth Blood Cults and other Totally Normal Things (TM)
Jan 22, 202101:19:44
Jack the Ripper's Saucy World Tour
Dec 24, 202001:29:55
Lobotomies: A Cure for Mental Illness and Mouthy Wives
Dec 04, 202055:46
Muzak: The Art of Gentle Brainwashing
Nov 20, 202001:08:19
Paranormal Pals, EVPs, & Hot Dog Art
Oct 23, 202001:12:23
Spooky Season, Spooky Shit: The Spookening
Oct 09, 202001:00:06
Baby Ape-Men & the Self-Domestication Theory
Sep 25, 202051:20
Ghislaine Maxwell & the Island of Misfit Perverts
Sep 14, 202040:05
I Read a Thing - Podcast Trailer
Aug 09, 202001:17


America in the 1950s was a special time full of Elvis Presley, The Golden Age of Television, and LSD brainwashing initiatives covertly run by the CIA.  Join us on a deep dive of MK Ultra that will make you question any remaining American pride you may have.

Fan mail, hate mail, entries from your dream diary...we want them all! Email questions, comments, and topic suggestions to or visit us at  You can also subscribe and message us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

Opening and closing music:  "A Magical Journey Through Space" by Leonell Cassio, licensed under a  Creative Commons License.

Aug 07, 202001:02:23
NASA & The Space Poop Problem
Jul 10, 202001:05:04
Sex, Lies, & Theosophy: The Helena Blavatsky Story
Jul 03, 202001:10:45
Psychic Vultures & Miss Cleo's Wild Ride
Jun 26, 202001:04:49
Pandemic Paranoia and the 5G Coronavirus
Jun 19, 202001:15:29
NLP: Pseudoscience for Sociopaths
Jun 12, 202001:11:34
The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel
May 29, 202001:15:36
Gwyneth Paltrow: Yoni Destroyer
May 22, 202001:02:46