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Iremia Podcast

Iremia Podcast

By Iremia Capital Management

The Iremia Podcast has conversations with founders and finance executives that are investing in private companies or selling their private companies. That includes sellers, PE execs, sell-side bankers and operating executives. The ultimate goal is to educate business owners and sellers on the process of selling their business and what it's like working with private equity investors, investment banking advisors (when they sell) and Operating Execs a PE firm may bring in. It showcases trials/tribulations, wins and successful outcomes.
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Michael Kessler on successfully investing in marketing firms

Iremia PodcastApr 17, 2023

Michael Kessler on successfully investing in marketing firms
Apr 17, 202328:30
Kyle Cash on investing in people based businesses, how to work with private equity as an agency owner, and more!
Mar 22, 202332:50
Peter McCoy on investing at Bridgewater, to starting and selling a business to LVMH, VC and PE investing, and more!
Mar 08, 202301:38:20
David Rodnitzky on starting, building and selling a marketing agency to private equity
Feb 22, 202341:49