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Iris Podcast

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Iris celebrates LGBTQ+ film, championing the incredible creatives both on and off-screen. Over the series host, Damian Kerlin, catches up and speaks with filmmakers covering hot topics such as authentic casting and representation on screen, the portrayal of queer youth and the dramatizing of our true stories.
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Episode 6 – Bringing Queer Stories to Life

Iris PodcastJul 06, 2023

Episode 6 – Bringing Queer Stories to Life

Episode 6 – Bringing Queer Stories to Life

In the last of the series, Damian chats to filmmakers about the importance of real life stories on our screens and what is the reality of looking beyond the lens at the real lives of those our films represent, managing expectation, and the reality of dramatising our stories for screen.

Jul 06, 202329:35
Episode 5 – Making film in Wales

Episode 5 – Making film in Wales

Filming on location is hard, but when you chuck into the mix rural landscapes and unpredictable weather it can be damn near impossible. That and the sensitivities around shooting a queer film, Damian chat to his guests about all this can be possible and is Wales as welcoming as it perceives.

Jun 28, 202331:43
Episode 4 – Queer Youth 

Episode 4 – Queer Youth 

Representation on screen has never been so important, so Damian along with his guests this week chat specifically about queer young people on screen, and is it truly representative of those real lives it depicts.

Jun 22, 202331:55
Episode 3 – Script to Screen

Episode 3 – Script to Screen

Ever wondered how those stories appear on screen? Well, this week LGBTQ+ filmmaking podcast Iris answers just that. Join host Damian as he talks to Waterloo Road star Adam Ali as well as filmmaker Keeran Anwar Blessie and Bad Wolf, one the UK’s largest production companies, script editor, Bethan Evans

Jun 14, 202332:53
Episode 2 – Queer documentary making

Episode 2 – Queer documentary making

This week Damian interviews three LGBTQ+ filmmakers specialising in documentaries. Together they discuss the importance and collective responsibility of telling LGBTQ+ stories and ask whether documenteries have a duty to be balanced in their story telling, or does larger bias play a role?

Jun 07, 202342:53
Episode 1 – Authentic Casting 

Episode 1 – Authentic Casting 

Episode 1 – Authentic Casting 

We kick things off on LGBTQ+ Iris Podcast talking all things representation in casting, and along with our interviewees attempt to answer the old age question in the filming industry, “should queer roles, be played by queer actors?”

Jun 01, 202333:23
Iris Prize Podcast S2: - Olivia and Joey (Acrimonious)
Oct 03, 202225:42
Iris Prize Podcast S2: - Mat Johns (Inertia)
Sep 20, 202237:56
Iris Prize Podcast S2: - Jack Pulford (Silver and Gold)
Aug 29, 202224:38
Iris Prize Podcast S2: - Greg Hall (Baby Boy)
Aug 01, 202234:25
Iris Prize Podcast S2: - Laura Tunbridge (Dragged Up)
Jul 04, 202250:39
Iris Prize Podcast S2: - Ian Smith (Three Letters)
Jun 20, 202223:41
Iris Prize Podcast S2: - Chris & Lucie (Factory Talk)
Jun 06, 202224:50
Iris Prize Podcast S2: - Sam & Adam (Baba)
May 23, 202226:38
Iris Prize Podcast S2: - Lloyd & SAM (S.A.M)
May 09, 202245:07
Iris Prize Podcast S2: - Rosemary Baker (Lesbian)
Apr 25, 202228:21
Iris Prize Podcast S2: - Emmalie El Fadli (From A to Q)
Apr 11, 202228:56
Iris Prize Podcast S2: - James Bell & Leo Lebeau (Birthday Boy)
Mar 31, 202221:50
Iris Prize Podcast S2: - Efa Blosse-Mason (Cwch Deilen)
Mar 01, 202224:09
Iris Prize Podcast S2: - Margo Roe (Pop)
Feb 24, 202233:35
Iris Prize Podcast: Rosanagh Griffiths (Cindy)
Oct 09, 202047:60
Iris Prize Podcast: John Ogunmuyiwa (Mandem)
Oct 09, 202039:22
Iris Prize Podcast: Michael J Ferns (Better)
Oct 09, 202033:55
Iris Prize Podcast: James Corley (The Scene)
Oct 09, 202039:39
Iris Prize Podcast: Marco Alessi (Pompeii)

Iris Prize Podcast: Marco Alessi (Pompeii)

'Pompeii' Storyline: Tam gets on the first tube home alone. He plugs in his earphones and begins reliving his Halloween night out via his phone.

Marco Alessi is a writer and director based in London. His narrative shorts include FOUR QUARTETS (LFF 2018; Berlinale 2019, Crystal Bear Jury Special Mention; distributed by Peccadillo), TONI_WITH_AN_I, co-written with Mary Antony (BBC/BFI co-production; broadcast on BBC 4), and POMPEII, co-writer/co-director with Harry Lighton and Matthew Jacobs Morgan (Film4; LFF 2019; BIFA longlisted). His next short, THE BOWER is inspired by Derek Jarman’scanonisation. He is currently developing his first feature, CAMPOMARINO

Oct 09, 202037:47
Iris Prize Podcast: Nichola Wong (The Passing)
Oct 09, 202034:45
Iris Prize Podcast: Abel Rubinstein (Dungarees)

Iris Prize Podcast: Abel Rubinstein (Dungarees)

'Dungarees' Storyline: What even is a male? Why can’t I wear a dress? Fuck it. Let’s have sex and worry about it later. Transgender Blake and cisgender Cane hang out, play video games and grapple with their insecurities. This is their love story.

Abel Rubinstein is a British filmmaker whose work uses powerful performances and comedy to tackle important social issues. His work has screened at prestigious BAFTA and Oscar-qualifying film festivals. VICE named his work “poignant and sweet, but also hilarious.”

Oct 08, 202030:02
Iris Prize Podcast: Matt Mahmood-Ogston (My God, I’m Queer)

Iris Prize Podcast: Matt Mahmood-Ogston (My God, I’m Queer)

My God, I’m Queer Storyline: Can you be Muslim and gay? A bereaved fiancé goes on a deeply personal journey to prevent the tragedy from ever happening again.

Matt Mahmood-Ogston is a filmmaker and the Founder of Naz and Matt Foundation, a multi award-winning charity dedicated to tackling religious and cultural homophobia. He set up the foundation in memory of his fiancé and soulmate of thirteen years, Dr Naz Mahmood, who sadly took his own life two days after his deeply religious parents confronted him about his sexuality.

His charity has helped hundreds of LGBTQ+ individuals who have come to them for support – and has been instrumental in securing safety and asylum for many individuals facing abuse and the prospect of being killed if they were forced to return to their country of birth.

Matt has committed his life to tackling this problem and uses filmmaking as a platform to amplify the voices of those who can inspire change. He regularly speaks at secondary schools, universities, public sector organisations and to the press about the extreme challenges of being LGBTQI+ and born into a strict religious family.

Naz and Matt’s personal story helped inspire a ground-breaking storyline in one of the most-watched TV programmes in Britain – Coronation Street. Their tragic love story has been shared around the world in the form of the BBC Folk Award nominated song “Be the Man”, released in the charts by The Young’Uns and performed at Glastonbury.

Oct 08, 202042:19
Iris Prize Podcast: Anna Winstone (Rhiw Goch)

Iris Prize Podcast: Anna Winstone (Rhiw Goch)

'Rhiw Goch - On The Red Hill' Storyline: The intimate story of a Welsh Farmhouse that was passed down a generation thanks to an unlikely friendship.

Anna Winstone is a Documentary filmmaker from the Isle of Anglesey now based in Cardiff. Anna specialises in making documentaries in both Welsh and English that explore what it is that makes us human, through finding stories of love, loss, and survival.

Oct 08, 202035:41
Iris Prize Podcast: Adam Tyler (Just Me)
Oct 08, 202032:09
Iris Prize Podcast: James Lucas (Paint the Dragons’ Eyes)

Iris Prize Podcast: James Lucas (Paint the Dragons’ Eyes)

'Paint the Dragons’ Eyes' Storyline: Arthur and Otto are late for a very important wedding in the English countryside. Setting off on Otto’s chopper ‘Excalibur’, they encounter a number of obstacles that will test their determination and will.

James Lucas is a black British/ New Zealand Oscar-winning screenwriter. After graduating from film school at London Metropolitan, being a Writer/Researcher at Talkback Television and an Assistant Editor at Tank Magazine, James began working at Ridley Scott’s RSA Films.

His role expanded quickly, becoming an in-house creative strategist – conceptualizing and developing branded entertainment for the likes of Paul Smith, Triumph and Johnny Walker. He has also executive produced projects for the likes of Jaeger and O2.

Simultaneously, he composed original music for commercials and film; undertaking projects for clients such as NOW TV, Wallpaper Magazine, Orange, BBC and Sega, as well as finding the time to perform as a cast member in the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony.

In 2013 he wrote and produced a short film called ‘The Phone Call’, with director Mat Kirkby and starring Sally Hawkins and Jim Broadbent. The film went on to win 16 international film festival awards, including Best Narrative Short at Tribeca Film Festival. In February 2015, James Lucas won the Oscar for Best Live-Action Short Film for the film.

Oct 07, 202039:03
Iris Prize Podcast: Jamie Weston (Wings)

Iris Prize Podcast: Jamie Weston (Wings)

'Wings' Storyline: A heart-warming love story between two Land Army girls during World War II, spanning over six decades.

Jamie Weston is an award-winning Film Director, whose previous feature movies (FoxTrap, Darker Shades of Elise, Mandy the Doll and Journey’s End: The Story) have been distributed by the likes of Sony Home Entertainment & Lionsgate. Weston’s latest short films ‘WINGS’ and ‘Midsummer’ captivate audiences worldwide; whilst Jamie creates virtual reality content and completes his audiobook ‘Fox & Glove’.

Oct 07, 202033:30
Iris Prize Podcast: Ian Smith (Go Home Polish)
Oct 07, 202031:07
Iris Prize Podcast: Nick Bechman (Queens)

Iris Prize Podcast: Nick Bechman (Queens)

'Queens' Storyline: Michael, a quiet man not used to grand gestures of emotion, embarks on an extraordinary journey one evening after work. By following his heart, Michael finds himself part of the drag community, and his understanding of family changes forever.

Nick Bechman makes his directorial debut with QUEENS. 

Nick left Royal Marines Young Officer Training two years ago to pursue a career in Film. Since then he has been working on various productions for SKY and the BBC.

Within the last year, he co-founded ‘Orange Door Pictures’ with his two close friends – Kit Patrick, a freelance producer whom he worked with on Bulletproof Series 2 (Sky One), and actor Josh Dylan – Noughts and Crosses (BBC), End of the F**king World (Netflix), Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again – a dear friend and confidante.

Oct 06, 202034:58