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Disruption Discovered

Disruption Discovered

By ISSP uOttawa

We live in a world increasingly defined by disruption and complexity. This is a show about the forces that are reshaping the 21st century—from information warfare to climate change to gene editing—brought to life through accessible discussions with Canadian thought leaders.

Host: Brendan Frank
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An Unlocked Arctic — with Jackie Dawson

Disruption DiscoveredMar 18, 2020

A Post-Truth Social Contract — with Jeff Kinder
Apr 08, 202017:29
Mutant Biofuels — with Kin Chan

Mutant Biofuels — with Kin Chan

Keeping global temperatures to safe levels will require unlikely and disruptive discoveries from unexpected places. Medicine is a promising frontier.

Kin Chan discusses his medical research on DNA damage and cancer, and explains how an enzyme that he discovered could eventually help pave the way for a new generation of low-carbon fuels.


Mechanisms of Mutagenesis by Kin Chan

Apr 01, 202017:47
Canada’s Front Yard — with Jackie Dawson
Mar 25, 202016:10
An Unlocked Arctic — with Jackie Dawson

An Unlocked Arctic — with Jackie Dawson

The Arctic is warming at twice the global average. In the Canadian Arctic, it's three times the global average.

Jackie Dawson explains the scale of this transformation, and what a melting Arctic means for the future of trade, geopolitics, and Northern communities.

Mar 18, 202016:09
Brace for Geoengineering — with Jason Blackstock
Mar 11, 202024:22
The Unpredictability of National Security — with Mark Salter
Mar 04, 202022:49
Deweaponizing Misinformation — with Kimberly Girling
Feb 26, 202021:51
China Conundrums — with Margaret McCuaig-Johnston
Feb 19, 202022:26
Big Data, Big Agriculture — with Kelly Bronson
Feb 12, 202024:03
How Do We Know Something Is True — with Marc Saner
Feb 05, 202018:58
Trailer: Disruption Discovered
Jan 28, 202000:56