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Is This a Jojo's Reference?

Is This a Jojo's Reference?

By Dave & Deanna

Every two weeks, Deanna (has seen it) and Dave (has heard about it) watch and talk through some episodes of D.Gray-Man.
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Anime Crimes

Is This a Jojo's Reference?Nov 06, 2021

Anime Crimes
Nov 06, 202151:14
Noah, Reborn
Oct 21, 202144:32
God's Power, as a Treat
Oct 09, 202101:05:57
Headquarters Pays a Visit
Sep 23, 202151:49
Hateship Ended with Kanda
Sep 23, 202101:09:31
Aug 28, 202159:31
Indecisive King
Aug 12, 202141:18
Thin Fucking Ice
Jul 29, 202147:40
Jul 15, 202158:17
Jul 01, 202144:52
Timcanpy's Nightmare Hole
Jun 17, 202151:39
Lulu Bell's Finale
Jun 04, 202140:47
Anime Only
May 21, 202148:07
Dortman Bates

Dortman Bates

We wade through our first tight-knit arc, the Order in Crisis, episodes 36-39. Things, predictably, get bad for the Black Order and we get a glimpse of what's to come.

May 06, 202143:38
Dark Brooding Dudes
Apr 17, 202155:14
His Name is Kevin
Apr 02, 202147:49
Mar 13, 202152:34
Yu Kanda Has a Thought
Feb 26, 202142:08
Millennium Earl Fan Club
Feb 11, 202146:24
Firstname Lastname, Generic Protag
Jan 28, 202143:33
Goodbye Jojo
Nov 26, 202001:04:43
The End of The Boss
Nov 13, 202001:01:15
Everybody is in Danger
Oct 29, 202001:43:25
Bruno's Bizarre Adventure
Oct 15, 202001:33:05
Trish Appreciation Hours
Oct 01, 202001:28:48
Storyline Parallels
Sep 18, 202001:31:32
Palm Tree Pesci
Sep 03, 202001:24:60
Build-a-Boy Workshop
Aug 20, 202001:24:15
The Golden Experience

The Golden Experience

Finally we get to see what's up with this Giorno dude. And so far, it's good!

This week we discuss episodes 1-5 of Jojo's part 5: Golden Wind.

While we have the option for you to support our show, consider instead donating to the Lebanese Red Cross instead. Their relief efforts are going to support those affected after the explosion in Beirut. You can find our more about what's happening here:

As always, find us on Twitter: @isthisajojospod and @knurtt. Music by Komiku: Fight, run, breath deeply and Poupi on a scooter.

Aug 06, 202001:25:33
The Friends We Made Along the Way
Jul 24, 202001:46:25
July 15th
Jul 09, 202001:13:41
These Two Spiteful Bastards
Jun 25, 202001:26:38
Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind
Jun 11, 202001:37:38
Power Couple: Jotaro
May 29, 202001:26:12
Peep the Details
May 15, 202001:23:31
Koichi's No Simp
Apr 30, 202001:47:60
Crazy Noisy Bizzare Town
Apr 16, 202001:25:40
Timing is Everything
Apr 02, 202001:03:45
[Bonus] DIO's World & Finale Watch-Along

[Bonus] DIO's World & Finale Watch-Along

It seems like this was forever ago, but we watched the final four episodes of Stardust Crusaders and recorded our live reactions.

Thank you for listening and coming along for the ride! 💕

Find us on Twitter: @isthisajojospod and @knurtt. Music by Komiku: Fight, run, breath deeply and Poupi on a scooter.


Episode 45 starts at 2:53

Episode 46 starts at 26:54, re-sync at podcast time 45:10 and episode time 18:28. (We had an audio hiccup, sorry!)

Episode 47 starts at 50:53.

Episode 48 (timestamp pending).

Apr 02, 202001:44:41
Whole Damn Bakery
Mar 19, 202001:08:05
Real Nail-Biters
Mar 05, 202001:10:32
Feb 20, 202001:11:52
DIO: Powerful, Deep, Large, and Beautiful
Feb 06, 202001:19:56
Iggy the Fool
Jan 23, 202058:31
Freddy Krueger Baby
Jan 09, 202001:10:37
Platinum Succ
Dec 26, 201901:08:29
Stand Band on the Move
Dec 24, 201901:17:31
Polnareff Posin'
Nov 28, 201901:27:08
Look Out, Elon Musk
Nov 14, 201901:26:19
Kars for Kids
Nov 01, 201901:13:51