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International Teacher Podcast

International Teacher Podcast

By Matt, Kent, Jacqueline, & Greg

International Teacher Podcast is hosted by Matthew Judd, Kent Arimura, Jacqueline P. Mallais, and Greg Lemoine. New Episodes are published bi-weekly on Fridays or Saturdays. Listen to first-hand experiences from across the globe about international schools, certified educators, teaching overseas, and living in other countries as expatriates. We interview educators and administrators all over the world to discuss travel, teaching in their schools, overseas educator job fairs, taking your expat family internationally, expat schools, and much more.
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ITP-10 Julia reflects back on living and growing up in different countries as a TCK.

International Teacher PodcastMay 22, 2021

ITP - 69 John's Wild Ride: From Local Teacher to Globetrotting Educator

ITP - 69 John's Wild Ride: From Local Teacher to Globetrotting Educator

John's story resonates with the current trends in global education, where international teaching positions are in high demand. The conversation underscores the need for educators to adapt to diverse cultural and educational environments. It also highlights the value of continuous professional development and networking within the international education community.

Ultimately, the interview serves as a compelling narrative of the transformative potential of international teaching and the diverse paths that educators can pursue. John's journey offers valuable insights and practical advice for aspiring international educators, making it a worthwhile listen for anyone considering a career in global education.

Nov 18, 202301:00:39
ITP - 68 Psychological Support for Global Educators: Unveiling Anna's Guidance for International Teachers

ITP - 68 Psychological Support for Global Educators: Unveiling Anna's Guidance for International Teachers

This interview was recorded originally on May 5, 2023. Since then, Anna and her husband have moved and settled into UNIS in Hanoi. Her website has been published at Click on the link and browse her site while you listen to this fantastic episode. You can thank us later for introducing her to the world of International Education! Really! This is one to share out!

Anna, a certified psychologist hailing from Ireland, is currently making a significant impact in the realm of international teaching while residing in Sri Lanka. Drawing from her own life as the wife of an international teacher, Anna intimately understands the challenges faced by educators in this unique lifestyle. As an experienced psychologist, she seamlessly blends her corporate world expertise with her passion for supporting international teachers, creating a safe and empathetic space for clients to discuss and navigate the diverse issues they encounter. Anna's commitment to providing a purposeful and goal-oriented approach reflects her firsthand knowledge of the intricacies of the profession, making her an invaluable resource for those seeking guidance in the dynamic world of international education. Having experienced her own crisis during her time teaching overseas without a mentor, Anna is uniquely positioned to fill the void she once faced, offering much-needed advice and support to others in similar situations.

You will want to stick around until later in the show when she shares the ultimate, scary police story!

Nov 11, 202301:12:14
ITP 67 - Leading an International School on the Island of Curaçao

ITP 67 - Leading an International School on the Island of Curaçao

James Joubert is the Head of School at the Curaçao American Preparatory School on the beautiful Caribbean island of Curaçao. He is originally from South Africa, so Greg asks him to verify the rumor of why elephants are on the Amarula Bottle - elephants get drunk off the ripe amarula fruit. (Don't believe it? Watch this! We googled it right after recording this episode. Funny, but actually just an entertaining myth.)

All this talk about alcohol required us to list this as *explicit content. Ahem. We are all educators so we have don't need the kiddos listening to the fact that teachers and administrators are actually "human" and "partake" once in a while.

James is an inspirational educational leader that has been overseas for over two decades and has the stories to prove it. This is a candid discussion full of laughter and joy. Join us an listen to James explain why international educators should always wear pajamas to bed and what it's like to meet incoming expatriate teachers at the airport arrivals.

This is an episode you will want to share with teachers in your life.

Nov 04, 202301:13:17
ITP - 66 There are Dinosaurs in the Library!
Oct 28, 202351:25
ITP - 65 Experiences of an African American Woman Teacher Overseas
Oct 21, 202301:03:14
64 - Possibly the Opportunity of a Lifetime
Oct 14, 202301:03:14
ITP - 63 What Makes an Excellent Candidate for International?

ITP - 63 What Makes an Excellent Candidate for International?

We have discussed this before, but now we have added a bright new cohost. Jacqueline of JPMint joins our team with many years of overseas experiences, not only with a woman's perspective, but as a Canadian, a veteran international teacher, an administrator, a recruitment coach, and a consultant for international teachers.

JP starts off by quizzing the boys on what makes a great candidate but doesn't hesitate to join in with Kent making fun of Greg.

JP has pushed us into the old world of FaceBook with our new group at and Kent promises to join his cat on an ITP TikTok.

Enjoy the show.

Sep 30, 202301:09:14
ITP - 62 Camila -A Brazilian Teaching Overseas in the USA
Sep 16, 202338:42
ITP - 61 Burn Bright, Not Out! with author Sybil Hall

ITP - 61 Burn Bright, Not Out! with author Sybil Hall

Sybil Hall has is a mother, wife, International Teacher, financial freedom advocate, consultant, and brand new author. Visit her website at while you listen to this episode. Teachers, both overseas and in the USA will learn so much from her! Burn Bright, Not Out is a brilliant new book from Sybil Hall. We talk about the book to light your candles!
Sep 09, 202301:04:08
ITP - 60 Kent and Greg Beginning of a School Year
Aug 20, 202301:00:20
ITP - 59 Georgia and Christine Join us from Boston
Jul 23, 202345:34
ITP - 58 David in Singapore

ITP - 58 David in Singapore

Listen to this joyful episode as Kent (the cat guy) and Greg (the single guy) interview David about Singapore, speaking Japanese, and a few exciting police stories.

Jul 07, 202301:07:30
ITP - 57 Ilonka in Cairo

ITP - 57 Ilonka in Cairo

Meet Ilonka, a German international teacher living in Cairo. She's been around the world. Greg meets her for the first time just three minutes before the interview. Listen in on the conversation as Ilonka shares her stories like being interviewed at a principal's house over a bottle of wine, dancing on the school desks (or not), and spending way too much money on real books. The opportunity to teach overseas is not just a well kept secret in the USA. It's a secret shared around the world.

Jul 02, 202301:35:32
ITP - 55 Diversity in International School Leadership

ITP - 55 Diversity in International School Leadership

Join us as we go behind the scenes of the Diversity Collective. Alan Phan and Aparna Sundaram, cofounders of the Diversity Collective, have each spent more than twenty years in international schools around the world. Navigate to their website as you listen:

The best written words to describe this dynamic duo are their website header: A Recruiting and Consulting Agency that Advances DiversityThe Diversity Collective, a POC-owned and operated organization, works to place exceptional leaders and educators in schools. As a facilitator between educators and partner schools committed to strengthening their leadership, we work to bridge the current diversity gap seen at schools around the world.

Beyond those meaningful words, listen to this episode and hear their voices.

Jun 17, 202347:03
ITP - 54 Jason Lasky - Renaissance Man (China, Nigeria, Russia, Armenia, Singapore...and more)
Jun 10, 202301:15:19
ITP - 53 Mary Noble in Beirut

ITP - 53 Mary Noble in Beirut

Mary Noble is the Middle School Principle at American Community School of Beirut (ACS) in Lebanon. Her message is for teachers not to "burn out". Don't leave the career of teaching unless you have explored the benefits of the overseas experience. Mary has taught in Alaska, Thailand, Oregon, Egypt, Dubai, and now in Lebanon. She was a single mom for some of the time and moved between the USA and overseas several times. Listen to this episode and learn from this amazing educator.

May 26, 202351:42
ITP - 52 Valerie & Dillan (Part1 Prior to Overseas)

ITP - 52 Valerie & Dillan (Part1 Prior to Overseas)

This is the first episode of a series focusing on Dillan and Valerie, a teaching couple new to international. They began their journey back in 2022 when they began their research and signed a contract. Once they arrive in their new country and have taught a bit through the 2023-24 school year, they will record another episode with us and check in about their experiences. We hope you enjoy hearing about the beginning of their journey.

May 11, 202349:40
ITP -51 Kindergarten at 60 Behind the Scenes with Dian

ITP -51 Kindergarten at 60 Behind the Scenes with Dian

In this episode, meet Dian Seidel. She is a newly published author of Kindergarten at 60: A Memoir of Teaching in Thailand. You can pre-order her book on Amazon now, or after you hear this exciting interview. Imagine at age 60, after retiring from Governmental Science career, you decide you want to give back to society by teaching adults. Then add a twist and decide to teach somewhere outside of the comfort of your own country. Finally, when you arrive to teach, your students are the exact opposite of adults. Listen in.

"Teacher Dian" and "Teacher Steve" are the epitome of ACTIVE RETIREMENT.

Enjoy this episode.

Apr 28, 202342:15
ITP - 50 JPMint Consulting Celebrates One Year

ITP - 50 JPMint Consulting Celebrates One Year

Welcome to our 50th episode of the International Teacher Podcast. It is also our 2 year anniversary. We welcome back Jacqueline Mallais, the founder of JPMint Consulting, for her second guest appearance on our show. Jacqueline has established herself as a consultant extraordinaire for current and soon-to-be international teachers. Listen in as she celebrates her successes and future goals. At some point, JP orchestrates a TikTok challenge with Greg the single guy.

This is a must listen episode for any international teacher that is ready to move on to their next school, any current teachers thinking about going abroad to teach, and all pre-service teachers that aren't sure whether international teaching is meant for them.

Congratulations Jacqueline! Your clients are lucky to have you as their coach.

Apr 14, 202349:40
ITP - 49 The Authors of the New Normal Books
Mar 31, 202357:38
ITP 48 - Richard Byrne, Tech Guru Helping Teachers

ITP 48 - Richard Byrne, Tech Guru Helping Teachers

Meet the Tech Guru that created over almost two decades ago. Richard was freezing in Maine while we recorded this. He is a proud father, teacher, guest speaker, and technology wiz that empowers teachers world-wide. Take one of his online courses if you want to beef up your classroom tech skills. He focuses on a lot of free technology. Join us as we share stories about customs and famous people, trends in educational technology, and oil trucks. Some of the other Links from this discussion:

Ed Tech Gurus Richard Mentions

Gary Stager 

Vicki Davis. 

Beth Holland - 

Books⁠Free: The Future of a Radical Price⁠ (2009) by Chris Anderson ⁠Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust⁠ by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith (2020 reprint) ⁠Pedalling to Kailash: Cycling Adventures and Misadventures Across the Roof of the World⁠ by Graydon Hazenberg (2021) Video: ⁠Visual Rubrics - Part 1: Getting Started by Greg Kulowiec⁠App Creation Software/Website:   ⁠MIT APP Inventor 2⁠  Video Game Creation Webtool:  ⁠Construct 3⁠ (Free & Paid Versions)

Mar 18, 202301:03:44
ITP 47 - Jeff Torchon - First Year International Teacher in Japan
Mar 11, 202301:01:37
ITP 46 - The ISS Job Fair in Washington DC
Feb 19, 202301:05:03
ITP 45 - Working with Classroom Data
Feb 17, 202347:24
ITP 44 - Scott Schaffner - International Recruiting Advice
Jan 13, 202352:53
ITP 43 - Angela and Darian from the "Aramco Schools"
Dec 21, 202240:43
ITP 42 - International Music Teachers with Chris
Dec 10, 202248:21
ITP 41 - Let's Talk China. An interview with Brantley of Dwight Schools
Dec 03, 202257:23
ITP 40 - Susan in Switzerland

ITP 40 - Susan in Switzerland

Join Kent and Greg while they interview Susan about Egypt, Singapore, Canada, and Switzerland. Sue and her husband Grant have been overseas since 2004 with their two girls so she has a lot of stories to share. We dare you to enjoy this episode.

International Teacher Podcast has a new website at  

Nov 26, 202254:26
ITP - 39 Behind the Scenes with the brand new Educators Going Global
Nov 13, 202255:16
ITP - 38 Introducing JPMint Consulting!
Oct 28, 202201:01:37
ITP - 37 Meet Francesca Spencer, International Teacher and Author
Oct 23, 202248:55
ITP - 36 Helping New Staff at School AND Recruiting Season Begins

ITP - 36 Helping New Staff at School AND Recruiting Season Begins

The three of us discuss how we, as seasoned teachers in an international school, help new staff navigate their first few weeks. Being the new teacher at an international school overseas is not easy. It's not necessarily the teaching. It's everything else that you have to get through in a foreign country.

It's also the beginning of recruiting season. If you are planning on recruiting for the 23-24 school year, now is the time to start looking. Get some great tips from this discussion. Start with some online research. Sign up for some key recruiting tools. Choose an International Teacher Job Fair like Search Associates, AASSA, UNI, or ISS. 

If nothing else, the social antics of this episode will entertain you!

The International Teacher Podcast is simply three teachers that have been teaching and living overseas. We love to share advice and stories about the best kept secret in education:  Overseas Teaching.

Oct 06, 202258:06
ITP - 35 First Day of School Stories

ITP - 35 First Day of School Stories

Matt is back to celebrate the first day of school. Hear stories about this year's first day and go back into history as all three of us share memories of the First Day of Teaching, Ever.  Matt was a bit rusty calling attention to our social media. You can find us:


Twitter:  @itpexpats

Instagram:  @itpexpats

Facebook.........nahhh. Maybe at some point.

Aug 27, 202239:21
ITP-34 Nomadicteachers - Elliot's free International Teacher Research Tool!

ITP-34 Nomadicteachers - Elliot's free International Teacher Research Tool!

Welcome to a long overdue podcast! Elliot is an international teacher in Hong Kong who originally recorded this with Greg back in March 2022. When he isn't skateboarding in the vast urban areas of the city, Eliot is maintaining a useful, research-based website for all of us. is a free database that allows you to match your interests with schools all over the globe. Elliot wanted to match his love of Mandarin, with skateboarding and teaching. Shazam! Now you can go to his site and find a school to match your passions.  Listen in as Greg and Elliot discuss the website tool, traveling through Indonesia, coffee in Vietnam, and a few new "cop stories". Enjoy this episode!

Navigate to while you listen to the episode. 

Aug 20, 202246:41
ITP-33 Lindsay Leaves Budapest for Bangkok!

ITP-33 Lindsay Leaves Budapest for Bangkok!

Lindsay is a seasoned International Teacher that shares her thoughts with us as she prepares to leave Budapest after 8 years and heads for a new position in Bangkok.

If you haven't bought Greg's new book yet, buy it and read it now to prepare for a job fair.

You can follow her first year of her Bangkok experience with her 365 project. (One photo a day on Flickr) 

We also talk about Lindsay's Blog, called ThePresentPerfect and a language learning website called 

You can find her on Twitter @MsMTeachesELLs.

Aug 13, 202250:02
ITP - 32 Summer's Done, Back to International School

ITP - 32 Summer's Done, Back to International School

ITP goes back to school and back online. Greg shares a little about his scuba trip to Indonesia. Kent explains what a state of Washington old people farm is. Join us as we dust off the podcast mics and laugh at our own stories. Matt the family guy will soon be back.

Aug 02, 202247:38
ITP - 31 Rose in Turkey
Jun 26, 202201:11:07
ITP-30 Learn about Int'l Schools
Jun 14, 202241:08
ITP-29 What are Recruiters Looking for (Pt.2)

ITP-29 What are Recruiters Looking for (Pt.2)

Roberto Santos is the Head of School at International School Eastern Seaboard, located near Pataya, Thailand. In this special episode, Greg and Mr. Santos have an in-depth discussion about what (in our opinions) many international superintendents are looking for in international educator candidates. 

If you haven't purchased a copy of "Finding the Right Fit: Your Professional Guide for International Educator Recruiting Fairs and Amazing Stories of a Teacher Living Overseas", you are missing out on a lot of information.

As a listener, get your free eBook copy. I'd love it if you wrote an honest review on Amazon. Limited to the first 100 listeners downloads. 

Navigate to BookBaby, Greg's publisher, using the coupon code 4SWEPX.

May 28, 202257:47
ITP-28 International Border Crossings

ITP-28 International Border Crossings

Matt and Greg discuss traveling through customs and the art of pre-planning a trip. What happened at the DeGaul Airport?  And Greg's long story about border crossings on his trip around the North Eastern countries of South America (Venezuela to Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana and Suriname).  

May 23, 202245:36
ITP-27 Teaching Couple in Ecuador, India, and Back to USA
Apr 24, 202201:03:32
ITP-26 Three Expats and a Microphone 1 Year Laughing Anniversary
Apr 11, 202201:00:26
ITP-25 A Fantastic Recruiting TOOL, China, Dubai, Korea
Apr 02, 202245:51
ITP-24 Jenn and Greg Talk MakerSpaces in Luxembourg

ITP-24 Jenn and Greg Talk MakerSpaces in Luxembourg

Jenn is a TCK (Third Culture Kid) that later, ended up overseas to AbuDhabi, Oman, and now in Luxembourg. We talk about recruiting, MakerSpaces, and discuss some of the differences in international schools. Join us for this exciting episode. 

Mar 22, 202254:59
ITP-23 they | their | them Andy Nelson addresses LGBTQ from Tokyo, Japan.
Mar 11, 202253:23
ITP-22 Kristin joins us from Colombia
Feb 26, 202255:39
ITP-21 Our Episode Worth Millions

ITP-21 Our Episode Worth Millions

Bestselling author and International Teacher, Andrew Hallam joins us to talk about both of his recent books Millionaire Expat (2020) and Balance (2020).  Buy the books. Listen to this podcast. Save money. And just for us, Andrew adds to our funny international police stories. 

Feb 11, 202258:35
ITP-20 Three Kinds of Vacation for International Educators?

ITP-20 Three Kinds of Vacation for International Educators?

Matt, Greg, and Kent share their stories about the winter holidays. Each experienced a different kind of vacation. Single guy on a dive trip. A married couple heads home to the USA. A family staycation, digging for fossils and attending MIDDLE BEAST. Listen to what some international teachers do for fun on holidays.

Feb 03, 202201:01:36
ITP-19 When You Land in a New Country - Onboarding!

ITP-19 When You Land in a New Country - Onboarding!

Every International School has a different onboarding - arrival - process. Kent and Greg discuss their experiences and some possible situations of onboarding with different schools. What happens when you initially land in a new country for an international school position? Get a glimpse of some examples to stir up some questions you might ask during an interview for an international school.

Nov 20, 202137:27