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Mail To Profit Podcast

Mail To Profit Podcast

By Alonso Perez

The New Street Smarts podcast brings a refreshing approach to marketing for small content creators and personal brands.

Marketing yourself or your business doesn't have to be 'mind-numbingly' boring.

On this podcast, your host Alonso Perez delivers practical marketing tips that anybody can use. Whether you're a stay-at-home mom starting your journey on social media, or a solopreneur looking for realistic ways to market your business.

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How to Use Email Marketing to Generate Leads and Sales for Your Local Business

Mail To Profit PodcastJul 23, 2023

How to Use Email Marketing to Generate Leads and Sales for Your Local Business

How to Use Email Marketing to Generate Leads and Sales for Your Local Business

In this episode of the Mail to Profit Podcast, we're joined by Adriana, owner of the Texas Liquor Licensing Agency. We dive deep into the world of email marketing and how it plays a crucial role in the success of her local business. Adriana shares valuable insights into obtaining liquor permits for Texas-based businesses and explains the importance of catering to different industries within the sector. We explore the benefits of using Go High Level, a white-labeled software solution, for email marketing, content creation, and agency management. Our discussion revolves around automation and how it can streamline business processes, including lead capture, CRM integration, and email sequences. Learn about the power of Zapier in automating lead management and how it can save time and effort. Adriana outlines her current email marketing strategies, including Google Ads and website inquiries, and emphasizes the need for building an engaged email list. We discuss the high open rates her business enjoys and explore the significance of engaging potential clients through emails and newsletters. Looking ahead, we strategize on implementing a quiz-based funnel that directs clients to the specific permits they need, further simplifying the process for them. We reveal plans to set up email automation for different stages of the client journey, ensuring personalized and timely communication. If you're a local business owner seeking to enhance your email marketing efforts, this episode is packed with actionable insights and tips. Tune in to discover how to optimize your email marketing game and achieve better results in your business. Be sure to subscribe to our podcast and stay updated on future episodes! #emailmarketing #emaillistmanagement #emaillistbuilding #digitalmarketing #localbusinessmarketing

Jul 23, 202316:20
7 lessons from the world's biggest business gurus

7 lessons from the world's biggest business gurus

Business gurus. We've all seen them, or at least have heard of them. Guys like Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, and Alex Hormozi have built an empire of followers doing what they do best: giving advice on how to crack the code to succeed in business. While I don't agree with everything they say, I'm always intrigued when looking up to people that are leaps and bounds ahead of me. 

Over the years, I've listened to dozens of hours worth of their content and spent thousands of dollars on their courses... And here's a brief video of what I learned. I hope you enjoy this podcast on '7 lessons from the world's biggest business gurus'. Let me know if you enjoyed this episode by rating the show! 

Sep 06, 202209:46
How to stay consistent as a content creator, even when views are down - Featuring Adriana Perez
Aug 23, 202206:20
Best Email Marketing Software For Small Businesesess and Personal Brands
Jul 17, 202210:54
How To Turn Social Media Followers Into Loyal Email Subscribers

How To Turn Social Media Followers Into Loyal Email Subscribers

In this episode of the New Street Smarts Podcast, I uncover a proven strategy to convert your social media followers into email subscribers... And eventually buyers of your products or services.   

This strategy works best for content creators, influencers, and personal brands.

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Jul 06, 202223:26
How to pick your niche as a content creator - Ep.#2
Jun 18, 202209:59