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It's in Our Nature

It's in Our Nature

By The Nature Conservancy in Missouri

You’re listening to It’s in Our Nature, the podcast that celebrates the connections between people and nature, with host, Adam McLane, The Nature Conservancy’s Missouri state director. For more information visit
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Moving a Levee on the Missouri River

It's in Our NatureJun 24, 2021

Ask McLane Anything - Episode 1
May 30, 202321:21
2022 Year in Review

2022 Year in Review

In this episode, Missouri state director, Adam McLane recaps seven highlights of 2022. It is far from everything that happened, but it is a great reminder of the ways your support helps people and nature thrive.

All year, we here at The Nature Conservancy in Missouri carefully track our progress, writing down the acres of land revived by prescribed fire, miles of streambank restored, partnerships built and dozens of other metrics that guide us toward our conservation goals. And yet, the end of the year is a time to reflect on the past twelve months, which always feels like a marvel. It is our annual reminder of how much a group of dedicated people can accomplish in a short amount of time.

We hope you take pride and ownership in those accomplishments, especially after a year like 2022. It was one for the books, with new staff hired, exciting new properties saved for conservation and the close of a campaign whose success will fuel work far into the future. 

Dec 29, 202236:37
Growing Power: Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture

Growing Power: Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture

It’s in Our Nature goes on location to visit our friends at the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture.

CCUA cofounder Adam Saunders and board member Robbie Price join the podcast to talk about the power of gardening. The conversation takes place in the Columbia Agriculture Park, a 10-acre campus that is home to a sprawling urban garden, Columbia’s famed farmers market and the nerve center for CCUA’s array of food-focused programs. 

Learn how a composting program started by University of Missouri students grew into a multimillion-dollar force that teaches people to grow vegetables in public housing, connects veterans with the land and supplies tens of thousands of pounds of produce to Columbia’s food pantry each year.

Oct 31, 202253:08
A Journey to Well-Being

A Journey to Well-Being

We all know that nature has a unique ability to improve our health, both mentally and physically. In this episode, we’re talking with Jeanne Carbone—the supervisor of therapeutic horticulture at the Missouri Botanical Garden. Jeanne has helped create a special program in the Japanese Garden at the Missouri Botanical Garden that was designed to aid participants in experiencing the calming, restorative powers of nature. 

Hear from Jeanne how this program came to life and how it’s helped everyone from cancer patients to nurses on the frontline during COVID.

Oct 20, 202242:07
A Paddler’s Paradise in Our Own Backyard

A Paddler’s Paradise in Our Own Backyard

Roo Yawitz, owner of Big Muddy Adventures, talks Missouri rivers, paddling and … sandwiches.

In this episode, hear the story of the canoe trip that opened Roo’s eyes to the wonders of the Mississippi River and ultimately helped the owner of a live-music club find his way into the river-outfitting industry. Plus, can St. Louis become an outdoors city? Roo argues it already is—it just doesn’t know it yet.

Aug 19, 202250:16
Understanding Mitigation

Understanding Mitigation

Meet Wes Hauser, The Nature Conservancy’s new mitigation specialist. The Missouri native joins Missouri State Director Adam McLane on It’s in Our Nature to explain how TNC uses the tools of mitigation to offset the impact on the environment from development. 

*Bonus: Wes reveals the scariest thing he’s ever seen.

May 19, 202229:18
The Legend of Ted and Pat Jones
Apr 21, 202252:42
Lighting the Way

Lighting the Way

Two female trailblazers in the fire world recently crossed paths at a diversity, equity and inclusion prescribed fire workshop that The Nature Conservancy recently hosted in the Ozarks. 

In this episode, Kelly Martin, a burn boss with TNC's North America Fire program and retired Yosemite National Park fire chief, and Kylie Paul, a fearless wildland firefighter from South Africa, paused to join Missouri State Director Adam McLane for a new episode of It’s in Our Nature.

Mar 31, 202242:46
Meet Joel Pugh

Meet Joel Pugh

Joel Pugh is a self-described continuous learner with an obsession for Wikipedia. He recently joined the board of The Nature Conservancy in Missouri and has already made lasting impacts and lots of new friends. 

In this episode, Adam McLane catches up with Joel to learn about his life growing up in rural Pennsylvania and what drew him to The Nature Conservancy. 

Sep 30, 202151:30
Cave Talk with Mike Slay

Cave Talk with Mike Slay

Episode 5: Caves are some of the last great places on the globe left to explore. That, coupled with the desire to ensure these rare places are protected for future generations, motivates Mike Slay to continue squeezing his way into amazing Ozark caves.

In this episode, we'll explore the subterranean world with our colleague Mike from the Conservancy's Arkansas Chapter. Mike is the Ozark Karst Manager and has recently helped with cave assessment work in Missouri.

Mike will talk about his favorite cave experiences, his least favorite cave experiences, why he chose this as a career and all the little critters he's found along the way. Spoiler alert...he even has a cave fly named after him!

Aug 27, 202135:58
Collaboration for Water Quality
Jun 24, 202150:13
Moving a Levee on the Missouri River
Jun 24, 202146:06
Fight for Survival: Saving Missouri's Endangered Species
Apr 15, 202139:24
Growing an Oasis in North St. Louis
Apr 15, 202127:11