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Be a $100,000 Haircutter

Be a $100,000 Haircutter

By Ivan zoot

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Squandered Authority

Be a $100,000 HaircutterAug 21, 2022

Number 6. You Can't Cut Everyone - Double Take

Number 6. You Can't Cut Everyone - Double Take

You can't cut everyone... and frankly you do not want to.

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Sep 17, 202312:26
Thing 6. Ten Things I know For Sure About The Pro Haircut Business
Sep 10, 202310:46
The Inside Gig. Thing 5 i know for sure.

The Inside Gig. Thing 5 i know for sure.

Sep 03, 202317:29
There is No Economy!
Aug 20, 202311:33
Thing 3. There is no market
Aug 13, 202311:31
Thing 2 I know
Aug 06, 202312:02
Thing 1 I know...

Thing 1 I know...

Part 1 of a 10 part series on the 10 things I know for sure about the beauty and barber business.

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Jul 30, 202317:14
An Extra Episode
Jul 23, 202313:21
Three Sentences

Three Sentences

Jul 09, 202312:55
Book 'em Danno!
Jul 02, 202313:47
Take - Home Time

Take - Home Time

6 of 8 in the series... the haircutting success sequence.

Behind the chair.

Steps for maximizing each and every haircut opportunity.

Just discovering my podcast?

Go back and listen tot the entire series!

I am very happy to have you here.


Jun 25, 202306:21
Are You Happy Mr. or Mrs. Client?
Jun 18, 202308:55
Jun 11, 202309:01
Jun 04, 202310:36
Consultation, Step 2
May 28, 202310:19
Step #1 - The Greeting

Step #1 - The Greeting

The $100,000 Haircutter System Service Sequence
May 21, 202312:52
Triathlon Training
May 14, 202312:40
The Balancing Act
May 07, 202313:52
Lighten Up!
Apr 23, 202310:32
Make more, Take More
Apr 15, 202311:17
Average Ticket Continued
Apr 09, 202315:09
Welcome to Q2

Welcome to Q2

This is quarter 2, 2023.

NOW is the time to get busy for 2023.

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Apr 01, 202314:42
Got A Quarter?
Mar 26, 202315:36
Secret Shopping

Secret Shopping

Secret shopping... A great way to gain insights about your business.

LINK HERE for the secret shopper templates.

LINK HERE for the FREE month of my $100,000 Haircutter Academy.



Mar 19, 202311:36
Hit The Road
Mar 12, 202316:18
Your Top 10 Special Clients
Mar 05, 202314:02
Right Now!
Feb 26, 202321:30
The 300
Feb 19, 202316:51
Be Special!

Be Special!

Thrive in pro beauty and barber by specializing your craft and business offerings.

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Feb 05, 202322:31
Customer Satisfaction and Success
Jan 29, 202319:29
Which Bucket
Jan 22, 202317:06
On Time

On Time

It is time to be on time... all the time.

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Jan 15, 202320:29
On The Track Team

On The Track Team

We will talking a LOT about tracking in 2023.

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Jan 08, 202318:49
Hitting Above Average
Jan 01, 202318:19
Join The Gym

Join The Gym

2023 will be a workout for your business.

Join my :gym".

Look at the LINK HERE to download the FREE ebook and get on the mailing list.

Never miss an update.

Look at the LINK HERE to explore the online support community and select your "gym membership" level.

I look forward to working with you in 2023 and beyond.



Dec 11, 202215:27
What is one thing?
Dec 06, 202212:43
Thank You Notes!

Thank You Notes!

Thank yo u for listening.

Get the thank you note templates at the link here - LINK

Learn more about my success support community at the link here - LINK

Thank you.


Nov 20, 202209:34
What is New?

What is New?

Nov 13, 202215:15
The Checklist

The Checklist

My ClipperGuy Says... Play to Win book... Info HERE

Join my online academy at he LINK HERE.

My online community is at the LINK HERE.

Learn about all of them.

Join the one that fits you and your hopes and dreams.

Nov 06, 202212:01
It is the economy, stupid!
Oct 30, 202216:30
The Fourth Quarter
Oct 23, 202214:23
The Free Stuff
Oct 16, 202211:59
There Is No Market.
Oct 09, 202211:35
Reactivating Dormant Haircut Clients

Reactivating Dormant Haircut Clients

Oct 02, 202216:32
Matching Clients With Products
Sep 25, 202210:07
How Many Clients?
Sep 18, 202220:20
Upping The Average
Sep 11, 202213:37
Trading /testing downmarket

Trading /testing downmarket

Clients trading and texting downmarket represents opportunity for haircut pros.

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Sep 04, 202215:21
The Beer and the Bloody

The Beer and the Bloody

Get your copy of the Professional Haircutter's pricing Playbook HERE.

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Aug 28, 202216:49
Squandered Authority
Aug 21, 202214:47