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True Roots Podcast

True Roots Podcast

By Jackie Davies

Meditations and discussions on leading a heart centred life. Healing from the inside out.
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Gratitude Stream

True Roots PodcastJan 02, 2020

Empty Spaces & Expectations-A contemplative conversation, shifting into empty space, meditation and healing.

Empty Spaces & Expectations-A contemplative conversation, shifting into empty space, meditation and healing.

I wanted to share this conversation with you about letting go of expectations and allowing yourself to be the the empty space. The first couple minutes of this episode, you will hear a lot of background noise, my dog, sweeping, cupboards opening--till I finally settled in to the space, the coversation that wanted to come through. We ended up dropping into what felt like a distance healing and the space got very still. So there is an opening there for you to set the intention and receive if that feels in alignment for you. 

I thought it was interesting how I avoid making these podcasts or recording my music because I don't have the perfect set up at my house and I "need" better equipment to put out quality content for the people that come here to meditate. That'll come. 

But sometimes life is unedited...messy and raw....So here is my "imperfect" audio with a message that wanted to come through me... for you and for me. I hope you are doing well on this Full moon. Letting go and creating space for what is to come. Shifting your vibration and purifying from within.

Energetic Alchemy. 

Jul 13, 202216:31
Quantum Creation Meditation
Jan 20, 202218:32
Unveiling the Shadow of Transformation with Colby Mullis

Unveiling the Shadow of Transformation with Colby Mullis

Today on the podcast, I chatted with my dear friend and Buisness partner, Colby Mullis on the topic of Unveiling the Shadow of Transformation. Colby has studied herbal medicine, political science, art, creative writing and is a trauma informed yoga teacher while also working together on the Food + Herb business. She is an advocate for inviting people into spaces to transform, but also making it accessible to everyone. 

We shared our own experiences while working with these Foods + Herbs, the shadows that arose physically, emotionally and the energetics at play here when we consciously choose to change. 

This was a wildly expansive conversation and I absolutely love sharing these golden nuggets of wisdom with Colby. 

In January 2022, we are holding space for those wanting to step into the fire of transformation. Option to buy the Food + Herbs or simply put in an energetic exchange of $20 to have access to this group. Yoga and Reiki Recordings, Recipes, Grocery Lists with Live weekly community meetings to share. All is welcome is this space. 

Contact either of us for more information and to get started.


Dec 15, 202141:24
Navigating Through Death in our Ascension Journey with Nayeli Daylisay

Navigating Through Death in our Ascension Journey with Nayeli Daylisay

Ego Death. Death of a loved one. Individual Death. 

All of us have touched the topic of death at some stage in our lives, some more and some less. Very often however Death is linked with fear, suffering and injustice, instead of its beauty and magic. The collective and individual fear of death and dying, keeps many of us from fully being able to surrender to the ever changing stream of life. So let‘s take our power back and change this programming, in order for us to fully be able to surrender to the death portals that are being presented in our lives for our soul expansion.

Death is natural.
Death is needed.
Death is inevitable.
Death is a portal to more of who we truly are.
Because Death means change and change means expansion.
And in this day and age expansion means ascension.

On our journeys, we, Jackie Davies and Nayeli Dalisay, have looked Death straight into its heart and essence and have been able to see and experience the gift and the magic that lies within this portal. This, however, does not mean that Death cannot be painful or challenging. That’s why we intend to hold the safe and sacred space for you to dive deeper into your own relationship with Death. For you to be able to witness the other side of the tunnel and portal

This time around we will be focussing on the Ego Death and how to more easily and gracefully move through these portals that are actually supporting us to BE in the highest alignment with our mission.

Do you feel a soul's calling to receive the powerful and transformative codes being shared?

Then join us on the 17th of December at 12PM EST / 6PM CET.

We welcome you with so much Love, Gratitude and Excitement.

Jackie and Nayeli 


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Dec 11, 202127:35
Om Mani Padme Hum

Om Mani Padme Hum

A lovely little recording of a Kirtan I wrote with the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum. Mantras and music have the ability to provide deep healing and nourishment to the mind, body and spirit. Roughly translated This mantra means the jewel is in the heart of the lotus. The six syllables mean that independence on the practice of a path which is an indivisible union of method and wisdom, you can transform your impure body, speech, and mine into the pure exalted body, speech and mind of a Buddha.
Oct 19, 202104:56
Soul Space Alignment Meditation

Soul Space Alignment Meditation

Come on a journey to the alignment & expansion of your true Self—The pure grounding essence of love that you are. Starting October 12th, you can join others in an activation grid for an energetic tune up every other week with exclusive content, connection, coaching and deep dive meditations that will be tuned specifically to what is coming up for the group & the collective. This is a healing and powerful, energetic space which will be held off of social media in a private online group. All content will be recorded on audio & video with a bonus monthly audio track to expand into alignment and love. Please visit to sign up. You can also find more details on social media @jackie__davies for Instagram or Jackie Davies / True Roots Healing Arts on Facebook. See you there! Xo
Oct 06, 202111:46
Surrender Meditation

Surrender Meditation

Eclipse/new moon surrender meditation.
Jun 10, 202109:52
Grounding Meditation and Affirmations of Truth
Sep 03, 202009:31
Unity Meditation

Unity Meditation

Happy Spring Equinox! Connect with Mother Earth and Father Sky in this beautiful meditation. This meditation was known by ancient tribes all over the world. Its a lovely experience and will deepen your connection with all of creation. Thank you for tuning in.
Mar 19, 202008:58
Expansion Exercise

Expansion Exercise

Tuning into the body's sensations and energy fields in this longer guided meditation to bring you into a more expansive state. Thank you for tuning in with me. 

Mar 17, 202019:41
Divine Neutrality

Divine Neutrality

Expanding the heart centre and LightBody as we build connections to Divine Neutrality. Pure forgiveness and compassion for all that is, all that was and all that will be. Thank you for coming on this journey with me. The light in me truly sees and honours the light in you.

Source of this meditation comes from Sandra Walter-Ascension Guide.

Mar 14, 202014:41
Tuning into the Body's Vibrations

Tuning into the Body's Vibrations

Settle in for a 5 minute guided meditation to tune into your body vibrations. Starting with the breath then expanding into the subtle vibrations. I hope you enjoy this little brain break! 

Feb 28, 202004:60
Gratitude Stream
Jan 02, 202010:11