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Y.B. Speaks Podcast

Y.B. Speaks Podcast

By YB Yosef

I share my view on politics, religion, current events and issues surrounding the black community. I will also interview people from all walks of life that impact the black community, including but not limited to business owners, religious leaders, politicians, medical professionals, musicians/entertainers and others.
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Uncovering the Black Biblical Destiny: A Phone Call With Onleilove Chika Alston

Y.B. Speaks Podcast Nov 28, 2019

The Talmud 101
Mar 21, 202339:29
The Dismantling of the Black Family
Mar 07, 202333:58
Do You Know Dr. G. Carter Woodson, The Founder Of Black History Month?
Feb 28, 202318:57
What is Group Think & How to Escpae It.
Feb 21, 202359:13
Escaping the Victim Mentality
Feb 15, 202328:29
Taking Individual Responsibility Leads to A Stratifying Life.
Feb 08, 202344:07
Getting Wisodm In A Foolish World
Feb 02, 202320:22
Tyre Nichols, Policing & The Black Community
Feb 01, 202356:54
I Stand With Tony Dungy
Jan 26, 202312:17
The White Supremacy Excuse is Getting Old
Jan 25, 202315:47
Who Is Y.B.? (Audio From A YouTube Episode)
Jan 11, 202317:14
Don't let identity become the foundation of your faith
Jan 04, 202334:47
Why The Change To Y.B. Speaks Podcast?
Jan 04, 202311:25
Gaining Peace In Any Situation
Dec 14, 202225:01
Who is to blame for the Black Communites Down Fall?
Dec 07, 202247:43
They Are Using The Education System To Indoctrinate Our Children
Nov 29, 202213:17
A Conversation With Moreh Vonner: The State of the Israelite Community

A Conversation With Moreh Vonner: The State of the Israelite Community

I discuss with Moreh Vonner his opinion on the #kyrieirving situation, how to share your faith without being "anti" anyone and he shares where he believes the state of the #israelite community is. #blackcommunity  

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Nov 24, 202236:56
Should We Listen To YE and Kyrie?
Nov 22, 202217:42
Are You In A Cult?
Jun 14, 202228:53
Do Not Let The Media Distract You
May 31, 202247:17
Deconstructing Race with Kelly Vonner
May 24, 202255:15
Is Masturbation Ok?
Jan 17, 202236:41
Deception and Ignorance Pt2
Nov 24, 202150:39
Deception and Ignorance Pt1
Nov 19, 202152:45
Aug 24, 202147:16
Faith Over Fear
Aug 03, 202119:11
Waiting on Change: Juvenile Life Without Parole
Jul 07, 202133:53
Music Industry Politics And The Black Community with Guest Shaud Avad
Jun 15, 202101:22:58
Entrepreneurship According To King Solomon
Jun 08, 202146:38
Kwame Brown vs The Media
Jun 01, 202131:24
Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing
Apr 13, 202120:54
Exposing The House Negro - The Black Boule (Bonus Episode Brought to you by Truth Unedited)
Mar 08, 202143:25
Truth about Prince Hall Freemasonry (Bonus Episode Brought to you by Truth Unedited)
Mar 08, 202141:53
Judas and the Black Messiah: Colonization and Assimilation
Feb 15, 202147:31
Before We Were Black
Feb 08, 202129:21
How to Find Rest For Your Soul
Feb 01, 202146:35
Separate From These Systems
Jan 25, 202131:45
Should Hebrews Celebrate Kwanzaa?
Dec 29, 202036:45
So Now They Care About Us? (Covid -19 Vaccine)
Dec 22, 202019:57
They Are Merging Artificial Intelligence With Human DNA
Dec 14, 202042:07
Would Student Loan Forgiveness Have A Positive Impact On The African American Community?
Nov 30, 202028:51
Does The African American Community Need Saving? (With Guest Host Theresy)
Nov 24, 202001:15:27
Black Ownership, Black Love & Black Unity: A Conversation With Bartholomew Jones Creator of Cxffee Black
Nov 17, 202058:02
Self Care
Nov 09, 202028:29
(Bonus) I Voted For Kanye
Oct 23, 202038:37
The Curses And Blessings Are In Our DNA
Oct 14, 202035:37
The Feasts Pt2 (Fall Feast)
Sep 30, 202036:04
Critical Thinking Pt2: How To Navigate The News Cycles And Social Media
Sep 23, 202033:01
Dating, Marriage & The Marriage Bed (We Go There) Guest Host: Theresy
Sep 17, 202001:11:10
What I Believe - My Theological Statement Of Beliefs
Sep 09, 202034:01
Defund The Police?
Sep 02, 202030:45
Globalization, The Occult & A New Age With Elder Jeremy R. Vonner
Aug 27, 202001:46:36
Freedom According To Marcus Garvey
Aug 19, 202024:56
New & Exciting Changes For This Podcast

New & Exciting Changes For This Podcast

Great and exciting changes coming to the podcast. our mission is to connecting the African American Community (who are apart of the diaspora of semitic people scattered all over the world) to uplifting, encouraging and thought provoking content. We seek to know the truth, live it out and inform others. No matter your background you will enjoy this podcast. We will cover Hebrew Culture, Politics, Sports, Current events and see how they impact the "African-American" Community. We wanted to make changes to our podcast to better help serve our mission. We hope that you all enjoy the changes and keep supporting us as we grow. Shalom. 

Aug 14, 202024:29
Study Tools For Growth
Aug 07, 202039:23
Kanye, Hebrew Identity And "Mixed Kids"
Jul 30, 202049:28
The Preacher, Politician and Philanthropist
Jul 23, 202054:35
How To Get A Mental Recharge
Jul 16, 202041:58
Peace In The Midst Of Chaos
Jul 02, 202044:43
Juneteenth: Our Pathway To Freedom (Live From Milan, TN)
Jun 24, 202045:05
The Real Agenda Of The Black Lives Matter Movement: Should We Follow?
Jun 19, 202029:47
Don’t Follow The Crowd Follow The Scriptures: What Should Israel’s Response Be To The Protests?
Jun 13, 202053:51
No More Conversations, Time For Action
Jun 04, 202023:55
Sharing The Truth With Your Family
May 27, 202028:30
Real Recognize Real
May 13, 202039:22
Being A Daniel In A Babylon World ( With Guest Host Theresy)
May 01, 202052:48
Pray Like David Prayed
Apr 23, 202044:30
Bonus Episode: What is Next? The New Normal.
Apr 16, 202041:02
Bible Trivia
Apr 02, 202001:15:18
The Feasts Part 1 (Spring Feasts)
Mar 26, 202043:09
The End Or Just The Beginning?
Mar 19, 202046:05
Coronavirus: What We Know And What We Should Be Doing
Mar 12, 202032:39
Mar 05, 202052:45
Should You Homeschool Your Child?
Feb 21, 202058:02
Breaking Out Of Dysfunction: An Interview With Hoshea Williams Jr. Author of Soul Bondage - Discovering True Deliverance
Feb 20, 202001:16:60
Support Black Businesses?
Feb 13, 202034:30
How To Be A Good Critical Thinker In This Age Of Deception
Feb 06, 202045:44
How To Deal With Grief & How The Israelite Community Should Respond During A National Tragedy
Jan 30, 202046:39
Hebraic Roles Of Men & Women In The House: It May Not Be What You Think
Jan 23, 202041:41
100% Guaranteed: Your Job Has To Let You Off For Feast Days. And Here Is Why.
Jan 16, 202033:53
Bet You Didn't Know Pork Was In That!
Jan 09, 202051:49
Rise Israel
Jan 02, 202001:16:59
Are They Serious? Reading The Frequently Asked Questions Tab On A KKK Site.
Dec 19, 201941:38
Go Back To Africa?
Dec 12, 201942:08
Tips On Keeping Our Women And Children Safe
Dec 05, 201937:13
Uncovering the Black Biblical Destiny: A Phone Call With Onleilove Chika Alston
Nov 28, 201957:53
Walking In the Spirit vs Walking in the Flesh

Walking In the Spirit vs Walking in the Flesh

We will see the differences of a person operating out of their flesh vs operating out of the fruit of the Holy Spirit. 

Web Page:





Nov 21, 201918:17
Who's Your Daddy? Biblically Tracing The Children Of Israel.
Nov 14, 201901:00:43
We Can Be More

We Can Be More

It is a shame that this nation takes the worst of us and props them to be the representatives for us all. We as so called "African Americans" have forgotten who we were and the accomplishments we have done in this nation just a few generations ago. The truth is we are powerful and dynamic. This episode seeks to give some encouragement to that fact. Let's remember what we have done so we don't lose where we are going. 


Nov 07, 201917:32
Why We Left Christianity & Start Following The Scriptures

Why We Left Christianity & Start Following The Scriptures

Join me and my special guest as we discuss our journey from Christianity to knowing the truth about the scriptures. Our aim is to hopefully challenge someone to put what they believe on trial and see if it comes out to still be true. We want to encourage those who are not Hebrew Israelites to really investigate the scriptures and find truth.




Oct 30, 201901:21:05
Researchers Have Created A Uterus For Transgenders.

Researchers Have Created A Uterus For Transgenders.

Family We are living in the last days. Researchers in Tel Aviv have created a uterus that can be inserted into a transgender women ( someone born a man but now identifies as a woman). We are in the times of Noah. In this episode I discuss the steps bioengineers are taking to make this happen as well has ask the question, should we be "tolerant"?  

Oct 24, 201952:18
Overview of God’s approved Holidays and their meanings.

Overview of God’s approved Holidays and their meanings.

With all the deception going around, our people have substituted YAHs Holy Days with pagan days of worship and celebration. We have to learn and go back to YAHs approved Holy days and leave these pagan systems behind.
Oct 17, 201931:46
Life Giving Meditation: Psalm 1:2

Life Giving Meditation: Psalm 1:2

There are a lot of theories about meditation and what it should be for and what it can do. The real question is what does the Bible say about meditation and what we should be meditating on? Also what positive impact could the meditation that the bible says do have on you and the where you are? Tune in to find out. 

Music By Lorvins

Song: Jump 

Album: Renewal 

Oct 10, 201929:39
NCAA, Slavery & The Black College Athlete

NCAA, Slavery & The Black College Athlete

The NCAA has long gotten rich off their student athletes while the students themselves reep nothing  in return. The scales have been unbalanced for far too long. The Fair Pay To Play act seeks to change that. We will be looking at how the NCAA treats its athletes compared to the the slave master and how all this has an impact on the "Black" community.

Oct 03, 201953:34
The Mis-Education Of The Anti-Christ

The Mis-Education Of The Anti-Christ

What if I told you that we should not be looking for the anti-christ  to come, but it is already here? What if I told you that that the spirit of the anti-christ and the mass deception that it brings is working right now? What If I told you you were born into the age of deception and the anti-christ? Lets peel back the layers of the Bible and discover the miseducation that we have gotten for so many years about the anti-christ.

Sep 26, 201901:16:38
Bonus: Rock The Vote Or Nah?

Bonus: Rock The Vote Or Nah?

To vote or not to vote is always a hot topic in the Israelite Community. The fact is no matter where you stand on the issue there are things that you can do to improve your community. Take a listen to see what those things are and some tips for first time voters. Toda Raba for all the support!

Sep 24, 201912:34
Does Government Matter In the Black Community?

Does Government Matter In the Black Community?

With the the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the U.S. constitution. With FDR's new deal. With the civil rights act, voting rights act and the first person of color voted in as president of the united states, things should have changed in the so called black community right? Listen in to see if any of these polices or historic moments really helped to change the black community for the better.

Sep 19, 201901:01:07
I'm An Israelite. Now What?

I'm An Israelite. Now What?

You have just woken up to the truth that you are a true descendant of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. You might have a lot of questions. We can answer some of those. We pray this episode helps.

Sep 13, 201901:00:32
What Is Jacob's Seed Podcast? (old version)

What Is Jacob's Seed Podcast? (old version)

An overview of this podcast and its mission.

Sep 12, 201912:17
What Is Jacob's Seed Podcast (Start Here)
Sep 12, 201926:17