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Consistently Fit

Consistently Fit

By James Burns

Yes we are still involved in trying to stop the bullying epidemic, but we have discovered a few things. One; people who are fit physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually have a better outlook on life and are more apt to treat others with kindness and respect. Secondly those who are fit in the four areas mentioned have a much higher self esteem and love themselves. Those who love themselves love others much more freely. For the record I am a NASM certified personal trainer.

The Bully Proof Classroom
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Meet Rebecca Burd

Consistently FitSep 07, 2022

How To Handle Estrangements
Nov 14, 202330:58
School Health For Students And Teachers
Nov 09, 202351:53
The Power Of Consistency Chapter 12: Purpose and Concluding Thoughts
Nov 06, 202308:17
The Power Of Consistency Chapter 11: Listening To Understand
Nov 06, 202304:52
The Power Of Consistency Chapter 10: Practice Self Control

The Power Of Consistency Chapter 10: Practice Self Control

 No one has self control. Have you looked at the condition of society? 1 in 4 homes are in foreclosure. I guess we can blame the banks, or can we? Everybody wants something bigger and better. To get bigger and better the money has to be made to get it, unless the bank doesn’t care. But, in the final analysis the decision is made by the buyer. Teenage obesity, diabetes, addiction, alcoholism, is all evidence of the lack of self control in society. And oh, did I mention anger issues and the left over bitterness from childhood that gets carried into adulthood wreaking havoc on families. Society has lost control of its thoughts, its words, and its actions. Everybody knows. What produces a nation of people with self-control, consequences do. Unfortunately many people are sitting in that leaking boat right now and are experiencing the consequences of a lack of self control.

Nov 06, 202304:11
The Power Of Consistency Chapter 9: Read Something Inspirational; Anything
Nov 05, 202305:23
The Power Of Consistency Chapter 8: Stop Spreading Rumors and Gossip
Nov 03, 202305:16
The Power Of Consistency Chapter 7: Stop Trying To Multi Task: You Can't Do It
Nov 01, 202305:39
The Power Of Consistency Chapter 6: Start Writing Letters
Oct 30, 202306:10
The Power Of Consistency Chapter 5: Do One Household Chore A Day
Oct 29, 202308:05
The Power of Consistency Chapter 2: Do 5-10 Minutes Of Exercise In The Morning

The Power of Consistency Chapter 2: Do 5-10 Minutes Of Exercise In The Morning

Let me share an interesting workout with you: Micro Workouts. To be very honest up until recently I never heard of this before. Basically it’s doing 5-10 minutes of exercise throughout the day. Oh, you can do a more general workout say for 30-45 minutes for sure. But often after these long workouts we tend to revel in the fact that our workout is done for the day and rest on our laurels.  My 5 minutes in the morning starts with a short stretch and then 50 air squats and 20 pushups off of the back of the footboard of my bed. Research supports the fact that these 5-10 minutes of exercise throughout the day lowers blood sugar and helps fight against obesity. I would say from my experience that it does. Now the trick just do it consistently.

The Power Of Consistency

Oct 29, 202304:14
The Power Of Consistency Chpt. 4: Do something nice for your spouse, children, or your parents
Oct 29, 202304:23
Meet Dianne Kosto
Oct 25, 202330:46
The Power Of Consistency Chapter 3 Eat Healthy

The Power Of Consistency Chapter 3 Eat Healthy

Exercise and diet go together. Jack LaLanne the late fitness guru from the 50’s and 60’s once said thatstaying healthy is 90% diet and 10% exercise if you want to remain healthy. Wecan’t exercise to eat more or reward ourselves with food after exercise. The truth is we can’t out train a bad diet.

Oct 23, 202309:08
The Power If Consistency Chapter 1: The Benefits Of Rising Early
Oct 22, 202303:58
Consistency Intro
Oct 20, 202303:50
Meet Dr. Eric Recker
Oct 15, 202339:25
Where Is Your Faith?
Oct 10, 202331:08
How Many Steps?
Oct 06, 202332:19
Parents Need Parenting: Now More Then Ever
Sep 28, 202331:05
What Happens Can Determine Happiness
Sep 20, 202337:48
Sep 13, 202325:32
Aug 31, 202326:12
Fitness Made Simple

Fitness Made Simple

By keeping fitness simple the greater the chances that your exercise routine will be more consistent and enjoyable. You will achieve measureable results when you practice high intensity with low frequency especially as you age. Join me in this podcast as I cover the three most important exercises that you need to do as you age to improve your longevity.

Aug 25, 202336:55
Lifelong Fitness

Lifelong Fitness

In order to understand the benefits of fitness we have to have a starting point, this podcast will help with that. Also we have to understand that in order for our kids to remain fit for a lifetime we have to begin instruction at a young age. Join me as we cover the basics of fitness and why it might be easier than you think.

Aug 17, 202325:26
Let's Change The Intergenerational Narrative

Let's Change The Intergenerational Narrative

We are only influenced by our genetics not determined. We can change that narrative any time. Take a listen and discover how.

Aug 17, 202305:38
Change Your Thoughts , Change Your Life

Change Your Thoughts , Change Your Life

Often we are plagued by our past and the the thoughts of certain events can affect us for a lifetime. Those who are bullied are often at a loss as to what to do to overcome the challenges that come with thought control. We are all responsible for our thoughts, words, actions, attitudes, and motives. Dealing with our thoughts will help prevent negative words and actions from exploding onto the seen of a school, workplace or even a home. Listen in as Jim gives some advice about the things that can be done to change the negative thinking that prevents us from having a fuller and more vibrant life.

Jun 01, 202316:58
The Teacher's Survival Guide
Apr 19, 202340:46
Be Well and Stay Well

Be Well and Stay Well

Nothing is more important than your health. Often we believe that we have to be a gym rat in order to stay in shape; not so. Listen in as Certified Personal Trainer Jim Burns offers some advice on how to be well and stay well.

Apr 04, 202331:22
Listener Support

Listener Support

Please take the time to listen to this podcast and make a small donation. These donations will help bring this podcast to another level. Thanks for all that you do.
Apr 04, 202303:16
13 Great Anti Bullying Activities

13 Great Anti Bullying Activities

These activities can be used by teachers, parents, and caregivers. They are designed to help improve school climate and reduce the incidence of bullying in the home or at school.
Apr 01, 202327:56
A Student's Perspective On Bullying
Mar 18, 202301:00:02
Meet Andi Kay
Mar 15, 202337:54
Meet Dr. Kate Lund
Mar 02, 202333:05
Meet Ann Purcell

Meet Ann Purcell

Ann Purcell is a philanthropist, award-winning author, and songwriter. Her latest publication is Tender Flower of Heaven, which is a collection of 130 poems.

Ann has been a full-time teacher of Transcendental Meditation since 1973, teaching Transcendental Meditation and advanced courses in many countries around the world. In addition, she has worked on curricula and course development for universities and continuing education programs.

Ann is also an international leader of the TM-Women Organization and oversees the teaching of Transcendental Meditation in girls’ schools and communities in several countries in Africa.

She donates all proceeds from her photography, books, and music to its educational programs.

Ann founded Enlightenment For Everyone in 2012

Website and Social

· Facebook (27K likes)

· Instagram (Smaller profile, but she is active and she does targeted advertising on this platform to boost awareness)

Feb 22, 202334:05
Another Bullying Related Teen Suicide

Another Bullying Related Teen Suicide

The superintendent of the New Jersey school district where a 14-year-old freshman died by suicide 48 hours after video of bullying surfaced online has resigned, a day after funeral services were held for teenager.

Adriana Kuch was found dead a week from Friday following a premeditated bullying incident in which four school mates allegedly ganged up to either attack the high schooler or record the incident, which was subsequently posted to social media.

All four girls involved in the attack on Kuch, who took her own life two days after the Feb. 1 incident at Central Regional High School in Berkeley Township, had already been suspended indefinitely before they were charged Friday in the hallway attack at the school. Please read the links for more information on the brutal attack. Students are protesting and retired teachers have said that this has been going on for years in this district. Everything just got kicked under the rug. 

Superintendent Resigns

Footage of the Attack

Asbury Park Press Article

Feb 13, 202331:41
Let's Keep It Simple
Feb 06, 202330:41
Quadruple Bypass Surgery
Jan 30, 202317:10
The Eye That Mocks The Father
Jan 03, 202322:43
Let's Take Anti Bullying 101 To Another Level

Let's Take Anti Bullying 101 To Another Level

Bullying has become epidemic in our schools, and no matter how you slice it, this behavior has gotten out of hand. Teachers, administrators, and parents are all looking to something that will just make the problem go away. There is not one program or intervention that will stop bullying. It takes a concerted effort of teachers, administrators, parents, and students to help create a climate of respect and responsibility. The Anti Bullying 101 podcast has been providing tips and strategies to teachers, parents, and students for the past 5 years and I would like to take the podcast to another level. This would require me to invest more time in its production and promotion. I can’t do this without your help. I ask that you please hit the support button now and become a listener supporter of this podcast. By doing so you will be helping to spread the word about the dangers of bullying and helping victims develop hope and greater resiliency. Thanks for your help and for being such a loyal listener.

Dec 16, 202203:16
Don't Kill The Goose
Dec 05, 202231:22
The Holiday Table
Nov 22, 202228:46
Meet Tyler Copenhaver-Heath
Nov 15, 202233:27
Inclusion and Bullying: Advice From an Expert
Oct 27, 202201:08:43
Sportsmanship And The Game Of Life
Oct 19, 202227:17
Husky? Stop The Stigma

Husky? Stop The Stigma

Yes that is me in the picture. Probably eight years old or so. Husky for sure. How did I know? Because everyone told me so. Listen in and read the articles associated with this episode. 

Oh yeah, I was an overweight little boy. So much so, that when my mother took me to buy clothes I went to what I thought was a special clothing store for boys like me, fat. Why did I think this? Because when I walked into the store, the opened tie, crossed arm, wrinkled shirt, cigarette smoking salesman, took one look at me from head to toe, looked at my mother, pointed to the back of the store and said, “Husky.” Gee did I feel special, until I discovered that the store I was in was one of the only stores around that sold clothes for fat kids. Sure, I said it, for fat kids, because that’s how I felt like a fat kid, and that’s how I was treated. Special stores for special kids who were fat. My skinny friends bought clothes from all kinds of stores; I was relegated to one store, and one style. I certainly was not one of the cool kids, and at times felt isolated and excluded.

You would think adults would know better and after all these years learned that stigmatizing young kids because of size, shape or weight does nothing but impact a child's self concept and esteem. Not so fast, it's still going on. Listen in and discover why one NJ school district is being sued because of the insensitivity of a football coach. I am including a link to the article below. 

Read the article here

Read Husky

The Bully Proof Classroom

Sep 20, 202235:36
Meet Rebecca Burd
Sep 07, 202248:31
Everybody Knows
Aug 08, 202232:42
My Kid Will Make It
Jul 11, 202230:01
The Puzzle Pieces Of Life

The Puzzle Pieces Of Life

Have you ever wondered why your parents did some of the things that they did. I did lots of times. My dad had so many regimented activities that I thought he had a screw lose or something. I’m only going to talk about two here because there are too many to put into one episode of this podcast. As I grew older though I cam to realize that what I learned as a child were the missing puzzle pieces that I needed to stay healthy. Young people today are always searching for their own puzzle pieces. But, when we get older we come to realize that the puzzle pieces were handed to us, we just didn't know what to do with them. Wherever you are in life realize that change is a step of faith and we are all never too old to learn something. 

Jun 29, 202222:57