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Leadership Re-Imagined

Leadership Re-Imagined

By Dr. Jane Lovas

As leaders we are at a pivot point, one in which we have the opportunity to create a new future or be at the effect of what others create. Being part of the conversation is how to create a powerful new future. From there you can expand the vision for your company and enroll your employees and stakeholders in joining you.

Are you ready to have a Powerful, Fun conversation to Re-Imagine Your Leadership? - Dr. Jane

Dr. Jane is a visionary, thought leader, author, and speaker who partners with CEOs and Leaders. She is committed that everyone has a clear, shared vision.
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Taking Continuous Improvement From Engineering to Health Care with Mark Graban

Leadership Re-ImaginedJan 27, 2021

[LRI S4 E1] "Technology, the Future, Innovation and Leadership" with Dr. Cori Lathan

[LRI S4 E1] "Technology, the Future, Innovation and Leadership" with Dr. Cori Lathan

She is a technology entrepreneur who has invented robots for kids with disabilities, virtual reality technology for the space station, and wearable sensors for training surgeons and soldiers.  She is also the author of “Inventing the Future, Stories from a Techno-Optimist.”
Connect with Dr. Lathan at and on linkedIn.

Oct 07, 202329:05
""Living and Leading in Alignment" with Jamin Heppell

""Living and Leading in Alignment" with Jamin Heppell

Today I’d like to welcome Jamin Heppell. 

The co-creator and leadership coach of Mountains and Marathons, a revolutionary leadership development company that focuses on holistic transformation and completes each program with an epic physical challenge, such as running a marathon or climbing a mountain in iconic locations around the world.


Jamin’s clients have included senior executives of Fortune 500 companies, leaders of international non-profits, founders of multi-million dollar start-ups, leaders in Network Marketing companies, ex-military, industry leaders in real-estate, stay-at-home Mum’s and everyone in between.

Connect with Jamin at or on LinkedIn.


Apr 19, 202329:08
"Moving into Leadership" with Claudia Miller
Apr 12, 202331:10
[LRI S3 #30] "Grow your Business like Weeds with Stu Heinecke
Apr 04, 202338:14
"Being your Best Self" with Susan Mackenty Brady

"Being your Best Self" with Susan Mackenty Brady

Join me today with Susan Mackenty Brady as we discuss how to be your Best Self and why it's important.

Susan is the Deloitte Ellen Gabriel Chair for Women and Leadership at Simmons University and the first Chief Executive Officer of The Simmons University Institute for Inclusive Leadership. The Institute develops the mindset and skills of leaders at all stages of life so they can foster gender parity and cultures of inclusion.

As a relationship expert, leadership wellbeing coach, author, and speaker, Susan educates leaders and executives globally on fostering self-awareness for optimal leadership. Susan advises executive teams on how to work together effectively and create inclusion and gender parity in organizations. She is passionate about working with women at all levels of organizational leadership to fully realize—and manifest—their leadership potential.

Featured on ABC’s Good Morning America, Susan is the author of the forthcoming Arrive & Thrive: 7 Essential Practices of Women Navigating Leadership (McGraw-Hill, April 2022), The Inclusive Leader's Playbook (Simmons University), Mastering Your Inner Critic and 7 Other High Hurdles to Advancement: How the Best Women Leaders Practice Self-Awareness to Change What Really Matters (McGraw-Hill), and The 30-Second Guide to Coaching Your Inner Critic. A celebrated speaker, Susan has keynoted or consulted at over 500 organizations around the world.

Prior to joining Simmons, Susan was Executive Vice President for a global leadership development consulting and training firm. She founded the Women in Leadership Institute™ and launched the firm’s global practice on Advancing Women Leaders and Inclusive Leadership, and led the field research behind the 7 Leadership Hurdles Women Leaders Face in the Workforce™. Dedicated to inclusively and collaboratively inspiring every girl to realize her full potential, Susan serves as emertus board member of the not-for-profit Strong Women, Strong Girls.

You can connect with Susan on LinkedIn or email at

Mar 30, 202331:55
"Creating Psychological Safety as a Leader" with Melanie Yencken
Mar 22, 202326:48
"Creating a Culture of Performance" with Carol Schultz

"Creating a Culture of Performance" with Carol Schultz

Today I’d like to welcome Carol Schultz. Carol is the founder and CEO of Vertical Elevation, where she is a talent equity and leadership advisory expert. Recognized for her proficiency in corporate leadership, she's spent three decades helping executives gain clarity in their careers, make bold leadership moves, and create cultures of performance. Schultz and her team have helped hundreds of companies—from seed stage pre-initial public offerings to publicly traded companies—transform their organizations and create sustainable, talent-centric cultures that run at maximum efficiency. She's the host of the popular podcast Authentically Successful and author of the new book Powered By People: How Talent-Centric Organizations Master Recruitment, Retention, and Revenue (and How to Build One) (June 7, 2022).

You can connect with Carol at or on LinkedIn.

Mar 16, 202327:07
"Yes! You can Innovate. The Six‘I’s® of Innovation" with Natalie Turner

"Yes! You can Innovate. The Six‘I’s® of Innovation" with Natalie Turner

Join us as we celebrate Women's History Month with Natalie Turner, co-founder of The Entheo Network, an innovation and lifestyle company with Carl Hinds. They are the owners of several brands including The Six ‘I’s® Innovation (2009), Women who Lead (2013), Yes, You Can Innovate (2018), Music for the Soul (2020) and Natalie and Carl's respective personal brands.

Their core brand focus is inspiring and enabling people to innovate through The Six‘I’s® of Innovation, a comprehensive, integrated methodology that offers a human-centered approach to innovation, blending design thinking with organizational development, and a unique proprietary innovation strengths profile for individuals and teams. Its purpose is to provide a consistent framework

for measuring innovation skills and capabilities, and an actionable process for developing an innovative and productive working culture. The Six ‘I’s® has been used in a variety of organizations across the world including the Singapore

Government, Cisco Systems, LEO Pharma Asia, GSK and Danone.

You can connect with Natalie at or on LinkedIn

Mar 02, 202331:41
“Mastering the “inside job” of leadership” By Brenda Bence

“Mastering the “inside job” of leadership” By Brenda Bence

Today I’d like to welcome Brenda Bence.

Ranked by both Thinkers50 and Global Gurus as one of the world’s top executive coaches, Brenda is passionate about two things – branding and leadership – and how the two work together. As a member of the “Billion Dollar Coaches Club,” she has coached dozens of C-Suite executives from many of the world’s largest corporations.

With an MBA from Harvard Business School, Brenda made a name for herself when building mega brands for Fortune 100 companies like Procter & Gamble and Bristol-Myers Squibb, where she was a senior executive responsible for billion dollar businesses across four continents and 50 countries.

Connect with Brenda on Linkedin or email her at

Feb 23, 202326:46
"The Power of Asking Positive Questions" with Jason Bland

"The Power of Asking Positive Questions" with Jason Bland

Jason D. Bland is the founder of Signet Leadership, where he serves as a leadership coach and provides leadership training and development. Following years of hands-on leadership experience as a military officer, HR professional, and operations and project management leader, Jason launched his own business because of his passion to see leaders develop and teams grow.

His focus is on developing servant leadership and the principles of appreciative inquiry, which is the power of asking positive questions, with leaders in all industries.

Feb 16, 202329:25
"Leading and Thriving in Today's World" with Julie Wald

"Leading and Thriving in Today's World" with Julie Wald

Julie Wald is the author of the #1 Amazon bestseller, Inner Wealth: How Wellness Heals, Nurtures, and Optimizes Ultra-Successful People, and the founder of Golden, a corporate wellness company.

Julie has been voted one of the top 100 women in healthcare by women we admire, and in addition to being a business leader, she has over twenty-five years of experience as a clinical social worker, yoga and meditation teacher. Julie works directly with high performing leaders in helping themselves and their organizations thrive.

Feb 08, 202327:58
Make an IMPACT, be ALIVE and Lead with Purpose and Meaning with Stan Gibson

Make an IMPACT, be ALIVE and Lead with Purpose and Meaning with Stan Gibson

Today I’d like to welcome Stan Gibson.

Stan is all about making an IMPACT! Whether it’s at home or in the Workplace…we become ALIVE when we see POSITIVE and INTENTIONAL changes in our own lives and those WE IMPACT!

Stan has a deep passion for motivating and inspiring Seasoned and Emerging Leaders, and their Teams. His clients get EXCITED as CULTURE gets a Reset with Purpose, Intentionality, Wellbeing, and RESULTS! If you’re looking to pivot and elevate with Positive Leadership Training....You’re in the right place!

Stan is also the author of Living a Rich and Intentional Life. Where he shares how to create a life that has purpose and meaning while being a little bit selfish so you can be extremely selfless.

You can connect with Stan on LinkedIn or email him at

Feb 02, 202335:57
 “Win The Hour, Win The Day” with Kris Ward

“Win The Hour, Win The Day” with Kris Ward

Today I’d like to welcome Kris Ward.

Kris has an amazing story on the personal impact of her work on her business. Her husband John was diagnosed with colon cancer. His diagnosis and his treatment was extremely aggressive. In an instant, her world was turned completely upside down and all her priorities changed.  She spent basically all her time supporting him.

Her “Win The Hour, Win The Day” practices allowed her to keep her business fully intact. It allowed her to provide normalcy for her family and to be there for John right up until his final days.

It allowed her to be present, and as clear headed as a person could be under such circumstances. It has allowed her to live without regret because she knew that John was happy and well cared for until his final moments. She was able to be present to everything and manage all the important details and endless tasks.

She was able to Win the Hour, Win The Day, when the Win's were more important than words could possibly describe.

After this experience she realized these practices could help other business owners and their employees. So putting pen to paper she wrote her first book.

Here today to share some of her Win the Hour, Win the day practices with us is Kris Ward.

Connect with Kris on LinkedIn or via email at

Jan 19, 202331:43
“Turning Obstacles into Opportunities” with Julie Hyde

“Turning Obstacles into Opportunities” with Julie Hyde

Today I’d like to welcome Julie Hyde a disruptor and powerful people enabler who empowers leaders make big things happen.

Julie’s global reputation was built on transforming large businesses - taking them from toxic to the top of their game. The best of these generated over $20m in profit. She’s worked with leaders to drive team sales by over 200% and triple the size of businesses. She’s resurrected lagging leaders from being considered ‘bottom third’ to being star performers and game changing role models.

One of Julie’s proven strategies is turning obstacles into opportunities. Yes, even with cancer she sees the diagnosis as a game changer. A vital chance to reassess priorities.

Her focus is on helping leaders understand that modern leadership success is not a numbers game. It’s a people game.

If you can align both the business and people priorities, your result will be high performance, high retention and high engagement levels. It’s a win/win. In a post-pandemic world!

Connect with Julie on LinkedIn or via email at

Jan 11, 202337:20
"Increase Your Leadership with Communication" with Richard Newman

"Increase Your Leadership with Communication" with Richard Newman

Join me today with Richard Newman . Richard is the Founder of Body Talk. Over the past 22 years his team has trained over 120,000 business leaders around the world, to improve their communication and impact, including one client who gained over $1 Billion in new business in just one year, using the strategies that Richard teaches.

As a highly introverted child with high-functioning autism who was painfully shy, Richard had to learn how to improve his communication to have an impact on others from scratch.

At 18, Richard began his mission to discover the core communication principles. He went to live in the foothills of the Himalayas with Tibetan monks, who spoke no English. They had to communicate non-verbally to understand each other. He then worked as a professional actor, studying how to walk, move and speak to increase his impact on an audience. He became a keynote speaker, coach, author and speechwriter, winning the coveted Cicero Grand Prize for Best Speechwriter of the Year.

Richard’s research on non-verbal communication was published in the Journal of Psychology. His study proved that you can increase your leadership ratings by 44% and win 59% more votes in an election by changing a few simple behaviors.

Jan 05, 202329:45
Get Unstuck Expand Your Leadership with Hilary Burns

Get Unstuck Expand Your Leadership with Hilary Burns

Hilary Arnow Burns grew up in Westport, Connecticut. She graduated from the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania in 1981. She spent over 30 years as a business consultant to companies all over the world. Her best accomplishment is having raised two remarkable children.

12 years ago, a comment from her daughter woke Hilary up. She realized she had been numbing herself with food and alcohol and decided to take a REAL look at her life. She didn’t like what she saw: she was overweight, unhappy in her marriage, drowning in debt, and had no life of her own.

She got real. She was tired of feeling bad. She discovered tools and techniques for getting over to the right side of life and spending less time on the sad, disempowered side.

She wrote a memoir, the Second Piece of French Toast, to inspire other people to get unstuck and regain their power and happiness.

Her podcast, Get Real and Get Free, is also committed to people living their best lives. Hilary’s job is to find other people who have gotten unstuck and triumphed in the face of life’s circumstances.

She has a YouTube channel, a website, and a blog,

Dec 22, 202227:42
"The Power of Women as Leaders" by Vandana Tolani

"The Power of Women as Leaders" by Vandana Tolani

Join me with Vandana Tolani

In 2018 Vandana created Convanto. After spending 15 years running her own Family Office in Singapore and Jakarta. She also worked as an Investment Banker & Advisor to Family Offices and Angel investors in Jakarta, Indonesia, helping start-ups from a diverse background.

Today, Convanto is one of the most well-known boutique investment banks in India that is led by a female founder. Vandana has been awarded as one of the Top 10 Women Leaders in Wealth Management 2021 and her brand Convanto comes under the top 10 women entrepreneur brands along with NYKAA, top 10 consulting firms by a female founder and Women entrepreneur of the year 2021.

Conntact Vandana on LinkedIn at

Dec 14, 202237:05
"Inclusive Leadership" with Tushar Kansal

"Inclusive Leadership" with Tushar Kansal

Tushar Kansal, Founder and CEO of Kansaltancy Ventures - Tushar is an accomplished professional, a "Thought Leader" & "Thought Influencer", alumni of Harvard Business School and University of Delhi.

Over the years, Tushar has supported Startups & Growth-stage companies in diverse Tech & Non-Tech sectors. Take a look at his 50+ Recommendations on LinkedIn

He was Awarded "Best Startup Supporter" at "IndiaFirst Tech Startup Conclave 2022" by "All India Council for Robotics & Automation - AICRA" from Dr Kiran Bedi. He was also Awarded "Business Leader of the Year in Investment Management" at "Asian African Business Summit" which was held by "Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry" in 2021

Tushar is a Venture Advisor with Loyal VC, the INSEAD-led Canadian VC Fund, having a core portfolio of over 200 investments in more than 46 countries.

At Kansaltancy Ventures, he aims to help change-makers accelerate their dreams by means of Venture Capital, Angel Investment, and Strategic Services, leveraging his connections of 1000+ Investors/ VC Funds and picking up global deals while being sector agnostic. The average ticket size of deals accomplished is USD 200K-50 million USD.

Connect with Tushar on LinkedIn

Dec 07, 202237:04
"Your people, the heart of your business" with Dina Ghobrial

"Your people, the heart of your business" with Dina Ghobrial

Dina Ghobrial is Co-Founder & CEO of Halo Ai, a B2B SaaS platform helping FinTech companies manage risk and meet compliance in an innovative, holistic, and cost-effective way.

Dina believes that people are the heart and soul of any business. While traditional leadership might have focused on command and control models, new-world leadership needs to emphasize the value of each employee’s individuality, diversity of thought, and backgrounds.To that end, the work of the leader is to create the right balance between effectively creating opportunities for these individuals to contribute in their own unique ways while simultaneously having them all row in the same direction towards the North Star of the business.

Dina’s experience includes 20+ years in technology and financial services, having held roles as Chief Procurement Officer at Coupa Software, Head of Product for the Global Wealth Management division of Scotiabank (one of Canada’s largest banks), and later as Global Head of Third-party Risk at Scotiabank. Dina is a Founder Fellow at On Deck, has degrees in Economics and Computer Science from the American University in Cairo, and post-graduate studies in Artificial Intelligence for Business from MIT Management Sloan School.

Connect with Dina Ghobrial on LinkedIn or at

Dec 01, 202238:01
"Empowered to operate at your highest potential and produce radical results!" with Pat Finn

"Empowered to operate at your highest potential and produce radical results!" with Pat Finn

Pat is the Head Coach of the Rubicon Results Institute, which empowers people to operate at their highest potential to produce radical results.

Whatever your dream is, Pat will help you live it! He has been delivering powerful training programs around the country for the last 30 years.

He has used these same Rubicon principles and practices to produce major results in his own life including raising millions to start several successful businesses, hosting national TV shows for over 10 years, producing TV shows for a dozen different networks, selling over $500 million worth of product for clients on TV, and he helped build a children’s hospital in Haiti.

In 2006 he founded the Rubicon Results Institute and later as a Program Leader for a world-renowned training and development company, he has impacted over 50,000 lives.

Nov 16, 202235:21
"Show up and Speak up to Inspire Action" with Heather Hansen

"Show up and Speak up to Inspire Action" with Heather Hansen

Heather Hansen is a Global Communication Consultant, TEDx Speaker, Trainer and Author.

Heather helps top global leaders show up, speak up, and inspire action in a changing world. She focuses on fostering "unmuted communication cultures" where every voice is heard, resulting in greater inclusion, innovation and efficiency across remote and global teams.

Along with private leadership communication coaching, Heather facilitates group training courses and consults on a number of topics related to global communication.

Heather is also an External Industry Expert for NUS Business School’s Executive Education programs where she runs modules on communication, presentation, and storytelling skills.

Nov 07, 202233:33
"Creating Positive, Innovative, Empowered and Equal Opportunity Work Environments" With Melissa Person

"Creating Positive, Innovative, Empowered and Equal Opportunity Work Environments" With Melissa Person

Melissa has 20+ years’ experience leading national and international Application Development, Enterprise Security, Data Centers and Operations teams. She creates a positive, innovative, educational, fun, empowered, and equal opportunity work environment.

Her strength is her analytical problem-solving ability. She is able to break down problems, define the key issues and implement the plans.

Melissa has a very high work ethic. She is known for remaining calm under pressure. She is strategic in her team approach, asking the group to step back and see beyond the horizon while showing them how to connect the dots.

Connect with Melissa on LinkedIn.

Oct 18, 202230:21
"Grow Your Business Faster" with Dr. Philippe Bouissou

"Grow Your Business Faster" with Dr. Philippe Bouissou

Join me on today's podcast with Dr. Philippe Bouissou, best-seller author of Aligning the Dots, host of The Alignment Zone television series, speaker, growth expert, venture capitalist, CEO, entrepreneur, board member. Dr. Bouissou is currently the CEO of Blue Dots Partners, a firm focused on helping companies with over $10 million in revenue grow faster using a unique, universal, data-driven, and prescriptive methodology.  This unique approach is based on four universal alignments between any business and its target market.

Dr. Bouissou has been in Silicon Valley for 31 years, founding, growing and running a number of businesses.

He was the founder and CEO of G2i, a Unix software company. He managed the Milestone Group for half a decade. He also founded and ran Apple’s Worldwide Internet Commerce group, where he ran the online Apple Store and grew its revenue from zero to $350 million under Steve Jobs.

Oct 11, 202226:34
"Intentional Leadership" with Betsy Kauffman

"Intentional Leadership" with Betsy Kauffman

Cross Impact Coaching is a team of organizational design consultants, passionate about working with organizations and leaders who are serious about creating high-performing, next-gen organizations. Their focus has evolved over the past 7 years when they realized their purpose needed to be centered around working with leaders and teams who want to be intentional about working ON their organization (instead of always IN it) while making impactful change happen.

Cross Impact Coaching’s Mission is to help create workplaces where people wake up each morning feeling motivated and inspired by their work so they end their days feeling fulfilled and valued.

Betsy is a leadership and organizational agility coach; helping create high performing leaders, teams and organizations through 1:1 leadership coaching, team development workshops, and organizational transformations. With a focus on working with organizations to help them to solve the big problems impeding them from achieving agility, collaboration, alignment, and innovation.

Oct 03, 202231:26
“Addressing the shift to hybrid and fully-remote work” with Toolie Garner

“Addressing the shift to hybrid and fully-remote work” with Toolie Garner

Focused on the intersection of Leadership, Teamwork, and Productivity. Toolie works with smart leaders at top companies to address this shift to hybrid and fully-remote work with improved results.

Rather than resisting change, Toolie helps you leverage the shift and re-engage those employees.

You can connect with Toolie Garner on LinkedIn or at  for more information.

Sep 28, 202239:14
"What can we learn about Leadership from the FBI" with Zach Lowe

"What can we learn about Leadership from the FBI" with Zach Lowe

Zack Lowe is a recently retired FBI senior executive who specialized in complex organizational realignments and workforce development assignments.

Zack held many positions over his FBI and military career including directing instruction at the FBI Academy and was the senior executive over the FBI’s undercover program.

In addition to offering consulting services through his company, Graystone 360, he’s a husband, a father of two adult children, has a dog, and is a volunteer with Fairfax County Schools.

He earned his undergraduate degree at the United States Military Academy, West Point, and his Masters at Northeastern University, Boston.

Sep 20, 202235:57
"The Courage to Change" with Kate Roeske-Zummer and Debbie Cohen

"The Courage to Change" with Kate Roeske-Zummer and Debbie Cohen

Kate Roeske-Zummer and Debbie Cohen are Co-founders of Humanity Works a leadership development organization that focuses on increasing productivity by bringing more humanity to the workplace.

When working together is deeper and more connected, people give more of themselves and business wins.

They are the coauthors of Humanity Works Better; 5 Practices to Lead with Awareness, Choice and the Courage to Change.

These 5 Practices show people exactly how to shift behavior so that everyone, from employees to the c-suite, work better together to produce great business results.

The world of work has changed tremendously. Where work is done, how work gets done, and the relationship people have to their work have all changed. And there is no going back.

Sep 14, 202234:32
Being Empathically Curious Builds Relationships with Paul Glover

Being Empathically Curious Builds Relationships with Paul Glover

Paul Glover is the No B.S. Workforce Development Coach, a "recovering trial lawyer", an ex-felon, an unabashed Starbucks addict, a Chicago Bears fanatic, the author of WorkQuake™; he is also an online course creator, a thought leader on business and leadership topics, and a Member of the Forbes Coaching Council. He started working from home 20 years ago where he connected and listened through voice calls with his clients. He focuses on empathetic curiosity as a way to build relationships and connect with his clients.

Sep 07, 202232:51
“Build, scale, and sell 10,000 tech companies in 10 years.” with Jared Yellin

“Build, scale, and sell 10,000 tech companies in 10 years.” with Jared Yellin

Jared Yellin is a non-technical tech founder who found a way to scale his original tech company with ZERO dollars invested to over 40,000 paying users from around the world. In April 2020 Jared declared a moonshot. He stated “I will build, scale, and sell 10,000 tech companies in 10 years.” This moonshot has been heard far and wide as some of the most influenXal people in the tech industry are yearning to play a role. 10X Incubator will democraXze the tech industry by creaXng an even playing field for all.

Aug 16, 202236:21
 "HerSuiteSpot, Empowering Women of Color and Causing Leaders" with Marsha Guerrier
Aug 09, 202227:05
"CEO - the Loneliest Job There Is" with Nick Jonsson
Aug 02, 202227:35
"Women Who Code" with Alaina Percival

"Women Who Code" with Alaina Percival

Today I’d like to welcome Alaina Percival the CEO and co-founder of Women Who Code. Under Alaina’s leadership, the organization has grown to serve 290,000 members in 134 countries. Alaina is an accomplished tech speaker, appearing at WSJ.d Live, CodeMotion Milan, Grace Hopper, Columbia University’s Social Enterprise, and more. She has also been published by Forbes, Huffington Post, and the Wall Street Journal.

Alaina holds a Master’s in Organizational Management and an MBA. She is also an Angel Investor, a Venture Partner at Valor Ventures, serves on the Board of ATLFamily meal, and is a CodePath Advisor.

Alaina has two young sons, loves hiking, and has been to more than 80 countries.

May 26, 202228:48
"Leadership for Tomorrow" with Phil Johnson
May 19, 202224:55
"Expanding Your Leadership" with Shavon Smith

"Expanding Your Leadership" with Shavon Smith

Shavon is the principal of The SJS Law Firm, PLLC where she counsels business owners, start-ups, and entrepreneurs in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Michigan on a range of legal issues. She serves a diverse client base across multiple industry segments. Her clients call on her for guidance on commercial real estate leases and acquisitions, employment, business financing, and end-to-end contract support.  She is committed that her clients have businesses that they love.

Shavon is also an author and speaker.

May 12, 202219:59
Leadership and Life with Purdeep Sangha
May 04, 202226:26
"The Power of Relationships" with Rachel Hutchisson

"The Power of Relationships" with Rachel Hutchisson

Rachel leads global social responsibility for Blackbaud, a technology company that powers an Ecosystem of Good.  She believes that relationships are everything and that social responsibility is every leader’s business and is central to healthy, successful organizations.

She has taken on ensuring Blackbaud shows up as an active participant in the Ecosystem of Good.

Rachel is seeing more alignment around the fact that social responsibility is important to the business – and really any organization – not just a nice to have.

This results in people paying a lot more attention to whether leaders are authentic and behaving in a way that aligns with social responsibility.

Apr 28, 202226:42
 "Leadership Coaching for Results" with Matthew Anderson

"Leadership Coaching for Results" with Matthew Anderson

Matthew’s passion is to be of service to others — His mission is to help others to do the same! After a COVID-influenced layoff, he thought a lot about what he wanted to do next. With the opportunity to do anything, he decided to combine his skills, abilities, passions, education, and experiences to build a company he wished he had available to him earlier in his leadership journey. And with that, Leadership Coaching for Results was born.

Connect with Matthew at

Apr 21, 202226:09
"Creating a shared understanding of what we want to achieve." with Mary Schwarz

"Creating a shared understanding of what we want to achieve." with Mary Schwarz

Today I'd like to introduce Mary Schwarz, Managing Partner at ICF Next. Mary has 20+ years of experience leading customer experience, digital enablement and transformation teams. A distinguished digital strategist and expert in marketing, campaign design, and measurement, she’s passionate about advancing the collective understanding of how to harness big data to improve performance and is adept at guiding clients as they re-imagine their digital future.

Join us as we talk about creating a shared understanding of what we want to achieve.

Apr 14, 202229:39
"Becoming the Leader You are Meant to Be" with Oakland McCulloch

"Becoming the Leader You are Meant to Be" with Oakland McCulloch

Oakland McCulloch is the founder of Your Leadership Legacy. After 23 years as an Army Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Oak McCulloch retired. He has held leadership positions in some capacity for over 40 years. During his career, he has held numerous teaching positions and has several operational deployments. 

Oak is committed to coaching, teaching and emphasizing Servant Leadership.

He published his first book in February 2021, titled “Your Leadership Legacy: Becoming the Leader You Were Meant to Be.” In addition to coaching and writing, he is also speaking on leadership.

You can connect with Oak at

Apr 07, 202232:29
"Being Authentic in Your Leadership Style" with Divya Gupta

"Being Authentic in Your Leadership Style" with Divya Gupta

Join us in March for Women's History Month.  Each podcast episode this month features a woman leader who is committed to causing women leaders in the world. Please join me with Divya Gupta.

Divya is the President & CEO of G.R.I.D.S. Consulting, a global leader, humanitarian working to provide clean drinking water, education, and health to rural communities globally.

As an advocate for women in business, she encourages and supports women executives and entrepreneurs to practice “authenticity” in their leadership style.

You can find our more about G.R.I.D.S. Consulting here

Mar 31, 202231:16
"Success with a Smile" with Martha Sanchez

"Success with a Smile" with Martha Sanchez

Martha Sanchez is an IT Engineer, Global entrepreneur, former firefighter captain and singer who has managed to balance life as a daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother serving others to create a better version of themselves. “and the best part is that she does it with a smile.”

What makes Martha unique is the personal mentorship that she has received standing on the shoulders of giants. And that is what she provides to others, along with her ability to connect people with what is important to them and what they care about.

She is also a natural connector, connecting people who have specific needs with the possible solution.

Mar 23, 202234:26
"Being on a Mutual Journey of Success" with Dao Jensen

"Being on a Mutual Journey of Success" with Dao Jensen

Please join me with Dao Jensen as she shares about being on a mutual journey of success.

Dao says "At Oak Rocket we look at our clients, partners and staff, as all being on a mutual journey of success. We just went through and really honed in on the fact we’re in the middle and provide value on both sides of the transaction. Then when I looked at the eco-system it made a lot of sense to introduce my clients to each other in hopes they could do business together. Literally some of them have done millions in business together. I also speak to women at AWS and offer to mentor them, to help them grow.

Look outward to see how you can make others successful. Once I started really focusing on making everyone around me a hero, it was like rocket fuel. Pun intended."

Mar 16, 202225:05
"Women empowering Women" with Jane Finette

"Women empowering Women" with Jane Finette

Join us in March for Women's History Month.  Each podcast episode this month features a woman leader who is committed to causing women leaders in the world.

This week listen in as Jane Finette and I talk about Women Empowering Women and Leadership. Jane is an Author, leadership expert and the Founder and Executive Director of The Coaching Fellowship, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of young women leaders in social change.

Formerly a Big Tech executive at Mozilla and eBay, Jane has dedicated her life to achieving equality for women — empowering them to create impact across the world.

Jane is the author of the book Unlocked — How Empowered Women Empower Women, a referendum on women's inequality and a toolkit for leveling the playing field for women and girls.

You can connect with Jane at

Mar 09, 202229:50
"It's all about Sales and Leadership" with Cherilynn Castleman
Mar 02, 202229:22
"Transformation through The 8 Coaching Habits" with Jeff Caliguire
Feb 24, 202227:31
Your Journey to Excellence with Rael Bricker

Your Journey to Excellence with Rael Bricker

In 2013 Rael experienced a rude awakening when after a season of triathlons, he decided to run a marathon. Out of this experience he found his purpose and now he works with leaders who are looking for business excellence and creating a rich, robust culture so they can drive measurable growth, performance and profitability.

Feb 16, 202235:41
Episode 24: Creating High Impact Results

Episode 24: Creating High Impact Results

Listen in as Tyzer Evans and I discuss how important leadership is to causing High Impact Results. Tyzer explains that leadership is about creating a space where you understand people’s goals, they are empowered and have autonomy to be themselves.  It is getting everyone aligned with a common mission and making sure they understand how they contribute to that mission.

Ty is currently involved in 4 business, his consulting business providing sales mentor-ship and consulting, he is also Regional Vice President of a Benefit Captive organization, COO of his wife's Interior Design company and CEO of Alchemy Cast a new business venture that is pre launch.

Feb 09, 202225:54
Episode 23: The Power of Leadership

Episode 23: The Power of Leadership

Join me as Tariq Fancy and I discuss leadership and the importance of leaders having a clear vision and being willing to hire people smarter than themself.

Tariq is the founder of Rumie a technology company, a nonprofit and Canadian Charity, dedicated to providing quality learning experiences that are accessible and affordable.

He is the former Chief Investment Officer for "Sustainable" Investing at BlackRock, where he discovered that the social impact he was expecting to support was not happening.

Feb 02, 202225:04
Grow Your Leadership with Stacey Ashley

Grow Your Leadership with Stacey Ashley

Stacey is a High-Performance Leadership & Coaching Expert dedicated to helping leaders navigate the complexities of globalisation, technological advancement, social interconnectivity, massively accelerating change, and a multi-generational workforce.

She is the author of three Amazon #1 best-selling books about leadership, including the newly released “Show Up21,” she has been featured in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, INTHEBLACK, HRD, CEO Magazine & Coaching World.

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Jan 26, 202228:29
"Building with Passion" ft. Judi Missett
Jan 15, 202232:03