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Crazy Japanese Culture

Crazy Japanese Culture

By Ken Sensei

New Episode Every Thursday! Listen in to learn about crazy Japanese culture that you never heard of 🤪🇯🇵 Because I use easy Japanese and English, you’ll never be left behind👍 Questions? Requests? DM me on Instagram @japanesespeakingclub or email me at
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[Ohanami🌸🥳] Traditional Cherry Blossoms Party

Crazy Japanese CultureMar 24, 2022

[Ohanami🌸🥳] Traditional Cherry Blossoms Party
Mar 24, 202207:07
“Wow! You Have a Small Face!👀✨” : Interesting Japanese Compliments
Mar 17, 202210:04
[White Day🤦🏻‍♂️🎁] The Day When Men Forget to Buy Gifts for Their Girlfriends and Colleagues
Mar 10, 202206:29
[Hinamatsuri🎎🌸] Wishing Health and Happiness to All Girls in Japan
Mar 03, 202208:15
Ski Slope Love♥️⛷
Feb 24, 202208:11
Intense Japanese Entrance Exam😱
Feb 17, 202209:32
[Valentine's day] Don’t Like You!🙄 But, Here’s Some Chocolate💝
Feb 10, 202210:28
[Setsubun👹] Throw Beans at the Demons!
Feb 03, 202208:49
Want to Be Fluent in Japanese While Having Fun?
Jan 23, 202202:44
Collab w/ Layla: Christmas is For Lovers...and Chicken.

Collab w/ Layla: Christmas is For Lovers...and Chicken.

Have you been naughty or nice? Listen in to learn about Japanese Christmas traditions and what Layla and Ken do on this holiday.

Dec 27, 202112:46
Collab w/ Tanner: How's the New Job?
Dec 13, 202109:42
Collab w/ Layla: What Japanese Food Do You Eat When it's Cold?
Nov 22, 202111:29
Collab w/ Tanner: Super Useful Words to Make You Sound Like a Native Speaker!
Nov 14, 202111:23
Collab w/ Layla: I Wanna Be a Super-idol!
Nov 08, 202113:32
Collab w/ Tanner: Silky Smooth Japanese

Collab w/ Tanner: Silky Smooth Japanese

These expressions will make your communication with Japanese people as smooth as butter 😘

📩Questions? Requests? DM me on Instagram @japanesespeakingclub or email me at  Tanner's YouTube Channel & Instagram ⭐️This episode is requested by Miguel リクエストありがとうございます😆

Oct 31, 202111:58
Collab w/ Tanner: I Gotta Go Number .... 💩
Oct 24, 202116:17
Collab w/ Tanner: What is "Blind Touch"?
Oct 03, 202124:17
Collab w/ Tanner: Can You Improve Your Japanese Just From Living There?
Sep 27, 202116:12
Collab w/ Tanner: I Miss You, Japan!
Sep 19, 202113:30
Collab w/ Tanner: Crush Your Japanese Goals! 4 Ways to Stay Motivated!
Sep 05, 202114:16
Collab w/ Tanner: "That's So Sage." | "Wait, What??"
Aug 29, 202115:05
Collab w/ Tanner: 3 Tips to Improve Your Japanese Quickly!
Aug 23, 202115:12
Collab w/ Layla Sensei "The Easiest Way to Find a Date in Japan"
Aug 15, 202120:30
 Collab w/ Austin: What You Need to Know to Date in Japan *Japanese Isn't the Only Skill You'll Need!
Aug 09, 202122:56
Collab w/ Jimmy: "You MUST Make Mistakes to Improve Your Japanese skills"
Aug 02, 202117:15
Collab w/ Yuki Sensei: Nice to Meet You, Anime-Sensei
Jul 25, 202120:17
Collab w/ Kayo Sensei: I'll Take My Okonimiyaki With a Side of ...WHAT?!
Jul 18, 202128:28
Collab w/ Sayaka Sensei: Don't @#$! This Up! (5 Mistakes to Land You in the Dog House)
Jul 13, 202139:43
Collab w/ Tanner: Who's Your Type?!
Jul 07, 202119:28
Collab w/ Tanner: Where's the Bathroom?!
Jun 28, 202119:35
#20 Ask Your Senpai: How To Sound Like a Native
Jun 14, 202134:16
#21 Is This a Tent for Ants?!
Jun 06, 202111:26
#19 It's Not Always Sushi; Breakfast and Lunch in Japan
May 23, 202111:41
#18 Do You Have a Favorite Japanese Singer?
May 16, 202111:08
#17 Three Fascinating Japanese Bathing Facts
May 09, 202117:46
#16 When Japanese Refuse Your Invites...
May 02, 202121:27
Big News!!!

Big News!!!

I have a surprise for you all... HAF! 📩Question? Request? DM me on Instagram @japanesespeakingclub or email me at

Apr 04, 202104:48
Japanese Magic Tool “Aizuchi”
Mar 28, 202114:46
My Most Embarrassing English Mistake
Feb 21, 202111:21
One of The Most Surprising Things American People Do
Feb 01, 202111:40
What You Should Do to Improve Your Speaking Skill in 2021
Jan 25, 202114:40
Is It REALLY Expensive to Live in Tokyo?!
Jan 18, 202122:07
New Year's Resolutions (Personal & Career)
Jan 10, 202107:44