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Liegois Media

Liegois Media

By Jason Liegois

The official blog of author and writer Jason Liegois.
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Learning to Dig Revising.

Liegois MediaOct 30, 2022

You Don't Always Have to Write Something One Way
Nov 26, 202204:00
Learning to Dig Revising.
Oct 30, 202205:03
If At All Possible, Simplify The Story
Oct 22, 202204:21
Do I read like a writer?
Aug 31, 202102:26
I’m Kicking Off My Podcast… Slowly
Aug 31, 202101:41
A Writing Biography, Volume I, Part 2: Building Worlds.
Aug 31, 202104:33
A Writing Biography, Volume I, Part 1

A Writing Biography, Volume I, Part 1

For the first time, I'm going live with my own voice (for better or for worse...).

This episode is also available as a blog post:

Aug 29, 202104:44
What I’ve Written; What I’m Writing
Aug 29, 202103:08
Aug 29, 202101:48
August 28, 2021

August 28, 2021

This podcast doesn't have a description yet. Stay tuned!
Aug 28, 202100:34