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Finding Inspiration

Finding Inspiration

By Jason Teunissen

Sharing stories about what goes into creating the world in which we live in.

Designers, Makers, Teachers, Musicians, Developers, Builders, Managers, and everyone else :D
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Michal Pelka - Surf Photographer

Finding InspirationApr 05, 2021

Michal Pelka - Surf Photographer
Apr 05, 202154:45
Ingrid Galadriel Aune Falch - Ex-Viking Scene Ambassador / Documentary Producer
Mar 21, 202101:18:33
Jakob Schillinger - Dungeon Master & Industrial Digitalization Expert @ Siemens
Mar 15, 202101:05:40
Molly Sheppard - Educational Winemaker @ Spottswoode Winery
Feb 28, 202101:16:42
Richard Straver - Founder @ Online Payment Platform
Feb 14, 202101:20:33
Roy Mosterd - Travel/Adventure Photographer
Jan 31, 202101:06:10
Imran Kasam & Steve Ledwith - Architect & Executive @ eXp Realty & The Architect and the Executive podcast
Jan 24, 202101:10:06
Casey Kilmore - Language Enthusiast & Youtuber @ Caseykilmore
Jan 17, 202101:16:09
Fieke van den Hurk - Studio Engineer/Producer/Artist @ Dear World Studio
Jan 10, 202101:23:12
Joseph Bowie - Frontman @ Defunkt
Dec 27, 202001:01:00
End Year Brodown Top 5 of 2020 - Special guests Mikko + Pim
Dec 24, 202002:09:43
Wijnand Koreman - Senior Animation Tools Programmer @ Guerrilla Games
Dec 20, 202001:07:54
Juan van Emmerloot - Coach for Artists & Drummers @
Dec 13, 202001:14:33
Dr. Peter van der Putten - Assistant Professor in AI & Creative Research @ University Leiden, Director of Decisioning Solutions @ Pegasystems
Dec 06, 202001:13:29
Alex Wandl - Urbanism Researcher @ TU Delft
Nov 29, 202001:08:52
Emile Bode - Producer @
Nov 22, 202055:27
Jan de Vries - Community Engagement Manager @ Mendix

Jan de Vries - Community Engagement Manager @ Mendix

Of all the things to be made, creating a community is one of the most organic and abstract things you could think of.
Jan also talks about qualifications, and how he landed his dream job without them.

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Nov 15, 202001:20:30
Jeroen van der Most - AI Artist
Nov 01, 202052:47
Marvin Dee - Singer @Marvin Dee Band
Oct 25, 202001:15:44
Midge 't Hoen - Freelance Fullstack Developer

Midge 't Hoen - Freelance Fullstack Developer

Do constraints create more of less creativity.
Find out what Midge and I think about this.

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Oct 18, 202037:41
Mark David Commercial Photographer

Mark David Commercial Photographer

The second episode where we talk with Mark David about photography, what goes into making a perfect photo, and I think we solved what the difference is between art and design.

Oct 11, 202043:31
Kevin Anderson UX Designer @Jaybird

Kevin Anderson UX Designer @Jaybird

The first episode where we try and figure out where inspiration comes from.

We talk with Kevin Anderson about how he got where he is now, and his views on inspiration.

Oct 04, 202042:36