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JPR Podcast

JPR Podcast

By Jason Paul Rogers

Welcome to the JPR podcast, which is produced by me, serial entrepreneur - Jason Paul Rogers.

We'll discuss finance, acquisitions, deal flow, business operations, and economics - similar to what's discussed on my youtube channel, social media posts, and website (see links below). The episodes on this podcast share how I've grown Brighter Living, and Brighter Utilities from scratch. Enjoy!
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An M&A Legal Masterclass - featuring Joe Prencipe & Jason Paul Rogers

JPR PodcastOct 10, 2022

An M&A Legal Masterclass - featuring Joe Prencipe & Jason Paul Rogers
Oct 10, 202201:19:34
ALL successful entrepreneurs have THIS trait (it's not IQ, money, or looks)
Oct 06, 202202:49
Tips to recruit an elite M&A deal team and buy your first company
Oct 05, 202202:59
3 "no money down" M&A Deal Structures
Oct 01, 202203:33
Airbnb Arbitrage Revealed: How Jake Bought a 4Plex with $0 of His Own Money - Short Term Rental Biz
Jul 23, 202257:46
He closed an auto body business at age 23 (here's how Omar did it)

He closed an auto body business at age 23 (here's how Omar did it)

Here's how Omar acquired an automotive business doing 7-figures in yearly sales at age 23. If you'd like similar business results, consider working in Jason's consulting program.  

Learn more here:

Jul 03, 202245:57
Negotiating KILLER m&a deals (case studies included)
Jun 23, 202216:40
Explained: THIS type of person closes deals (THAT type of person does not)
Jun 23, 202208:49
She bought a beauty business at age 24 (Angela shares her story..)
Jun 23, 202222:27
Analyzing Business Acquisitions & Due-Diligence for M&A (Compilation)
Jun 16, 202133:11
How You Can Generate More Deal Flow in 2021 (Compilation)
Jun 14, 202122:09
Building an Elite M&A Deal Team in 2021 (Compilation)
Jun 14, 202123:59
My capital raising strategy revealed
May 06, 202102:16
Why 2021 is the most important year ever
Apr 26, 202102:43
Line 21 to Get the Deal Financed...
Apr 18, 202101:41
Should You Hire Big Law and Accounting Firms ?
Apr 15, 202102:01
A message to aspiring entrepreneurs
Apr 09, 202112:27
Revealed: 6 keys to negotiating buyer friendly purchase agreements
Apr 07, 202115:34
EBITDA is a Trap! (The Depreciation Myth Revealed: never overpay for a businesses CAPEX budget)
Mar 23, 202106:03
Deal structuring 101: the capital stack explained
Mar 08, 202117:59
Update on m&a, the SBA, Brighter Utilities, & Brighter Living (2/26/2021)
Mar 02, 202108:05
Let’s talk about making offers: simple deal structures + how to buy your first business
Feb 04, 202115:24
Going from Zero to One vs. One to Many (hint: your m&a strategy should change)
Jan 28, 202120:33
From Zero Idea to 7 Figure Acquisition 2021 Update
Jan 06, 202114:29
The Business Buying Blueprint for 2021
Jan 04, 202114:51
BREAKING: SBA Guarantee INCREASING From 75 to 90%?! Plus New Repayment Assistance Being Added!?
Dec 28, 202001:34
Improving Your Credit Score for Acquisitions & Life
Dec 17, 202004:27
Your first deal - the stone cold reality (how ONE DAY changes EVERYTHING in m&a)
Dec 14, 202006:33
The 2020 Way to Talk to Banks & Equity Investors
Dec 08, 202005:58
Happy Thanksgiving - now get some deals DONE
Nov 30, 202006:57
How We Integrate Operations After Buying a Company
Nov 30, 202010:28
CLOSE THE DEAL: deal structures banks will lend on (equity v 2nd position debt)
Nov 23, 202006:25
SCRIPT REVEALED: How to Call a Bank & Raise Money
Nov 16, 202008:56
How the 2020 election will influence business and m&a
Nov 10, 202007:03
How to raise working capital, debt, and equity for acquisitions
Oct 13, 202015:19
Sept 22 2020 Update Video from Jason Paul Rogers and Brighter Utilities
Sep 23, 202001:51
The truth about your credit score
Sep 14, 202005:11
Revealed: the ultimate SBA loan (actual term sheet included)
Aug 31, 202009:03
The ultimate SBA Loan (fixed 25yr fully amortized) + Update: $2.3m APA turned $2.4m offer
Aug 15, 202006:31
HIGH RETURN M&A INVESTMENTS: 3 reasons I love investing into small/mid-sized companies
Aug 04, 202004:35
TRAPS sellers set to trick business buyers (Tales of Dodgy Deals - Pt 2)
Jul 29, 202013:39
Under-contract: $2,300,000 APA signed for service company in Florida
Jul 27, 202000:31
Why I avoid "success fees" like the PLAGUE (hint: vertical integration)
Jul 27, 202004:13
Story-time: tales of dodgy m&a deals in Florida
Jul 20, 202013:44
Are accounting & law firms worth it? (feat Warren Buffett on due diligence & dealmaking)
Jul 10, 202017:21
My POV on buying companies in 2020 ("get rich quick" vs. *my plan* for wealth)
Jul 06, 202024:05
Financing your first deal: two best options + strategies for each
Jun 26, 202016:56
How to Cold Call Business Owners, Governments & Property Owners
Jun 21, 202013:30
Jason Rogers: What I'd Do Different (m&a startup)
Jun 08, 202016:59
Update: Brighter Living, Brighter Utilities, & Life - Jason Rogers - as of 6/3/2020
Jun 06, 202015:26