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Painter Files Podcast

Painter Files Podcast

By Jawara Blake

A life journey of the painter Jawara Blake. Full of art school stories and the philosophy of inking.
You can find me on my website.
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Fixing colorism in the art world one brush at a time.

Painter Files Podcast Jul 06, 2020

Season 5 is coming ink
Dec 01, 202312:32
Diabetes ink
Aug 09, 202311:41
We are better then AI art ink
Jul 19, 202319:49
Anticapitalista ink
Jun 28, 202320:28
Proceed ink
Jun 07, 202320:31
Expiring dreams and movies ink

Expiring dreams and movies ink

Im taking a break from the normal PFP. I love my podcast but I feel silly and enjoy watching movies so here we are. This episode will be focused of Wes Anderson’s “The Life Aquatic”.
May 12, 202312:05
Godzilla ink

Godzilla ink

Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Hola Galeras, I am a painter with demons and objectives. I’m on this road too ink enlightenment. It should be fun too learn new ways too live. My big plan is too see myself as an artist and not a professional.
May 08, 202316:42
Stop Light ink

Stop Light ink

My ghosts are haunting me a little but that is normal this time of year. They inspire me in a lot of ways. My connections made real art.

Apr 25, 202308:58
Stop light ink
Apr 14, 202309:29
Shake it out ink
Mar 28, 202317:20
Legacy ink
Mar 13, 202314:04
Yas ink
Feb 28, 202317:00
Be the seed ink
Feb 20, 202320:01
Abuelo’s engines ink
Feb 07, 202316:25
Even less Ai art ink
Jan 27, 202315:56
I dream of dead mice ep 2
Jan 19, 202315:45
Calma Ink
Jan 06, 202322:22
No Ai ink
Dec 12, 202219:04
Hands and feet ink
Nov 28, 202213:01
I came to leave scars ink
Nov 14, 202210:33
pequeno zine
Oct 30, 202212:57
4x pequeño
Oct 21, 202208:32
Lil pequeño
Oct 16, 202209:46
Mas pequeno

Mas pequeno

A beautiful week. A few thoughts and lots of inspiration.
Oct 06, 202208:21
Pequeno (small) ink
Sep 29, 202205:46
A check in ink

A check in ink

Hola Galeras, just quick story about crows and that I miss you. I’ll be back fully soon. Until then.
Aug 17, 202203:17
Purest form ink
Jul 15, 202229:42
Paella ink
Jul 05, 202220:48
3 way ink
Jun 27, 202228:58
Juneteenth ink
Jun 20, 202239:02
Time and space fear ink
Jun 13, 202240:10
The inside of a jacket ink
Jun 06, 202238:06
Big big energy ink
May 30, 202229:32
Connectivity 2 ink
May 16, 202230:23
This life of ink and paint
May 09, 202230:45
It’s a leap of faith ink
May 03, 202241:12
Perpetuated ink
Apr 25, 202234:08
Crab ink

Crab ink

I had an amazing adventure across a bridge today with my family. It was nice and it gave me perspective. I want to make a place for artist that is made to help other artists. #painter#watercolor#inkking#jãwsblake#triniartist#surealartist#westindianartist#afrolatinx
#artofinstagram #paint #painting #artistic #artwork#artistoninstagram#watercolorpainting#famousartist#alwaysmaking
Apr 19, 202241:23
Painter’s breakfast ink
Apr 11, 202228:00
Amsr episode
Apr 04, 202213:53
Gente ink
Mar 28, 202233:34
Figure studies ink
Mar 22, 202237:58
The people I picked up along the way ink
Mar 14, 202217:25
Connectivity ink
Mar 08, 202225:27
Character study ink
Feb 28, 202230:01
Journey to the center of happiness ink
Feb 22, 202219:55
Being a bathtub ink
Feb 14, 202223:49
Good energy ink
Feb 07, 202221:18
Intrepid traveler ink
Feb 01, 202229:35
Hair spray ink
Jan 24, 202228:08